Vimeo Festival + Awards Judge: Andy Bruntel

Andy Bruntel won the Music Video category at the 2010 Vimeo Festival + Awards for his visual interpretation of Liars’ tune “Scissor.” We think he also deserves a trophy of some kind for playing a mean game of ping-pong against that potted plant.

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House [Lupercalia] [Dir. Andy Bruntel]

If ‘The City’ implicitly connected love and houses, then 'House’ shouted it from the rooftops. Patrick declares, literally:

I’ve been too long a lonely man
Yes, I’ve been too long a rolling stone
So let seasons turn
Grow paradise gardens
End to my migration
The native has returned.

It wouldn’t be a Patrick Wolf love song without some sort of ridiculous literary reference and here we get Thomas Hardy and, later, Dylan Thomas (although that’s more of a reference to William’s resemblance to a young Dylan Thomas than anything else). The point though, is that our hero’s journey is over and he’s crossed the return threshold back to The City that he left for Paris four albums previously. 

“House,” from the new record, was originally going to be a duet with Florence Welch, but then it was more like, this is an album that doesn’t need any duets. It needs to be a single voice, and I felt like I hadn’t done that since Wind in the Wires.

- Patrick Wolf, “Patrick Wolf Sings a Happy Tune," Interview Magazine, 2011 (source)

In the video, Patrick’s house is falling apart once again, but where in 'Demolition’ they leaked blood, here they’re sprouting forth with greenery and nature. And then Patrick’s hanging out with a toucan and a monkey. (It’s a metaphor.)

Patrick Wolf is ironing with a toucan, your argument is invalid.


Silliness aside, 'House’ is indicative of the shift in Patrick’s writing with Lupercalia. No longer couched in metaphor and myth, the lyrics are direct, open and honest. He ends 'House’ with the declaration "This is the greatest peace I’ve ever known / Your love makes house a home.” Quite right.


Liars “Scissor” by Andy Bruntel

I found this video so interesting! I loved the rise and fall of it as it went along to the music, the chaos of the video.. It was amazing, and the beginning where he’s in that little dinghy thing, the water looked so, so beautiful around him, it was just breathtaking.


Featured Workshop: Animation Creation Station, Audience Participation

By now, you’ve hopefully acquainted yourself with our chock-full-of-awesome schedule for the Vimeo Festival. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the incredible hands-on workshops we’ve assembled to help you learn, practice, and participate! Here’s what you can expect from one of our most elaborately titled workshops, Animation Creation Station, Audience Participation:

Come animate with Sean Pecknold and Kirsten Lepore, along with moderator Andy Bruntel. The trio will set up several animation “stations” and lead an audience-driven stop-motion demo that covers down-shooter, paper cut-out, clay, and pixilation techniques, as well as some general stop-motion tips. There also may be dancing.


Liars: “Scissor”
(by A Bruntel)



(Sisterworld - 2010 - Mute)








Honda “Cycles”

Agency: –

Director: Andy Bruntel
Editor: Michael Mees

Music: Kavinsky


“Scissor” by Liars

Dir. Andy Bruntel