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138. You braided his hair? (Because April's worn some pretty cool braids in her hair, I totally picture her walking around the breakfast table automatically braiding in the early hours before school while the kids eat breakfast and doing Jack's alongside the girls')

This was just such an adorable prompt I had to push it to the front!  Thank you for requesting.  I hope you like it! :D

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“You braided his hair?”

April ran her fingers through Melody’s dark, silky hair, meticulously weaving the pieces in and out.  All three of her daughters had beautiful hair.  Even little Emma, who was barely two months old, had a fine, brown silk covering her little head.

Of course, April loved messing with her own hair.  Whether it be braiding it over and over, only to unweave it to start anew, or her husband running his big, strong hands through it to message her head, it was awesome.

She didn’t know when this little weekly tradition began, but every Friday this is what she did in the early hours before school while the kids ate breakfast.  First Allie, then Melody, and both went to school with the most intricate designs she could come up with.

This morning, Allie was sporting a french braid.  Melody was just about to receive a second thick braid going down her back, tied off at the end.  And for the first time in forever…Jack got in on the fun too.  He quietly sat, finishing some homework while he ate his toast.  He didn’t seem the least bit fazed.

“I think I hear daddy,” Melody said, putting down her cereal spoon and tilting her head toward the door.

“That’s him,” April replied.  “I think he’s gonna be surprised when he sees how pretty your hair is.”

“And Jack’s,” Allie added.

“And Jack’s,” April nodded, with a grin.

“Oh, babe,” Andy shuffled into the kitchen, yawning wide.  “Thank you so much for letting me sleep in this morning.”  He kissed her cheek as he took a seat next to Jack and Allie.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said casually, finishing Melody’s hair.

“Woah,” Andy looked at his two girls, exaggerating his shocked expression.  “You two have the most beautiful hairstyles I’ve ever seen!” he grinned.  “Who’s the talented hairdresser?”

“Mommy!” Allie chuckled, pointing to April, who now held little Emma in her arms as she sat with her family.

“I should’ve know,” Andy nodded.  “Jack, don’t they look—“ he stopped short, staring at his son.  His face was confused by the time he looked back over at April.

“What’s up?” April asked casually.

“Did—did you braid his hair?” Andy asked, looking at the side of Jack’s head, where the tiniest of braids was done above his ear.

Both little girls burst out laughing.  April just sipped her coffee and shrugged.

“He wanted to be part of the fun,” she said.

“Buddy…your hair looks…um,” Andy searched for the right word.  “Fancy?”

Jack snorted back a laugh.  “Thanks, Dad.”

“Well, his hair’s getting so long,” April sighed dramatically.  “I figured, why not?”

“Guess it’s time for a haircut then,” Andy patted Jack on the back.  “One question babe,” he looked back at her.

“What’s that?”

“Can you do mine, now?”