I wanted to give you everything
but I still stand in awe of superficial things
I wanted to love you like my mother’s mother’s mothers did


Amazing, amazing, amazing.


Dance With Me!

While stacking wood the other day i found myself a strange frumpy looking arachnid… i saw it had 2 main black stripes and figured it was a deformed wolf spider or possibly a common grass spider. Upon lots of scampering around on my knees and a much closer inspection…. the frumpy lumps on the abdomen were in fact… BABIES!
Which meant that the lovely arachnid before me, was a momma wolf spider.  
I have never had the opportunity to see hatch-lings on a wolf spider before, so you bet your ass i picked her up for some glamour photos before releasing her back <3

Wolf Spiders are the only spider i know of that show much “maternal” instinct, a female will carry her egg sac around with her ( attached near or at the spinnerets i believe?) until the babies hatch. Once hatched, they climb onto their mothers back for several days until they are ready to hunt prey on their own.
This is incredibly different from other spider species, usually the parents run off, eat one or the other and then run off, die or are their babies first meal upon hatching. 

Wolf spiders have incredible eye sight, are nocturnal, cunning, smart and crafty.
They even make little spider hobbit holes with tiny pebble doors or bark lids that act as a rain barrier.
Despite what many may think, in majority of cases a wolf spider bite will merely suck for a couple days with some swelling, itching and discomfort. For some reason i hear most people correlate a wolf spider bite to the dreaded brown recluse….. not even close.
A bit of excitable nerdy information on one of my favorite spider species.

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“Running Up That Hill” by Wye Oak // Originally by Kate Bush (AV Undercover // 2014)

In my extra busy last week, I managed to miss one of my favorite bands covering one of my favorite songs. The (almost) always reliable AV Undercover is back for another season of pairing up current artists with tracks from eras gone by. Here we get Wye Oak taking on the breathtaking classic, “Running Up That Hill” by the inimitable Kate Bush. Jenn Wasner does a solid job of shifting the vocals into her own range and delivery, while Andy Stack deconstructs the orchestral pop of the original into a more stripped down percussion and keys approach. It’s a cool take on a classic. Give it a shot above, from AV Undercover. 


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Wye Oak- Civilian