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Do you think it's to early for Cyrus to come out? Theyre only 13

No, I don’t think thirteen is too young. I had three friends come out when I was thirteen (one as gay, one as bi, and one as lesbian). And that was back in 2004.

I think the whole “they’re too young to know they’re not straight” belief is a bit homophobic (whether intentional or not) and contributes to the misperception that being LGBT is inherently sexualized, even amongst kids. It’s gross. When a young girl has a crush on a boy (or vice versa) on screen (or irl too, but I’m focusing on how this stuff is depicted in the media), the reaction from the audience is generally “aww how cute”, not “well she’s still pretty young/are we sure she likes him?/she’s too young to know her sexuality/stop sexualizing children!!”. But when a young boy has a harmless crush on another boy (or girl and girl), instead of affording them the same reaction of “aww how cute”, there’s a tendency to equate that harmless crush with grown up sexuality. But sexuality is something that develops across the lifespan. When you’re in middle school, typically, it’s crushes and kissing, not sex. And if we can acknowledge that sexuality isn’t that explicitly sexual yet when we’re children for straight children, then we should be able to acknowledge that for LGBT children as well.

If Cyrus realizes/admits/says he has a crush on Jonah, it should be viewed the same way as viewers view Andi’s crush on Jonah: a cute middle school crush and not a big deal. The only big deal is the fact that children’s programming would finally get an openly gay (or bi) main character and finally have some good representation that’s sorely lacking.

So I’ve been working on this the past 10 days and I’ve been DYING to post it but had to wait until today!

Happy 18th birthday Victoria! Love you lots :) xx

andycatlincom Fun first day working on Youth Theatre Arts Scotland’s Chrysalis festival (who are one of my clients). It was good to catch up with their patron Sam Heughan - who I first worked with way back in 2002 - and take this unexpected portrait. Chrysalis festival takes place 18-20 November 2016 at @traversetheatre

Memories can be lost forever, I’m afraid one day I won’t be able to remember the nights we spent out smoking and taking photos and talking about the universe and poorly made art, I don’t want to forget what it was like to feel young