Voice Actors in Dark Souls (Part II).

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You also can check Quelaag and Artorias dialogue from cut content.

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Thank you, I just heard that you were the one possibly accepting my fanslide prompt of Andy Griggs- She Thinks She Needs Me. So thank you, again, just for considering it. You're awesome.

Fanslide | She Thinks She Needs Me - Andy Griggs

Santana hesitates in the doorway. Since the kids left, silence pervades the house. Brittany is awake, just barely. Since the night sweats started, she can sleep only in flannel pajamas. 

They’ve trained themselves to sleep apart.

She wakes sometimes, dreams of being swamped from a canoe, of the Mississippi flooding, of tidal waves. Then it’s hard to sleep. 

Brittany listens as Santana steps over to her side of their bed and slides between the covers in her silk pajamas. She stays over on her side. Brittany hears her sigh in the dark.

“Honey,” says Brittany, “come let me hold you.”