For me, Raúl will always be best live on stage. Working WITH an audience, not just for it. I love how he puts all his energy into a performance, how he wants to be exhausted and gives everything he has. This man is a gift to the world.
I hope you don’t mind that I also added Melissa Errico, Orfeh & Andy Karl coz I absolutely adore them as well. ❤💞🦋

The majority wanted it, so here it is:
Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 105: At the #SVU400 screening with Orfeh and Andy Karl ❤💞
Raúl with glasses is a rare treasure 😍😉 Hope you like it, guys. 😘


never ending list of musical theatre blessings; andy karl.

“what was good for me was that i put so much into it that it was sort of a cathartic thing when it ended. i was like, you know what, i did everything i possibly could, and i ended up being nominated for a tony, and i ended up, you know, having the respect of friends and coworkers and people saw what i was doing “


It has been quite a while since I posted an update on my Raúl Esparza collection. 110 drawings and counting!! (not all of them are in this collage though) I never realize how many they are until I put them together like this.

Tbh, I don’t think I would’ve been able to make that many without my wonderful friends and fans here in the fandom. Sometimes I think I’m not good or artistic enough and sometimes when I look at other people’s art on various plattforms, I feel insecure. But then I remember why I’m doing this. Not to compete with others, but to honor the man who inspires me so much and brightens even my darkest days. God gave me a gift. I might use it differently than others, but I use it the best way I can. And I use it to make other people happy. Everytime I get a message from someone, saying that my art makes their days, makes them smile, I feel like I’m doing the right thing. I tell you something. I’ve been the black sheep and an outsider my whole life. But your amazing response to my works makes me feel that I am someone special - for the very first time in my life. And now I met Raúl and he has my art. He has all of the ones above and I when I gave them to him, I gave him a piece of my heart. These drawings are ME. All my feelings, all my emotions, all my love, all my fears. And because I also made these drawings for YOU and because of you, he has a piece of you as well. We are a big family full of wonderful people, artists, writers, gif-makers, etc. and I love to draw for you and Raúl with all my heart. ❤

SVU Season 17 Bloopers

So here is the drawing I made to wish the wonderful Orfeh a Happy Birthday.

I decided to post it, in case someone wants to see it. Also, now and then people ask me if I draw other people than Raúl, so here’s the proof haha. 😄

Btw, I already made up my mind about the next Raúl drawing so stay tuned, I’m gonna show you the sketch later! 😊💞
HAPPY DAY to you all!