10 Awesome Things About Andy Clemmensen

Today’s Andy’s birthday, so, I thought I’d compile a list of things the fans love most about our favourite bassist 

1. How He Cares for Fans

Honestly, I think any fan who has met this guy know’s how caring he is towards his fans. Just like his band mates, he cares so much and is willing to stick around and hang with fans–which is something not a lot of band members would do.

2. Proud Nudist

Enough said

3. His Smile

When his face lights up, you can’t help but smile too

4. His Bandana

No Short Stack concert is complete without it

5. His Voice

This guy has a unique kind of voice that’s different to others, whenever he sings we can’t help but feel content. Especially after the break up we were blessed with songs that have verses purely of his voice and it’s something we hope never stops happening in Short Stack music.

BONUS: The way he still sings ‘I Will Always Love You’ so passionately.


6. His Talent

Being able to play while jumping, head banging, spinning and holding the bass behind his head. That’s real talent. I can hardly play guitar and sing at the same time.

7. He’s Genuine

Anyone who’s had the chance to party or spend a few hours with this dude has always said that he is so kind-hearted, genuine and has an excellent sense of humor. Shaun and Bradie should honestly feel lucky to have a guy like this in their lives.

8. He’s Shameless in the Best Way Possible

He’s shameless and whenever you’re around him, instead of feeling second-hand embarrassment, you usually join in the shameless fun. With help from Shaun and Bradie, Short Stack TV and any Short Stack video in general is so much more cheerful and entertaining with their shameless behaviour.

9. He’s in Short Stack (duh)

How could I leave this one out? Short Stack wouldn’t be Short Stack if it weren’t for Andy. He puts so much work into the band and has influenced the lives of many. The band as a whole shows so much love for their music and their fans, it’s something I always love to witness. This band is incredible, and I’m thankful it exists, because it brought these boys into our lives.

10. Just Being Andy

I don’t know what else to say, everything about this dude is awesome. The best thing about Andy is that he’s Andy. He stays true to himself and we all love him for it, we can’t help but love the aura that radiates from him and he’s just been a pleasure to have in our lives. When I went to twitter to ask for their favourite thing about Andy, all most could say is ‘everything’ which is true. Everything about this guy is amazing.

I hope he has a very special birthday and gets everything he deserves which is nothing but the best. We love you, Andy, and we’ll see you at a show! x

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Written by: Juanita Rivas ( ivegotamagicpenis )

Disclaimer: Photos are not mine

Twitter: JuanitaRivasss 

Special Thanks To: Maria_Stack, NgaruaPoching, JaydeLouiseSS, JessAttack, ItsTahliaBitchz, nelStack, Andys_Bandana, AmzyGotStacked, livipoo, kayleigh_tales, SwaySwayKlaudia, AmazingAngel19 and AnnalieseRoney  

P.S Don’t worry Shaun and Bradie, you’ll get one of these posts too.


Mel’s Super Excited Countdown to SXSW:

Wye Oak- Civilian

  • Civilian
  • Wye Oak
  • Civilian

Civilian by Wye Oak

Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack come together for the third time as Wye Oak with Civilian, out in March via Merge. The title track evokes ennui as Wasner sweetly sings and strums & plucks at her guitar, growing ever so dirtier. Stack adds heartbeat drums and calm organs bringing together one hell of a song.

Also see: an early live acoustic version of Civilian from Stereogum’s SXSW party.

Find Wye Oak » website | myspace | @wyeoak | facebook


I swear every time I go out on tour I fall in love with this career path even more. This tour has tipped it for me in that it is no longer just a desire to only do photography without another job on the side, it’s now a need. It’s a fucking addiction I tell you what! There is NOTHING on this planet I would rather do than be shooting bands, especially on tour.

For something that started out as just shooting the support band for four Melbourne dates of this tour (shout out to Move On Be Strong), I’m about to head out on my second Sydney date of this tour shooting for Short Stack with one more still to go on Thursday. Didn’t think that would happen when I was packing my shit to leave for Melbourne last week.

A HUGE thanks to the Stack boys for letting me be a pest and run around with my camera in their faces. Tickets as far as I know are still available for Thursday’s show in Sydney so make sure you get your hands one. Their shows have been epic as fuck to say the least!

Here’s a few shots from the tour so far. More photos coming soon ✌️


I wanted to give you everything
but I still stand in awe of superficial things
I wanted to love you like my mother’s mother’s mothers did


Amazing, amazing, amazing.


Wye Oak - Mother (Danzig cover)

Je vous fais grâce du parapluie et de la table de dissection. Mais, parfois, l'improbable  a du talent.

“I’m not cool, I’m not badass”, says Jenn. Well, that’s just her opinion. (Gotta love that tuba.)