Breakdown: Part 2: Andy Biersack Imagine


After Y/N left, damn. There’s no words to explain how bad I became without her. The guys couldn’t get me out of bed or out of the house for 7 months. Once it reached a year without her, I barely made it outside once in a while. I moved to Ohio and spent my time doing nothing. I started seeing a therapist, and he recommended using my pain to write. How did I not think of that? I wrote until my hand could fall off. Those songs turned into a record and BVB just went up from there. It’s been six years without her. Of course, I still think of her. She was my first TRUE love so I could never forget her. After that day, she blocked me on every social media platform there was. Everyone she knew blocked me too. She even blocked the guys, but not before messaging them explaining why she was doing what she did. After that, I never saw how she was doing or what she was doing. Until, the night of BVB’s concert.

While performing, I had jumped onto a speaker and was performing fine. That was until I tried jumping down, slipped and hit my head hard enough to pass out. The couldn’t open my eyes or speak. The only thing I could do was hear. I could hear the sirens of the ambulance, I could hear the emt’s discussing, but I couldn’t really make out what they were saying, but what did that matter? I couldn’t move and I passed out after trying to make out what they were saying.

“Andy? Can you hear me?” I heard a female voice say. Who was that? Where was I? Wait, I fell. Hospital. My eyes fluttered opened and met with Y/C/E eyes. I automatically knew those eyes because I always thought about them. “Andy? You can hear me right? Can you speak?” She asked, still looking in my eyes. “I-I…” I said with a dry throat. “Well, this is not how I thought I’d see you again, but it is.” She laughed. God, her laugh. “We called her after you were put in the ambulance. Y/BF/N was at the show and told us Y/N was a nurse and where she worked…” My eyes diverted to Cece who had his head low and arms crossed. He knew how much I missed her. I looked back at her and she was looking at my chart and scribbling things down. She smirked, “I can see you staring at me. Can’t believe your eyes?” She looked back at me with a smile still on her face, “I really can’t. How…How are you?” I asked.

This was so unbelievable. “I’m good. Working. Working, and more working. And you’re doing well. Apart from the accident.” I wanted to ask if she missed me. If she thought of me. If she had someone new. If she didn’t, would she even think about taking me back? It’s been six years, but seeing her now, i’m still in love with her. How can I love her even after this long without seeing her?