On First Date

me: so do you like Parks & Recreation?

them: no i was so glad when that show ended

me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: i have to go home immediately something came up 


still my favorite ever


Parks & Recreation + Tropes

sugar-rae99 asked:

I like to perform in theatre, so I was wondering how the guys would show support for bae when they came to a performance?

Andy: Stands EVERY TIME he claps (which is a lot) and he does it obnoxiously loud. Also spends most of his time whispering to the people around him that you’re all his, and that he has sex with the wonderful and talented you, almost every night. 

Peter: The closest thing he’s had to attending a performance is going to strip clubs so this is new to him. He’s a little awkward about it, and goes in to expect it to be boring tbh, but as it starts and he sees you onstage he’s absolutely captivated, and so impressed. At the end of the performance he jumps to his feet and claps and does that cute little whistle thing that i wish i knew how to do

Owen: He is the type of guy who is super supportive of whatever you do because you support/deal with all his dangerous raptor stuff and he knows that it’s sort of a pain in the ass to you. He will be in the front row no matter what, and his eyes won’t ever leave you. At the end of the performance, he won’t make a super huge scene with clapping–though he’ll definitely tell a few people that you’re his–but afterwords you should prepare yourself for a little bouquet of flowers and a giant kiss.