I Know I Need Her

Title: I Know I Need Her

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Song: She Thinks She Needs Me by Andy Griggs

Word Count: 1,280

Warning: Fluffy, steamy Jensen smut

Request: @emoryhemsworth said: Hi Ana! I’m so excited your requests are open again! So as we all know, Jensen is an incredibly talented musician. I was wondering if you could do a smutty one-shot where he uses the song “She Thinks She Needs Me” by Andy Griggs to confess his love to the reader? Maybe she is insecure because of some big scars?

A/N: So this took on a bit of a life of it’s own as I wrote it, but I really hope you like it!! Enjoy!!

 “Come on!” your maid of honor laughed as she pulled you to the chair your husband’s best man was putting in the middle of the dance floor. Looking up at the stage where Louden Swain was playing, Jensen gave you a wink, looking sexy as all hell in his tux, before grabbing the mic in front of him.

“Can I have everyone’s attention real quick? Y/N and I can’t thank you all enough for celebrating with us today. And I can’t thank you, Y/N, enough for marrying me today and making me the happiest man in the world.” Jensen blew you a kiss before throwing the guitar strap over his head. “This one’s for you, my love.”

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Voice Actors in Dark Souls (Part II).

Part I

Part III

You also can check Quelaag and Artorias dialogue from cut content.

Life may not always go your way, And every once in awhile you might have a bad day, But I promise you now you won’t ever be lonely, The sky turns dark and everything goes wrong, Run to me and I’ll leave the light on, And I promise you now you won’t ever be lonely……For as long as I live, There will always be a place you belong, Here beside me, Heart and soul baby - you only - And I promise you now you won’t ever be lonely.
Grow young with you - thecrosswebare

Isaac took a deep breath, looking at himself in the mirror as he straightened the shirt and finished getting ready. Then, he looked around at the room, the boxes still half full of his and Charlee’s things. It was the first day in the new house, their new house, and Isaac felt like an entirely new chapter of his life was starting. The Academy had started the previous week and he knew he’d chosen the right path.

Scott’s pack was established in Beacon Hills, the rumors of a True Alpha residing there keeping most of the wolves away, so they could live in relative peace. Lydia and Stiles had gone off to college, and they still visited, while Allison had stayed in town. Scott and Kira were still together, and were living at Scott’s house ever since Melissa and the Sheriff had decided to move in together in the Stilinski home. A lot had changed in three years.

And more was about to, once Isaac came back from the Academy that day. He’d told Charlee he had a surprise for her, to celebrate their moving in together, and he was already feeling nervous about it. But he knew he had to conceal it, or it would ruin the surprise he was preparing.

He walked downstairs and the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen helped calming him. “Hey, baby,” he greeted Charlee, placing a kiss on her cheek.

softballwoman12  asked:

Thank you, I just heard that you were the one possibly accepting my fanslide prompt of Andy Griggs- She Thinks She Needs Me. So thank you, again, just for considering it. You're awesome.

Fanslide | She Thinks She Needs Me - Andy Griggs

Santana hesitates in the doorway. Since the kids left, silence pervades the house. Brittany is awake, just barely. Since the night sweats started, she can sleep only in flannel pajamas. 

They’ve trained themselves to sleep apart.

She wakes sometimes, dreams of being swamped from a canoe, of the Mississippi flooding, of tidal waves. Then it’s hard to sleep. 

Brittany listens as Santana steps over to her side of their bed and slides between the covers in her silk pajamas. She stays over on her side. Brittany hears her sigh in the dark.

“Honey,” says Brittany, “come let me hold you.”


Andy Griggs - If Heaven