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..We’re Screwed. Andy Biersack Imagine

Can i just say, I loved this Idea?! :D

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You sat on your bed, scrolling through your  phone as you listened to  parents argue. They had been arguing more these days, due to your newly introduced boyfriend, Andy Biersack. They had been arguing because they were trying to decide what to do about Andy, since he wasn’t the exact picture perfect boyfriend. He had been arrested once or twice, for reasons he had never told you, claiming it was in the past. People had told you that he was going to drag you down, you being a perfectly innocent girl who had always gotten good grades, and had never had her first kiss, even though you were sixteen.

Andy had never acted out around you, and never pushed you to do things didn’t want to, hence why you still had your first kiss in your grasp. You had been waiting in your room for the arguing to stop so you would be able to do something without the possibility of yourself getting yelled at. Your phone suddenly played the song Andy had written for you, He had called it Rebel Love Song, and you loved it. you had it assigned your ringtone for him, and you picked it up immediately. “Hey Doll. Look our your window.” “ Okay? Don’t let it be something scary..” You said, laughing how Andy had once scared you by placing a face right outside your window.

You looked through the blinds, and saw Andy leaning on his black convertible. He usually rode it with the roof off, unless bad weather. “Hey (y/n).Wanna go riding with me? We’re just go riding, if that’s okay with you.” Andy said, and you smiled and laughed. You hung up the phone, and opened your window to climb out. Your house was one story, so you hopped out the window, and ran over to hug him, while he laughed.”Miss me?” He laughed, and opened the passenger to be polite and you hopped in. He sat in the drivers seat, and started up the engine, and it purred to life. Suddenly, you saw your father’s face in your window, yelling for you to come back.

You laughed at this, while Andy snickered, gave him the bird, and drove down the street, and out of your dads view. “I’m going to be in so much trouble when I get home.” You sighed, which Andy noticed. He smiled, and placed a tape in the radio slot, and pushed a few buttons, then returning his arm to around your shoulder, playing with your (h/c) hair while the song started up. It was Love Isn’t Always Fair, one of you and Andy’s favorite songs. You laughed, and snuggled up to his arm and laughed as he sang along to the song while he drove, smiling the whole way.

The song had just ended when police sirens echoed behind you causing you head to immediately check behind you, to see a police car flashing its lights behind you. Andy looked in the review mirror, and cursed, pulling the car over and puling you over to him, as you had always been nervous around the police. “It’s alright babe, probably just an identity check.” Andy muttered, attempting to sooth you. The policeman walked up, looking you and Andy over. “(Y/n) (L/N)? And.. Andrew Biersack?” The policeman questioned, while you and Andy nodded. He sighed. “Your both coming with me. Step out of the car, and put yours hands behind your backs.” He stated, while your mouth opened in surprise, but Andy simply glared at the man and gently nudged you off, kissed your forehead, and stepped out of the car.

You followed suit and placed your hands behind your back, to feel cold metal placed around your wrists. You then watched as Andy looked to with a look of ‘What can you do? And allowed the man to lead the two of you to the car. You were placed in the back seat, and Andy came over so that you were pressed against his side, since his hands were cuffed and he couldn’t hold you properly, much to his dismay. You looked down. “Fuck. My parents probably called a ‘runaway teen.’ I’m so screwed when we get home.’ You muttered, but then you made a split decision. You looked into Andy’s eyes, showing all the love and affection you had into your heart. 

He looked back to you with the same look. You smiled, and leaned over, and planted your lips onto his quickly, Andy’s eyes widening for a second, but he then leaning back into the kiss. You two pulled away for the damning thing called oxygen, Andy giving you a breathtaking smile, and you returned the smile. “I had my first kiss in a cop car.” You laughed, and Andy smiled, and gave you a devilish look. “And your about to have your second.” He laughed, and leaned in for another kiss..