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A request for our beloved trio sexual fantasies, which ones have they fulfilled, which they wish to fulfill, how they approch their s/o about the subject?

Interesting, interesting, let’s go on a journey shall we?

Rafael Barba

-This largely depends on how far along you are in a relationship with him, towards the beginning he’s more dominant, rough, having you call him Papi or Daddy every time you have sex. 

-Once Rafael knows you’re committed to him he lets his guard down, things are slower, sweeter and he asks you to call him by his first name. 

-With Rafael everything is a barrier, he’s built this impenetrable fortress around himself and you know this, but you can physically experience each wall coming down as he begins to trust you. 

-You know he’s really let go when he laughs during sex, before he was so serious and focused, now he’s more into the experience of just being with you, feeling you, watching every reaction you make to his touch. He laughs out of sheer happiness, allowing you, trusting you with the totally unobscured view of himself. 

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