Members, Don't Git Weary (LP Version)
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Max Roach
Members, Don’t Git Weary (Feat. Andy Bey)
Members, Don’t Git Weary
Atlantic 1968

Although Max Roach was very much a product of the be-bop revolution of the 1940s, he proved to be quite receptive to modal post-bop and avant-garde jazz in the 1960s. One of the finest post-bop dates Roach recorded during that decade was 1968’s Members, Don’t Git Weary, which finds the drummer leading a cohesive modal quintet that employs Gary Bartz on alto sax, Charles Tolliver on trumpet, Stanley Cowell on acoustic and electric piano, and Jymie Merritt on electric bass.


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Celestial Blues - Andy Bey


Experience - Andy Bey (Experience And Judgment, 1974)

Celestial Blues
  • Celestial Blues
  • Andy Bey
  • Experience And Judgment

Andy Bey 

Celestial Blues

Experience & Judgement  

Atlantic 1970

“Hold tight and listen to this while I tip-toe on the Cosmos. This was my jam during my experimental High school phase of dealing with higher thinking and far out philosophy. In other words… (lol, I forget my parents are fans of this site) so  anyway. 



Horace Silver w/ my uncle Andy Bey on vocals.  Listen carefully. 


we must get closer to the essence of life - andy bey