“She’s My Cherry-Pie.”

Summary: The music industry wasn’t all roses and rainbows. Y/N had learned from the start that if she was going to excel, she had no time for fuckboys and distractions. She was here to make a name for herself and her band… but sometimes, frontmen with bright blue eyes and cocky smirks were a little too hard to resists. When Y/N bumps into Andy backstage, she learns that the hard way.

Warnings: Just your basic smut warning.

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*** SMUT ***

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Imagine, Andy doing an interview and in the middle of it, he notices some guys hitting on you. (Imagine #2)

       “I’m sorry, Can you give me just one minute?” Andy calmly states. The interviewer nods and with that Andy is on a mission. He walks over to you, throws his arm around your waist, and with a cocky smile says “May I recommend not hitting on my girlfriend?” He arches one eyebrow and gives you a kiss on the cheek. After a moment the guys scamper off. “Thank’s love, But you know I could have handled them myself” You fold your arms giving him a look of ‘Don’t you trust me?’. Andy pulls you close giving you a kiss on your forehead. “Baby girl, Of course I know you can handle yourself, But I’m proud to be your man. I like flaunting the fact you’re all mine.” Andy smirks. “You’re just lucky I love you” You giggle giving him a quick kiss. “Now go finish your interview so I can have you all to myself”. Andy smiles “Yes Ma’am!’

(#14) Imagine- Snapchatting Andy on a random whim, And him replying.

   You randomly decide to send Andy a Snapchat selfie wearing every single Batman item you own. Never in a million year’s did you expect a reply, But life has a funny way of surprising you.

Andy snap’s you a selfie back saying, “My kinda girl! Beautiful and love’s Batman. Yes! What’s your name gorgeous?”

You read the message at least twenty times before finally messaging him back. “Haha, Well hey! My names (Y/N) thank’s for the reply!

A few hour’s later you received a direct message from Andy asking you for your phone number (If you didn’t mind sharing it) Obviously you didn't mind giving it to him. After a while your phone rang, It was Andy attempting to face time you. You picked up and ended up enjoying hour’s worth of conversation. Who would have known an innocent selfie could blossom into something bigger.

(#13) Imagine- Telling Andy you’re pregnant

   You always thought the hardest part about being with Andy, would be the time you had to spend apart from one another. You came to realize as much as that does stink keeping things from him stunk more. You never really realized how much you confided in him until you saw the two pink lines appearing on the pregnancy test and decided to keep it a secret until you could talk in person.

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