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Can you believe Andy and Danai never rehearsed their kiss and it was still straight fire

Nope, I honestly still can’t. That whole moment was so natural and realistic, like I could feel their excitement and the butterflies and the passion. They (especially Andy) kiss like they’ve been waiting to do that shit forever. 

Like how dare he be this confident and assertive in their first kiss? And the way she rolls with it, it seems like they’re doing a dance. And none of it is rehearsed. (Even their van scenes were improvised? How, Sway?) Now that’s what I call chemistry.

Acceptance Speech

Summary: (Modern!AU) In which Bucky uses his time on stage at the Oscars to let the world in on a secret he’s been keeping for more than two years.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,217

A/N: Happiest of happy birthdays to my twin, @imaginingbucky . You are a queen and I adore you with every single ounce of my being. I know how much you love award shows, so I hope you enjoy this too.

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Bucky feels like a nervous teenager as he sits in the backseat of a stretch limousine, waiting to arrive at his destination. His hands are clammy, his heart is beating too quickly and he can’t stop tapping his foot on the floor. After six years in the acting business, he shouldn’t feel this way. He’s attended more than his fair share of award shows to know all kinds of techniques to keep any concerns at bay. Yet here he is trying his hardest not to hyperventilate and hold his water bottle without spilling it all over his expensive suit. He’d never hear the end of it from his stylist if he did.

“Looking forward to the show tonight?” Vision asks, momentarily catching Bucky’s gaze in the rear view mirror.

Bucky pulls at the collar of his shirt before shifting slightly. Usually this backseat offers him the comfort he needs, no matter how he’s feeling. Today he might as well be sitting on rocks. “Yeah.”

“You don’t sound it,” Viz observes, as he makes a right turn down a side street. He’s an expert at getting you where you need to go while also avoiding all of the LA traffic. “Is it because you’re up for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’?”

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Klaine one-shot - “The Gourd You Give” (Rated PG)

It’s just another day at work for Kurt when a handsome man bursts through the door and begs Kurt for a pumpkin. (1577 words)

A/N: This is a re-write. Warning for mention of illness. Meet cute.

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“Help me! Quick! I need a pumpkin!”

The words fire out so quickly from the man’s mouth that his request is finished before the bells over the door stop jingling. Kurt looks up from the issue of Vogue open on the counter he’s sitting behind and straight into the eyes of the most desperate man he’s ever seen – harried for certain, curls that have been gelled down within an inch of their life breaking free around his hairline, hazel eyes shimmering from the cold, his cheeks flushed from running (Kurt assumes, since he’s panting like a tired dog). Plus, the door has a brand new dent from where the man slammed into it before he realized it was a pull door and not a push.

“Uh … okay.” Kurt puts a worn business card into the binding of his magazine to mark his spot, then closes it to handle his manic customer. “You do realize you’ve just entered a costume shop, though. Not a supermarket.”

“I know.” The man nods vigorously, taking a deep breath. “I need a pumpkin costume.”

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Norman Reedus blurb in which he is asked about you, his girlfriend, in an interview.


“Let’s give a warm welcome to The Walking Dead actor, Norman Reedus” Jimmy announced.

Norman kissed my cheek quickly before walking onto the stage. He wore an all black suit and looked great.He waved at the crowd, smile on his face and then sat down.

“Hey,man” Norman said as he gave Jimmy a quick handshake as the crowds applause was dying down.

“I’m just gonna jump right into this, alright?”

“Yeah, I’m ready” he replied rubbing his palms together jokingly.

“Word is you’ve got a girlfriend”

He smiled after a little pause. He didn’t want everyone to know for my own protection. Fans can be jealous and get vicious.

“Yeah” he said letting out a deep breath “Man, I could talk about her all day” His face stayed smiling.

“You’ve really kept it on the down low. You don’t want me to know?” Jimmy said laughing.

“I don’t want anyone to hurt her, some of you guys can be mean!” Norman said squinting and pointing into the crowd, all in good fun, but he meant it.

“Is she here?!” a fan called out.

“Yeah, shes the last person I saw before I came out here”

“Let’s meet her” Jimmy says.

My face burned red. Norman looked around the corner to see me. He smiled and motioned for me to come over. I buried my face in my hands.

“Give me a second” Norman said and he came to me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked softly

“I’m not dressed to be on TV!”

“Shut up, that’s the least of your worries. You could trip in front of everyone”


“Let’s go, give the people what they want” he put out his hand.

I grabbed it hesitantly but I followed him. I looked down at myself, clad white Nikes, black jeans and a green shirt. I didn’t dare look at the audience. I did look to Jimmy who shook my hand and sent me a smile.

“Sorry I’m not dressed” I say as the audience fell silent wanting to hear me.

