opens Jan 16, 6-8p:

Between the Fragments
 Andy Denzler

Claire Oliver Gallery, 513 W26th St., NYC

By creating a desolate narrative through his use of color, time, and mystical topologies, Zurich-based artist Andy Denzler expands and skims the boundaries of both photorealism and action painting. By uniting the precision and nostalgia of realism with gestural abstraction, Denzler creates secluded and pensive tableaus. - thru Feb 15


Andy Denzler

Andy Denzler weaves nostalgic photorealism with gestural expression in his wholly original style of painting. He achieves the look of his works—at once a paused film still and a sweeping abstraction—by alternating bands of unmoving,impastoed detail with flowing horizontal sweeps of his brush.

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