Honestly what a gem this picture is. He’s smoking AND he’s wearing a dress. This is NOT my photo by the way, it belongs to @emilyordie on Instagram so all credit goes to her for this!

doeiika asked:

List six facts about yourself and send this to your 10 favourite followers! :)

hi sinbringer 69

save a fellow sinner bc ao3 is down damman

1. I haven’t shopped for clothes in 10 months, yikes. (if you exclude formal dress shopping uh)

2. I’m a tired uni student help

3. I wear glasses but I haven’t had my eyes checked in a while, oops

4. Two dogs and a cat I own but two of them are shits (except toby, hes too good for his own). love em

5. I can’t be bothered reading original books because I’m a slow reader and I kinda have high expectations for them now so I’m so unmotivated. Same goes for tvs shows / anime. ALL I CAN DO IS VIDEO GAMESS 

6. Autistic

i cant document facts for myself yikes