“You’re good. That’s better than not seeing you at all”

I held Normans hand tightly. He had a smile huge on his face, held me tight, looked at the audience for their reactions.

“What’s the story? How’d you meet?” Jimmy started.

“You tell it, babe” Norman nudges me.

“You start, I’ll join in” I say now turning to the crowd.

“I was out at dinner with Steven and Andy and I saw her sitting alone. She had been there before we got there, a glass of water was on the left side and it was half empty. She glanced at her phone often as if waiting for a response. She hadn’t eaten, she was waiting. Steven wanted to go over but he can be a little shy and Andy has a wife so I went over”

“I was getting ready to leave” I take over “When i hear a familiar voice say ‘I’m here, babe’, i was disappointed knowing it wasn’t to me, it wasn’t my, now ex boyfriend so I ignored it. Then a hand is placed on my shoulder and a kiss was planted on my cheek. I saw it was Norman, and I’m a huge walking dead junkie, so you could imagine I was surprised. Then we ate dinner together” I laughed knowing there wasn’t much left to say.

Whatever happened that night, was what led to a great relationship now.


Hope you enjoyed it! I made the gifs, so pls don’t steal. Give me feedback and even better, request !! Love u all

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One of my favourites to write, for sure. 🖤

It was a beautiful day for wedding. The sun was shining, the sky was cloudless, there was a cool breeze, and the most handsome man ever was sitting next to you dressed in a tailor made suit that made you bite your lip every time you looked at him. His hand wandered to your thigh and rested on your teal coloured maxi dress. It was strapless with a pleated bust and hung flatteringly from your waist, brushing over your curves and covering the tops of your black heels. The service went by and there was a short break until you all sat down for the reception. Norman interlinked his fingers with yours as you exit the beautifully decorated hall and into the corridor, then pulls you to the side as soon as you’re out of the door.
“Easy! I’m in heels remember!” You squeal as you almost trip up from the hard yank he gives your hand.
“Sorry!” He says, holding your hips to steady you, “I just… you look so beautiful (Y/N), I can’t keep my hands off you.” You blush at his words and look down.
“How do you think I feel about you in that suit?” You smile mischievously at him.
“There’s no way you can be as turned on as me right now,” he almost pants, hands digging into your hips now, fingers going white.
“Hey guys, everyone’s getting seated for the reception,” Andy calls out as he walks towards the door with his wife. You hadn’t realised just how long you’d been standing there, looking each other up and down, almost kissing, but not quite.
“Coming,” Norman replies, not taking his eyes off of yours, “you’ve gotta stop doing this to me in public places (Y/N). We need to figure out where the nearest loo is everywhere we go now.”
“Haha! Norman!” You exclaim, sauntering off down the hall, purposely swinging your hips that little bit more than usual. He grunts and jogs to catch up with you.
“Well that’s not making it any better,” he growls at your side as you smile sweetly and step into the dining room, finding your places next to Andy and his wife. The dinner is sublime, and you enjoy every mouthful of the delicious meal. You turn to Norman and notice he has a little bit of sauce on the side of his mouth.
“Come here,” you say, reaching out to his cheek. Your finger wipes the sauce off and you lick it off, looking him dead in the eye.
“What did I say about this before?” He asks through gritted teeth, eyes wild with lust.
“Oops, sorry,” you smile, sitting back to face the table. You talk to the other guests around your table and then everything goes quiet for the first dance. Norman scoots his chair forward so that his knees are touching your chair and he leans forward, putting his chin on your bare shoulder as you watch the newly weds spin around the dance floor.
“That’ll be us one day,” he whispers into your ear, giving your shoulder a light kiss.
“I hope so,” you whisper back. Once it’s over and everyone makes their way to the dance floor, you turn around to face Norman, now alone at your table. You take his tie in your hand and gently pull him towards you.
“Guess what I’m wearing underneath this?” Your lips brush his ear as you speak.
“Please say nothing,” he groans, eyes rolling back into his head.
“Nothing,” you confirm, “which means you guessed correctly, so you win a prize-”
“May I have this dance (Y/N)?” Tom asks from behind you, startling you a little. You turn around to face him, Norman gripping onto your hand tightly, not wanting to leave the conversation like this.
“Of course!” You grin, and get up from your chair, taking Tom’s hand as he leads you to the dance floor. Norman looks on, annoyed and oh so turned on by your words. He watches you intently, every swing of your hips, every word that you say in Tom’s ear as you dance slowly to the music, every movement Tom’s hand makes up and down your back. The song ends and you kiss Tom on the cheek as you make your way back to Norman.
“Lets dance,” he almost demands as you go to sit down. He grabs your hand and pulls you onto the dance floor, stopping suddenly and making you crash into his body forcefully. John Legend starts playing and Norman wraps his arms around your waist, his hands settling just above your bottom. Your hands interlink themselves at the back of his neck, thumbs stroking underneath his hair.
“Look at you,” he almost whines, “shit, that dress, those heels, you. Ugh, and just knowing only that dress stands in the way of me being able to touch your skin. You kill me, (Y/N).”
“You think you don’t have the same affect on me? That suit makes me bite my lip every time I look at you. I’m surprised I’m not bleeding,” you admit. He smiles and rubs his nose against yours sweetly, then you feel your dress becoming loose at the top. You take one hand away from him and hoist it up, making sure it doesn’t fall down.
“Can you lift it a little at the back please?” You ask.
“My pleasure,” he says, his hands sliding painfully slow up your back and to the top of your dress, lifting it gently and smoothing it down when it’s settled in its new position.
“Thank you,” you smile up at him, his eyes soft with love, a small hint of darkness in them, imagining the pleasures beneath your dress. You spend the rest of the evening talking to your fellow cast members, dancing with the girls, and cooing over babies. Norman looks on, standing with the guys but not really paying attention to anything they say, as he stares at you all night, watching how the fabric hugs your body, feeling jealous of the dress caressing your skin. You make your way over to him after the crowds have thinned out and he takes your hands in his.
“Now you’re all mine,” he whispers, lips kissing your ear. He leads you up to your room in the grand country house the wedding was being held in, and as soon as the door opens he pounces, pushing you up against the nearest wall, tongue invading your mouth so quickly you can’t breathe properly. His hand finds the zip on your dress immediately and just as you take a breath your dress falls to the floor, your body now completely exposed to Norman. As you step out of the dress and remove your heels, Norman undressed himself, not being able to wait for your nimble hands to help him. As soon as he’s out of his clothes and underwear he’s back on your lips, hands running up and down your body as if he’s feeling it for the first time. You push back at him, guiding him to the bed and he falls down on it, pouting at the loss of contact. You smile and straddle him, leaning down and capturing his lips again. He holds onto your hips, then takes one hand away to ready himself before he pushes you down onto his hard length. He does all the hard work for you, pulling you back up and pushing you down again, so all you have to do is concentrate on the pleasure he’s creating.
“Norm,” you moan between kisses. Hearing his name escape from your lips like this makes him rougher, his hands digging in that little bit more. The he flips you over onto your back and pounds into you like it was the last time he’d ever get to make love to you.
“(Y/N), baby,” he grunts, hitting into you deep, his cock brushing your clit with every thrust. You can’t say anything as you lay there, brow furrowed as he almost hurts you with his pace, eyes closed and enjoying every second of it. He bites down on your breast, taking your nipple in his mouth and sucking hard on it. You scream out with excitement as he does this, and hold his head into your chest. Within minutes you feel your walls start to clench around him and they release, coming onto his member so hard that you feel the need to push him out of you, your pussy so sensitive.
“Norman!” You exhale as you lay back and feel him stiffen inside you, then releasing himself completely. He collapses on top of you, your bodies slick with sweat, both panting, and he wiggles around inside of you, getting the last moments out of your highs before he pulls out. He then moves to your side, looking at your messy hair and smudged make up.
“You’re so beautiful,” he breathes, his hand resting on your cheek. He kisses you softly, claiming your tongue with his as he slips it past your lips and you moan into the kiss.


