Blood Serving || andy-biersackrp

Rayne whimpered slightly when she started to come to, quickly remembering the day prior.

Adam had sold her off to some traveling vampire as a ‘transportable supply’ and now she was god knows where.

“W-where am I?”

Party time. (Closed)

Regina was in a VIP party, She had successfully snuck in and she was ready to party. The house was filled with celebrities and models. “Damn. This is a party.” Regina whispered as she looks around for new people to socialize with, most of them were famous celebrities and some were just ordinary high school students like her. As Regina walked pass the food table, she looked back at it when she smell alcohol, she walked back and took the whole bottle of whiskey and a glass. As she walks away from the food table, she found herself a seat and began to pour some whiskey in her glass. Regina started to drink and think about what her next move was, she was alone in the party so she decided to socialize. Right beside Regina was a guy who seemed to be waiting for someone, she decided it was the right moment to spark up a conversation. “Hey, cool party huh?” Regina asked as she took a sip from her glass.