15 Day Watchdog Drawing Challenge!

Day 1: Practice those expressions! Doodle a page of watchdogs with a variety of facial expressions!

Day 2: Draw Commander Peepers!

Day 3: Species swap! Draw Commander Peepers as another species shown in the show! (Star Nomad, Zbornak, etc.)

Day 4: Draw Westley!

Day 5: Draw Westley doing some friendly, helpful, good deeds that’ll spread across the land!

Day 5: Draw Andy

Day 6: Draw Andy interviewing the character of your choice!

Day 8: Make a watchdog original character! It can be both serious or silly! It’s completely up to you!

Day 9: Draw yourself as a watchdog! Like a fursona but a watchdog, okay.

Day 10: ENCHILADAS! Draw some enchiladas suited for the finest of watchdogs.

Day 11: Draw your favorite character as a watchdog! (They can be from something other than woy too!)

Day 12: Redraw your favorite watchdog scene from the show!

Day 13: Happy birthday Barry! Draw the watchdogs celebrating Barry’s 30th birthday!

Day 14: What’s a watchdog without a weapon? Draw a watchdog holding a laser pistol!

Day 15: Draw your favorite watchdog!