SO, I started a new etsy shop where you guys can buy any of the prints I made online. You can find that >>>here<<<

But since for ~legal~ reasons I can’t technically sell these four pictures. I figured I’d just give them away to some of y'all. All you gotta do is reblog this photo set thing as many times as you want (hopefully helping me get this etsy shop thing going ;]) and Ill choose four people to hand these photos out to on May 21st. Sizes are a 10.5inx10.5in, 13inx12in, 9.5inx12in, & a 15inx12in~

and if by chance anybody wants to buy other prints etsy shop here so check it out por favor :]

FaceArtists: Famous Works of Art as Face Paintings

Twenty year old photographer, Andy Alcala, has created an incredible series of self portraits entitled FaceArtists. The young artist has been recreating some of the most famous masterworks, of artists who range from Van Gogh, Pollock, Mondrian and Warhol among others, with his own face acting as a canvas.

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(Starry Night - Van Gogh)

FaceArtists: Obras de arte famosas como pinturas faciales

El fotógrafo de veinte años de edad, Andy Alcala, ha creado una increíble serie de autoretratos titulada FaceArtists. El joven artista ha recreado conocidas obras maestras, de artistas como Van Gogh, Pollock, Mondrian y Warhol, entre otros, utilizando su propia cara como lienzo.

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(Campbells Soup Can - Andy Warhol)