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Imagine the MCU and Parks & Rec were in the same universe. Imagine Ben Wyatt geeking out about his love for the famous Avengers. Imagine Andy always claiming that he's a superhero too and secretly works with The Avengers on top secret missions. Imagine Ben's reaction when he sees Peter Quill on television for the first time after the events in Infinity Wars.

Oh my god it’s so perfect, like Andy completely drops the Burt Macklin thing to become Hawk-guy: the man who can do badass parkour and turn anything into a weapon and also talk to hawks, and it makes Ben’s head explode because ANDY THERE IS ALREADY A HERO WITH ALMOST THE EXACT SAME ABILITIES AND THE SAME EXACT NAME AND LITERALLY HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE YOU STOP. But Andy ignores him and keeps running around being Hawk-guy.

But then one day they’re at work and Ben rushes to turn on the news because he hears that something is going on with The Avengers, and Andy wanders into the room to see what’s going on. It’s all live footage of the shit going down, so everything is a bit blurry, but then they see him. Andy’s twin. And both of their jaws drop and Ben begins having a crisis because what the fuck was he actually telling the truth?? And then Andy has a crisis because what the fuck is he actually a superhero but didn’t actually know it??? 

Then once Andy recovers, he changes his story and name, and now he’s just Andy Dwyer again but he has a split personality that takes over when there is crime around but he doesn’t know it or have any memories and also he looks fantastic in red leather. 

Ben’s crisis never ends. He begins questioning everything around him. Dear god. Andy Dwyer is an actual superhero. What is life.

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‘We might die tomorrow’ kiss

Also requested by the wonderful @anotheropti  I hope you guys like it! :D

[AO3 Version] [More Kiss Prompts Here!]

“We might die tomorrow” kiss

April wondered if Andy was going to back out of their plan.  She watched him as he threw a random assortment of clothing into a backpack, finally taking her small pile and shoving it in until the bag looked fit to burst.  He had excited enthusiasm on his face, and a huge smile that hadn’t faded since she made her suggestion.

They were really doing it.  They were going to the Grand Canyon.

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