Can we take a moment to think about this? Star-lord was in Parks and Rec

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Ant-Man was in Parks and Rec

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I think Marvel should continue this tradition and cast Captain Marvel as someone else from Parks and Rec

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Do the guys do man sacaping down there, and what does it look like?

This ask has been haunting me because out of all the dirty things I’ve ever written, this is the one that manages to make me blush.

Andy: It honestly depends on his mood and whether or not bae cares. A lot of the time he’ll do it to justify staying in the shower for longer

Peter: Ok so like if you notice, aliens and stuff usually don’t have hair on their bodies? Like pay attention and the majority are usually smooth look with like scales s or something (just look at all the ones in the GotG universe) and even if they have hair, it’s usually smoothed down and whatnot. So what I’m saying, is that Peter shaves that shit because he’s just found that the majority of alien chicks just respond better. why was that so thought out jfc

Owen: If bae asks for it then sure, otherwise ain’t nobody got time for that