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I don't know if this has been asked before. But, how do the Pratt Pack react when bae suggests period sex?

Faraday: He wouldn’t be into it. The main problem is that he has seen so much blood spill, violence, and death; and a lot of it he was directly involved in. Seeing blood come from you–someone he really cares about–in any way, shape, or form would actually act as somewhat of a trigger, even though he knows it’s something that happens to all women.

Owen: Depends on what phase you’re in. If you’re at the peak time of your flow, he’ll probably suggest to wait a day or two, but mild to heavy spotting he doesn’t really mind. He knows it’s simply a part of life and it’s harmless. He just doesn’t particularly enjoy seeing his own dick covered in blood. 

Peter: It takes a lot to phase Quill, and he has seen much stranger things than blood coming from a vagina. In his eyes, it’s just sex with a bit of extra lubrication. Not a big deal at all. 

Andy: He’s very squeamish about it, but if he’s sex deprived and a little bit drunk then yolo let’s do it.

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And for the Word list (others are kiss prompts) I'll choose just one: #23 -- Dance! Thank you.

Two fics in one day!  I hope you like it!  This fic is a sight that is literally the sweetest thing I could imagine.  ;)

[AO3 Version] [More Prompts Here!]

“Damn it, I told myself I wasn’t going to cry.”

April breathed deeply to herself as she stood in the doorway to the kitchen, taking in the sight before her.  Her handsome husband stood there, dressed in a new suit, placing a tiny corsage on their six-year-old’s wrist.  Allie looked simply beside herself with excitement.

She swore she’d never be one of those moms who took pictures of every silly, cliche milestone.  Whatever mindset she was in when she’d originally made that promise to herself went out the window the moment Jack was born.  Now, she stood there, snapping photos on her phone unashamedly as Andy and Allie got ready for their first ever father-daughter school dance.

“Daddy, we ready to go now?”

“A couple minutes, honey,” he smiled at her as she grasped his large hand tightly, staring down at her green and pink dress.

April hated how old it made her look.  Yet at the same time, she looked perfect in it.  Her green eyes—Andy’s eyes—shone, the dress itself bringing out every fleck of color in her irises.  Andy’s tie matched perfectly.

“How do we look, babe?” Andy asked her, his smile contagious.  “I mean, I’ve never seen a prettier little girl, so I think it’s safe to say she looks beautiful,” he bent down to Allie’s level, pulling her to him in a tight hug.

April’s heart felt like it was constricting in on itself when she saw the look in her daughter’s eyes.  Pure joy.

“You both look perfect,” she said, her voice thick with those annoying tears she refused to let flow.  “You’d better get going if you want to get there on time.”

“Right,” Andy nodded.  Taking Allie’s little jacket in his hands, he held it open for her as she put her tiny arms through it, careful not to squish her flowers.

April bent down to hug her daughter.  “Have so much fun, okay baby?” she said softly.  “You and daddy are gonna have the best time.”  She kissed her cheek, before standing to give Andy a quick peck on the lips.

As she watched the car make its way out of the driveway and down the street, the happy tears finally started to fall.  Maybe part of it was the pregnancy, as they were expecting their fourth baby in the summertime.  Maybe it was because her children were growing too fast.  Or maybe it was the image of the love of her life so happy, sharing this special moment with his first little girl, who couldn’t have been more excited about anything in her life.

Yeah, that last one was definitely it.