First time: Andy Biersack Imagine 

 "What in the world?“ You laughed. Your eyes scanned the room you shared with your boyfriend, Andy Biersack, and laughed at the various amounts of clothes scattered around the bedroom. "Andy? What’s going on?” Andy stepped out of the closet with worries eyes, “I can’t find anything to wear!” You were confused. “Why do you need something special to wear?”—“because y/n, this is the first time I’m meeting you parents and what if they don’t like me! I don’t know what I’d do with myself.” He told you. You knew Andy was sort of scared to meet your parents, but didn’t know it was to this extent. You stared at his beautiful face and noticed his piercings were out. You sighed and looked around, spotting them on the dresser. Grabbing them and holding them out to him, “Don’t speak. Put these on and I’ll find you something to wear okay?” He was going to begin to protest, but you walked away before he could. 

In the closet, you grabbed him a black t-shirt and black jeans and threw them out the closet, hitting Andy in the face, laughing after the impact. “Sorry! But seriously, you have nothing to worry about! For god sakes, I’m in a t-shirt I’ve had since high school!” On the ride there, Andy couldn’t keep still. He played with the radio, tapped his fingers, and his attention would divert from one to to another. The worry in his eyes grew again once you parked in the drive way of your parents house. “Andy, they’re not going to hate you. My sister has nine tattoos, one of them incredibly stupid, but she has them!” You joked.

 He smiled and you smiled too because that smile was the one you fell in love with. “Even if they did hate you, I love you and there’s nothing or no one that can come between that.” You were standing at the front door, hand in hand. You squeezed his hand a little to let him know he was going to be okay. The door swung open and your dad automatically brought both of you into a hug. “Y/N! Andy! Bout time!” He joked. “Come on, moms in the kitchen.” You followed your dad into the kitchen where your mom was cooking. 

“Y/N! Oh, and you must be Andy! You were right Y/N. What a handsome one you are.” Your face turned red and you heard Andy chuckled beside you. You looked up at him as he grinned widely, “scared still?” He looked down at you and kisses your forehead, “not anymore. I have you by my side." 

Ride Me

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Hope you enjoy Anonymous! BTW i wasn’t quite sure how to write specifically about 19 year old andy(probably a lot of angst). I’ll work on it :)

If you want a pt 2 let me know! Check out my other Andy smut Morning Sex 

“Anna, are you ready, we were supposed to be gone already!” Andy shouted from the living room. I had finally finished putting my hair up in a high ponytail. I  dabbled with a few different hairstyles before giving up and settling for a tying my hair up. Andy hadn’t told me where we were going but had told me to dress nicely. Not in a beautiful gown but something presentable. I was insanely curious about where he was taking me. It’s not like I hadn’t asked, but I only got watered down answers.  I had eventually settled on a blue skater style dress with a thin black belt at the waist. It was nice and comfortable.

   “Give me a second” I replied patting down a few loose strands that had escaped my hair tie. I finally felt satisfied and left the room to meet andy sitting on the couch watching TV.

  He heard my footsteps as I walked down the hallway, looking back at me when I reached the living room. His gaze lingering to  down to what i was wearing before looking back up to  my eyes and smirking,

   “I knew you’d wear a dress” he said getting up and turning the TV off.

I looked down at what i was wearing, smoothing the dress out. “What do you mean? I love this dress and you told me to dress nice”. I didn’t mean to sound so defensive. Andy smiled, grabbing my hips and pulling me closer.  He was dressed in what he usually wears. Black Jeans and a Black sleeveless shirt. His long dark hair covering parts of his face.

  “I didn’t mean anything bad, you look beautiful” He pressed his lips against mine. His sweet words warming my skin.  I couldn’t help but smile. I ran my hand up his arm, gripping it before reaching up to move his hair out of his face.  I moaned as andy swiped his tongue over mine. I felt his hands tighten before he groaned and stepped back. His lips naturally the sweetest shade of pink and accompanied by a single piercing. I found his dark look sexy. I could never get enough of him.

“Dammit if we don’t leave now, I’m going to end up taking you on the couch” His husky voice sounded strained. I squeaked at his words. The thought went through my mind for a split second and I honestly considered it.  I came to the conclusion that as much as I wanted to have andy all to myself tonight, my curiosity was too strong.

 The ride wasn’t long, it only took us 30 minutes  to arrive. As andy parked I got a full view of the name of the place he was taking me.”Lucky strike” lit up in bright neon green with a lightening strike breaking through between the I and K in strike. Bowling. He was taking me bowling.

