things the riverdale writers have clearly forgotten about:

-betty had a crush on archie for so long and now it’s like it never happened?

-betty and kevin were supposed to be best friends?

-the beronica kiss


-cheryl and veronica being frenemies

-ms grundy. i hate this character and this storyline but it’s like it never happened now?

-moose. where is him

-r e g g i e m a n t l e

-the pussycats and their needed message. damn, they were supposed to be main characters

-cheryl and josie

feel free to add more. this show gets mesier every time and can’t even keep up with their several subplots



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fall out boy album concepts: infinity on high

babysitting with 13rw jocks

warning: none

a/n: this was a super quick and cute,enjoy! 💟

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