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Here We Go Again ( Andy Biersack Fluff Imagine)

Andy walked into the house after being in the studio for hours. He smiled back at me as I smiled at him.

“Hey, babe. What are you doing?” Andy asked after giving me a peck on the lips.

“Planning this fucking wedding.” I sighed. Yes, Andy and I are getting married. He proposed to me about 6 months ago and I’m still planning the wedding. It takes a lot of work. Andy and I haven’t agreed on most details so far. The colors, where we want it to be. It’s so stressful!

“Oh. Well, let me help.” Andy smiled. I nodded and scooted over on the couch so Andy could have room to sit. “What are you working on?”

“The location.” I said.

“We should get married on the beach.” Andy suggested. I rolled my eyes. Here it goes again with the stupid beach crap.

“Why don’t we have it in the oldest church in Baltimore, Maryland. The Basilica of the Assumption.” I grinned.

“No! I’m not Catholic. I’m not getting married in a Catholic Church!” Andy exclaimed.

“I’m not Catholic, either. The Basilica of the Assumption is a beautiful building!” I exclaimed.

“I don’t want to fucking get married in a damn church!”

“Why fucking not?!” I raised my voice. After I said that one sentence, shit went ballistic! Voices rising and rising until our vocal chords couldn’t handle it. Remotes, phones, papers, anything you can think of being thrown.

We were arguing about everything. First, it was Andy and I not agreeing. Then, about him being on tour. And then arguments were just branching off of one another.

“Andy, I can’t do this anymore!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Almost squealing like a pig. I started to walk up the steps while Andy was still screaming at me.

“What the fuck do you mean you can’t do this?! Are you fucking breaking up with me?! You can’t fucking do that!” He screamed. I rolled my eyes, annoyed. He followed me up the steps as I walked into our shared bedroom. I got out a small bookbag and started packing clothes.

I glared at him as he entered the room. He kept yelling at me while I packed. I started silently crying. I can’t believe I’m about to do this. I finished packing and looked at him. My eyes were bloodshot. My cheeks were tear stained. My nose was slightly running. I’m sure I looked like a piece of garbage.

“Stop ignoring me!” Andy yelled. I could tell he was hurt. He probably thought I was breaking up with him, but I’m not.

I walked back downstairs, looking at the mess we made. I opened the front door, about to step out, when Andy stopped me.

“Y/N, I’m sorry! Please, don’t leave.” Andy called. I turned around and watched as tears spilled down his cheeks.

“I’m not leaving. I just need some time to think. I’ll be back tomorrow.” I said and grabbed my phone and car keys off the console table. I walked out and got in my car. I started the ignition. Before I left Andy walked out, sobbing. I bit my lip. I drove away.


I stayed at a hotel for three days. I didn’t go back to Andy the next day like I said I would. I just couldn’t, but today I was going back. I made up my mind. I love him and I want to marry him. He’s the best thing that I could ever happen to me. He’s my knight in shining armor.

I drove back to our house. I opened the door and was surprised. The house looked the same when I left. My eyes were wide.

“Andy?” I called out.

I walked up the steps and into our bathroom. Andy was lying there with his back towards me. He was looking at a photo of him and me when we first started dating. He was lying on my side of the bed with one of my Black Veil Brides’ shirt he’s given me.

I smiled a sad smile. I quietly walked to the bed and lied down. Andy didn’t even notice. I wrapped my arm around him and that’s when his head whipped around to face me. He smiled his big toothy smile. He started crying harder, but happy tears.

“Please, don’t ever do that again Y/N!”

“I’m sorry.” I sighed. I kissed him and then Andy and I cuddled for the rest of the day.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Andy.”

Warped Tour...

So Asking Alexandria was doing a signing so, since the line was 1,843,345 years long and I knew I wouldn’t meet them I decided to take a few pictures.

My friend Gabby got in the way of one…

But still normal until…





What happened between Juliet Simms and I.

So here’s the full story of what happened between Juliet Simms and I at the Charlotte, NC (July 7th 2015) Warped tour date this year. As you know I’ve posted before about Juliet on my blog, specifically targeting her being so connected to Scientology and yes, she stalked (probably still does) my blog enough so that she knew what I looked like, and probably saw the photo I posted that morning of what I looked like before I left. 

When I arrived I was brought backstage to get my all access passes by my friend, apparently that’s when she first saw me (but I didn’t see her) according to said friend who knows Juliet well and a staff member at Warped tour she started talking about my blog and how I run a ‘hate blog’ against her and talking all this shit about me and what I say on my blog. Of course all of this is done like a little bitch behind my back to someone who she knew is a friend of mine and someone (the staff member) who wasn’t even involved. 

I had no idea any of this had happened because I was meeting up with other friends of mine who are on tour and taking photos with fans and watching sets. Her set time rolled around and the people I was with wanted to go see her and I tagged along. I stood in the back (but she had a very small crowd) and took more pictures with fans. 

She saw me immediately and then started to what looked to me like arguing with Andy who also had seen me. During her set she started flipping me off from stage and glaring at me (now at the time I didn’t know it was directed at me but I was texted by my friend later on that she was aiming it at me and the people around me apparently noticed it was kind of directed at me) Now this whole time Andy who is waiting backstage is peaking over at me and smiling at me (he’s seen me in cosplay before and complimented me). He seemed to be getting a kick out of my dancing around and how much the fans liked me. 

Now after her set I went backstage to cool off some and I was talking to someone and she came back stage. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me and just got this death glare on her face, I looked up to see her and said “Oh shit” and laughed at her because it was obvious that she knew exactly who I was. She then proceeded to stand about ten feet from me and smoke a cigarette, her eyes never leaving me. I knew she expected me to get up and say something but I didn’t I just looked over at her and laughed at her for being such a child. 

She then went to go do an interview with my friend and that’s when my friend texted me telling me that she was talking about me and my ‘horrible blog’ and that she admitted she knew who I was and recognized me and that she stalked my blog and does so to other ‘hate’ blogs to see what they were saying about her. 

I told my friend to tell her that if she has a problem with me or what I’m saying she’s more than welcome to walk out of the press trailer and talk to me woman to woman and if she could give me a good reason to stop saying what I’m saying then I’d apologize and stop. 

She declined my offer. 

So there it is, apparently I’m really important to this bitch and what I have to say concerns her so much that she stalks my blog enough to know exactly what I look like. She wasn’t woman enough to say shit to my face and instead talked shit behind my back and flipped me off on stage like a child. I offered her a chance to talk it out like adults and she wouldn’t. 

And there you go, that’s my issue with her and that’s what sealed my opinion on her. If anyone who is reading this doesn’t believe me that’s fine, but it’s the truth and I was told by someone who is a friend of hers this and staff members. 

So now.. back to this bitch who had a lot to say about me the other month on Warped tour, Juliet Simms? What’s good? 

I know you’re reading this girl ;D