  Walking into the building I grabbed Andy’s hand.

“You’re taking me bowling?” I questioned.  He didn’t answer me right away as he was handing the man behind the counter the money.  In return we got our shoes and made our way to our friends who were at the very end of the alley.  

“I thought it would be fun” Andy finally answered my question. I thought he had forgot.

     I saw based on the scoreboard that they had already began playing a while ago. I knew it was my fault and that Andy had told me the time to get here on time. But between choosing my outfit and trying to come up with some sort of hairstyle, it had taken longer than i thought.

 My friend, Alyssa greeted me. Pulling me into a hug. “I thought you guys weren’t coming. Since we already began playing you guys can join the next game” She smiled before returning to her seat  next to the ball return machine.

 I wasn’t upset i had to wait, I wasn’t the best at bowling and would have preferred not to play at all. But I also didn’t want to ruin the fun and disappoint Andy who wanted me to have fun. So i was going to suck it up. 

     I followed Andy to the corner of the room, sitting at a table to ourselves to watch everyone else play.

  “Sorry we’re late” was all i could say through my  embarrassment. Andy lips lifted at the corner and he shrugged.

  “I don’t care” he replied, pulling me in his arms so I could sit on his lap. “I just wanted to be with you and I am”. I grinned. I could never get enough of him and his sweet talk.

 “Besides, we have some time” he whispered in my ear, his hands crawling down my sides and to my thighs, gripping them. My heart began to race as andy attached his lips to my neck, kissing me so lightly it felt like a feather.

 “Andy” I moaned, pressing my hands over his as he moved them under my dress, tracing his thumb around the skin beneath my panties.

 Even though we were in the corner of the building and out of direct sight of anyone, it would be too easy for anyone to look back and see us. Despite Andy’s hand being covered by my dress, anyone with common sense would know what’s occurring under it. Of course, this only escalated the sensations. The risk of getting caught only made me hotter. I didn’t realize how much this turned me on until now.

    Andy’s fingers slipped past the lace, tracing along the skin before running his fingers along my slit. I bit my lip in an attempt to stifle my moans. The last thing I wanted was to be caught because I was being loud. I felt my cheeks turn pink at the thought. I grinded my hips against Andy’s leg, hoping to gain more friction and get closer to my release. He added another finger, curling them loose and slowly; trying to get them where I needed them most. My back arched against his chest, swaying my hips back and forth. Andy began pumping his fingers along faster. It was getting harder to quiet myself down and I would’ve given anything to just scream. I thought I might bleed from how hard i was biting my lips. 

   “That’s right baby, ride me” Andy’s deep voice murmured in my ear sending shivers throughout my body. I ran my hand along his tattooed arm in an attempt to stabilize myself.

The clashing sounds of the ally were drowned beneath my thoughts and andy’s breathing. I put all my focus on his tantalizing touch. I increased my movements, the pressure pushing me further and further. Andy’s pressed his fingers deeper into me and i couldn’t bite back the groan that escaped.

  “ Shh, you don’t want anyone looking back now do you” He teased.  

  I heard him curse under his breath as I brushed against the bulge in his pants .

Andy gripped my hips with his free hand and began rocking me back and forth. His breath quickening as he dug his fingers into my skin. I felt my body loosening up. My inhibitions becoming greyed. Andy could’ve asked me for anything at the moment and I’d do anything for him. I really wanted him to take me to his car and let us finish properly, but that would cause or friends to become suspicious and wonder where we were going. All my precautions dissolved, I didn’t care if anyone saw us.

Andys lips lingered along my neck, his breath sending shivers down my body. He kissed my neck, but only for a few seconds before he spoke.

“It’s our turn” he whispered before pulling his hand from me, leaving me with a frustrated empty feeling. I didn’t comprehend his words until I saw Alyssa  sauntering up to us.

I gasped, my head still in a thick lust filled gaze. I  attempted to straighten my back to look as if I didn’t just have my legs wide open and andy’s fingers weren’t in between them.

“Hey! Are you guys playing the next game?” she beamed.

Andy nodded. “Yea, we’ll be there” and with that she left to reset the lanes and start.

My vision was clearer but i was still under his influence.

I got up, my legs still shaky and my mood on edge from lack of being able to get off. I didn’t know if I was going to make it. Andy smiled and pressed his hand on my lower back.

