I actually really loved tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, so much better paced than Friday and involved some of the strongest characters combined in their own significant storylines.

  •  Robert buying breakfast for Aaron, having a cosy meal in the pub and having fun trivial dorky conversation about curry like a NORMAL, NATURAL couple
  • Robert making sure he stays in both Chas and Aaron’s good books by sacrificing a hot meal
  • Robert trying to be funny being his smug ass self hinting towards being Holly’s best looking subject to photograph. Like??? So good?? I’m totally here for pairing random villagers together in these small scenes. They make such a difference!
  • Chas returning healthy, happy and with the continued support of her son and his ‘you say jump, I say how high’ boyfriend
  • Chross rising!!
  • Chrissie pointing out that Andy is in fact no better than Robert FINALLY (even if she did switch back on the forgive and forget attitude that good boy Andy always gets)
  • Aaron standing Robert’s ground, “he killed your mum and shot your dad” letting him know he’s not in the category to put Andy before him. So important!!!
  • Aaron not acting extreme towards the fact Chas already knew, I’m proud of him for not kicking up a massive fuss - such progress in his temperament
  • The Whites just roasting each other and setting themselves up for disaster
  • Lachlan’s sexual assault actually being brought up in the topic of a negative offence instead of being shrugged off
  • awkward Marlon being awkward Marlon

YES to it all, I have zero complaints, happy me is happy.

what fandoms are really like (from an insider)
  • My Chemical Romance:everyone is crying, everyone is a mess. No ones recovered from the breakup. I don't think anyone ever will.
  • Fall Out Boy:not really drama filled. Just sits back and watches Pete's snapchats. Constantly complaining about how new Fall Out Boy isn't as good and old Fall Out Boy.
  • Panic! At The Disco:honestly not drama filled either. Mostly ryden lore. Knows way too much about Brendon Urie. Struggling to remember the names of all the people who've been in the band.
  • Twenty One Pilots:honestly a mess. Used to be really chill, but then TØP got popular and now we're in this disaster. Over analyzes everything. Doesn't really have any self respect anymore.