I wanted to give you everything
but I still stand in awe of superficial things
I wanted to love you like my mother’s mother’s mothers did


Amazing, amazing, amazing.

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“Running Up That Hill” by Wye Oak // Originally by Kate Bush (AV Undercover // 2014)

In my extra busy last week, I managed to miss one of my favorite bands covering one of my favorite songs. The (almost) always reliable AV Undercover is back for another season of pairing up current artists with tracks from eras gone by. Here we get Wye Oak taking on the breathtaking classic, “Running Up That Hill” by the inimitable Kate Bush. Jenn Wasner does a solid job of shifting the vocals into her own range and delivery, while Andy Stack deconstructs the orchestral pop of the original into a more stripped down percussion and keys approach. It’s a cool take on a classic. Give it a shot above, from AV Undercover. 

Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo .. We’ve always been there for each other, together we’ve been through all the ups & downs, together we’ve been protecting each other, together we have faith in each other. Let’s continue on being together, walking on the same road for more years to come. Eternal promise. ♥♥

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Wye Oak - Mother (Danzig cover)

Je vous fais grâce du parapluie et de la table de dissection. Mais, parfois, l'improbable  a du talent.

“I’m not cool, I’m not badass”, says Jenn. Well, that’s just her opinion. (Gotta love that tuba.)

Summer Camp

*As some of you know I went to summer camp for seven weeks and so this one-shot is inspired by a true story of something that happened. So.*

Fifteen year old Beca Mitchell had been going to camp for about four years when she reached the age where the next level of camp she’d be attending was in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for five weeks as apposed to the normal three week sessions she had been going down in Georgia. Admittedly she was particularly excited to attend Camp Barden’s five week outpost session called Camp Degree. She was also particularly nervous because this year she was likely to be the only who’d gone to camp for only four years (it was a miracle she even got in to Degree as it was highly sought after) and she had never gone first session before as there were always two sessions in the summer and she chose the later one.

There were some mixed feelings.

Sixteen year old Chloe Beale had been attending Camp Barden for seven years with her very best friend, Aubrey Posen, as well as a group of other girls she was well acquainted with. She had been dreaming of the day where she’d finally leave main-camp and get to travel all the way out to the UP for Barden’s Degree outpost camp for five whole weeks since she first started going to Barden back when she was nine.

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So in December last year I told Shaun I was thinking about actually getting a Short Stack tattoo. I had wanted the lyrics ‘reach for the stars kid’ tattooed on me somewhere for years, but I didn’t think I’d ever get the guts to do it.

After looking for ages for a font I might like not liking any I found, I decided to ask Shaun to write the lyrics up. He seemed more than happy to do it for me, which was absolutely amazing, and quickly sent me the photo of the lyrics in his handwriting.

I sat on the idea of the tattoo for over a month before deciding I did want it and I wanted it before their next tour (which was announced a few days after I made this decision).

So last week I finally stopped postponing the appointment and just called up asking if they were free that afternoon, booking myself in.
I personally don’t give a shit if the handwriting isn’t 100% because I love this tattoo.

Basically this is a post to say how much I love my tattoo, how much I respect Short Stack for actually taking the time to reply and talk to fans and how much I appreciate Shaun doing this for me.
It’s also just an awesome timeline of how I actually ended up with the words that are permanently on my wrist now.

I can’t wait to show them in person at the concert in just a few weeks. 🙊


Mel’s Super Excited Countdown to SXSW:

Wye Oak- Civilian