“We’ll finish this when we get home”  He purred in my ear before walking ahead of me to pick his bowling ball.


This is probably the farthest away from each other these two have ever sat. :’(

You can tell it’s because of the conversation they had one scene earlier.  IDK, just something I noticed.  I’m no body language expert, but April’s usually in his lap, or so close she might as well be.  It made me sad.

At least we know the next scene is welcoming baby Jack, so all’s good. :P

You're Mine. (Andy Biersack)

Imagine: Imagine dancing with another guy, so Andy takes you to your hotel room, and he shows you who you belong to.

Warnings: smut, rough sex, domination

Adrenaline and alcohol pulsed through your veins as you danced on the dance floor, with whoever you wanted to. You had just had a fight with your boyfriend, Andy Biersack, the lead singer of Black Veil Brides, so you decided to go down to the club of the hotel you were staying at. You would go any place to get away from Andy at the moment. Yes, you love him, but you just need your space in times like these.

A stranger pulled you close to them, and you just swayed your hips to the music, and grinded them against the guys. His hands traveled down your sides, and to your hips, and pulled you closer. You reached behind you and wrapped your arms around the guy’s neck. Getting lost in the short moment, that was soon interrupted by an angry, yet sexy looking Andy.

Andy ripped you off of the guy, and because of the alcohol you had consumed, you just fell into him. Andy paid no attention to that yet, and he just angrily punched the stranger’s face, and then hauled you off to the side exit, and to a little dark service elevator. Once you guys entered, he smashed his finger against the 15th button, and when the doors dinged shut, and began moving, he pushed you against the wall, and he stared you down, and you somehow managed to keep his eye contact. His body surged towards yours, and he held you in place as he viciously ground his hips into yours, causing you to cry out, from his dominant and harsh movements.

“Andy, please, I’m sorry.” you whimpered, hopefully trying to lessen his anger and jealousy, but you talking only seemed to anger him even more. You could tell this, because his hips ground into yours even harsher. Andy only pulled back, when the elevator reached your floor. He grabbed your arm harshly, and pulled you out, stumbling over your feet constantly as you tried to keep up with his fast pace, and long legs, but he paid no mind to you.

When he reached your room, he slid the key in, and when the light blinked green, he barged into the room, and then shut the door, and locked it with the chain. He finally released you, and you walked steps away, and wrapped your arms around you in a protective manner. You knew he wouldn’t severely hurt you. He never hits you outside of sex.

You stumbled as you stepped out of your heels, and you pushed them off to the side, and you looked down on the floor, as you waited for Andy to do something. Suddenly, Andy grasped your shoulders harshly, and he pushed you quickly backwards, and he practically  threw you onto the bed. He disappeared for a short moment, and you took that time to sit up, but before you could actually go anywhere, he was back, and he pushed you harshly back against the bed. He crawled over you, and yanked both of your arms up. He pulled your left to the left bed post, and tied a scarf firmly keeping your hand in place. Andy also did the same to your other. He didn’t dare tie your feet up, because even when he is the most angry, he knows that if he does you will have a full blown panic attack. He sat back up, but still sat in between your legs, and you stared up at him with wide eyes.

“(Y/N), what am I going to do with you? Do I have to show you who you belong to? Do I have to show you that you are MINE? Do I have to prove to you, that you belong to ME?” his voice boomed out, and you just stayed silent. You watched as his beautiful blue eyes darkened, and he grinned darkly. “I guess I do.” he said with his raspy voice, that made you wet just thinking about all of the things he may do to you.

Andy literally ripped your top off, and he quickly unclasped your strapless bra, and then yanked down your skirt, only leaving you in your panties. He leaned over you, held himself up with one of his arms, and the other drifted down, and his hand methodically rubbed you over you panties roughly, causing you to whimper and moan.

“Only I can make you feel like this with minimal skin contact.” his harsh voice whispered into your ear. And you shivered at the warmth of his breath. “Only I know you this well.” he growled out. His fingers harshly ripped through the thin lace, and yanked them off, and you cried out at the slight pain. “Sh… you’ll soon be owned by me.” Andy said huskily. You yanked at your constraints as you felt two of his long fingers slip into you suddenly. You cried out, and it just drove him to finger you faster, and harder, causing your body to quiver. He curled them inside you, and you moaned out loudly, and just as you were about to orgasm, he slipped his fingers out of you. Instead he rammed his dick inside of you, not stopping to allow you to adjust, he just kept ramming into you. Groaning every time he felt himself bottom out in you.

