anotheropti asked:

I already know the answer, but your other followers need to hear the gospel: why are April and Andy so perfect for each other!?

Complete understanding of one another

Acceptance of each other’s quirks

Helping the other be the best version of themselves

Helping each other reach their dreams

Physical attraction

Unconditional support

Putting the other person first

Great communication

Same intuitive conception of fun 

Similar values in life

So yeah, all in all…

itsashleyshepard asked:

what is your favorite Andy and April moment ever?

I have so many in mind. In the end, if I have to choose just ONE, I’ll pick the one that really symbolizes their whole relationship and I’ll have to do with Andy’s “Being nice to someone” at the end of the Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show. 

This scene has everything. April being insecure and unsure of herself. Andy reassuring her. Look how instantly he reacts, right away. He’s used to this. He’s used to comforting her this way. Complimenting her and reassuring her is a second nature for him. Not only that, Andy being there for April, but also the content of the dialogue is very important: April has always been there for him all along. Her devotion is no smaller than his. 

marydutch asked:

How would the Pratt Pack deal with bae having trouble sleeping? Not because of nightmares or anything, but because of short nights, too much going on in her mind when her head finally hits her pillow, stress and all that...

Andy: He’s the type to lay cuddled up with her and hum quietly to help her to sleep.  The combination of his warmth and the soothing vibrations of his voice usually lull her to sleep.  If he’s awake when she gets home, he’ll also have a glass of warm milk for her.

Peter: More often than not, Peter is awake right with her.  He can’t really help himself go to sleep all the time either, so he sits up and talks with her.  Sometimes being able to vent things to each other helps them unwind until they can finally drift off.

Owen: Being the hands on sort of guy that he is, Owen immediately maneuvers to massage her back and shoulders, sometimes even her hands and feet.  Strong but gentle fingers work out all the kinks caused by stress and irritation.  

anonymous asked:

How would the Pratt Pack help bae when she has an anxiety attack?

Andy: He does his best to stay calm, because seeing her in this state worries him.  He sits with her, facing her, trying to reassure her.  “Babe, you’re doing a good job.  You can make it out of this.”  He knows breathing helps, but the only special breathing he knows about is the kind women do when giving birth, so he tries that to help you.  It isn’t necessarily what she needs, but it’s at least a little bit effective in distracting her.

Peter: Needing a job in a situation like this, so he doesn’t start freaking out, Peter will find whatever medicine bae might be taking and bring it to her.  And because he doesn’t know himself what will help, he often finds himself saying “Tell me what you need now.”  But it is usually just for him to sit with her quietly.

Owen:  Years in the service, surrounded by people often susceptible to bouts of extreme stress and anxiety, Owen is somewhat of an expert on what to do. She is calmly, but quickly moved to a quiet place that is familiar to her.  He speaks in an even tone with short encouraging sentences, brings her whatever she may ask for, and sometimes gently orders her to lift her hands over her head or to stand up and sit back down. He knows she starting to pull out of it when she becomes annoyed with the ridiculous movements.