“Andy, please!” You cried out in ecstasy. He swiveled his hips, and he hit your g-spot, and he started kissing harshly down your neck, biting, sucking, and you knew you would have marks for everyone to see in the morning. His hands lifted your hips up off the bed, and pounded into you, making you scream out every time.

“If you admit that you belong to me, I will let you come!” he growled out through his groans. He kept slamming into you harder and harder, and just as you were about to come, he pulled out completely, making you whine. “Andy, baby, I’m yours. You own me, I belong to no one other than you.” you breathed out. He just smiled, kissed you once gently, and then slammed into you once more. Pounding into your g-spot about five times, going harder every time, before you finally came around him. Your walls squeezed around him, making him cum. Your eyes closed as you felt the bliss surround you. you felt Andy help you both ride out your orgasms, before he pulled out, and quickly untied your wrists, before he rolled off of you, and pulled the blanket up around you both. Before you drifted off into sleep, his nipped at your ear, and you shuddered when you heard him whisper, “You’re mine.”


Andy Biersack

Morning Sex

All Over

Ride Me


  Watching Luke and the band perform

  Luke and your abusive boyfriend

Finding Luke stressed on the couch

Coming home



      Ashton cheering you up with a fake mustache [gif]

      Ashton calling you before a concert.


     Ashton watching you at practice.



    Calum catching you sleeping in his bed



  First kiss


How you cuddle

Welcome Home: Andy Biersack imagine

Request: “Can u please do a fluffy andy bvb imagine maybe smut where he comes home from tour for a few days to see y/n” - Anon
Genre: Fluff|Smut
Warnings: Sex
Word count: 1378 geez!
A/N: This is literal trash and I’m so sorry it took me so long. *hides behind pillow and cries*

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Happy Thoughts For A Boring Shift

.Neville Longbottom is the most rockin’ father ever. Like, he’s always trying to show people pictures of his kid(s). 

Scorpious Malfoy has a weakness for blue raspberry gushers. The little muggle fruit snacks always stain his mouth blue for hours. 

 Minerva McGonagall at 14 had pulled more pranks than all the marauders combined. (Not that she’d ever tell.)

Seamus Finnigan secretly loves classical music. After he and Dean move in together, it constantly plays throughout the flat and is now the only thing Dean can paint to.

After the war, Hermione was struggling. She couldn’t concentrate on even the most interesting of passages due to her severe ptsd… there was too much buzzing in her brain. Too much nervous energy…  until Molly Weasley showed her how to knit without magic. The consistent movement of the needles calmed her and channeled her nervous energy into something constructive…

Both ladies one Christmas decided to knit every child at Hogwarts without Christmas presents their very own Weasley Sweater. They called it the Secret Santa Sweater Society. 

Harry Potter traveled the world before joining the Aurors. He needed to be reminded that there are good things still out there, untouched by the cruelty of the Death Eaters.

Luna Lovegood hasn’t changed, she’s still Luna. 

Arthur Weasley was taken to a theme park for his 65th birthday. He rode every ride. 


STORY IDEAS I’LL NEVER WRITE :: cassandra “andie” gallagher

living with the last name gallagher has never been easy for andie, but she’s made the best of it. while the rest of her family embraced the name–doing whatever it took to survive, andie tried to take the high road, be the better person, which is why everyone loved her. she’s completely clean, never had a record, never gotten into serious trouble, never fucked around with drugs or gotten knocked up.

and she’s been through a lot as a gallagher, seen stuff that would’ve made any sane person turn into a nutjob; frank as her dad, monica as her mom, makes her living situation anything but stable–she’s lived on the streets, lived in foster homes and honestly, her older sister fiona raised her. of course, andie’s had to deal with a lot of shit, including fiona dating an ex-con named steve (or jimmy, andie doesn’t even know) her younger siblings, debbie and carl running a babysitting con, and then finding out her little brother, ian is gay, but luckily, being best friends with mandy milkovich had it’s perks until her twin, lip, decided to move on from his sex addict of a girlfriend karen jackson to her best friend.

there’s that and more and honestly, andie can barely keep up, but she’s always got lip by her side, always had. so when the twins get into college–lip with a government grant and andie with a full ride (all four years) andie can’t help but think that college will be a chance for her to find herself, figure out how she fits into her family of fuck-ups when her entire life she’s felt like an awkward puzzle piece.

but of course, it’s never simple when you’re a gallagher.