  • <p> <b>Andy:</b> *pulls me on stage*<p/><b>Andy:</b> what's your name?<p/><b>Me:</b> my wife.<p/><b>Andy:</b> Guys I want you all to meet my wife.<p/><b>Everybody:</b> ...<p/><b>Andy:</b> ...<p/><b>Parents:</b> ...<p/><b>Peasants:</b> ...<p/><b>Obama:</b> ...<p/><b>Aliens:</b> ...<p/><b>God:</b> ...<p/><b>Friend:</b> I told her to do that.<p/><b>Parents:</b> *facepalm*<p/></p>

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Hi Ashley, first off, you're an amazing writer and I love your blog! Your Ash, you gotta help me coz I'm salty AF and our Captain has cut me real deep (I'm still fucking crying!). I just watched that Madrid interview where Andy says Michonne is the greatest love of his life (I died!) but then not only does he add that shit about JBlah but he also says SWC was 'an incredible wife'! WTFuckingF?! Please help me feel better! Your writing is amazing and I love your blog btw!

Okay, a couple of things to keep in mind before you slander our captain, lol. When he spoke of Michonne being Rick’s greatest love story, he was speaking as Andy. As in, that’s what he believes to be true about his character and this relationship. When he said the thing about Jessie, he said that Rick probably thought the same. And let’s be real, Rick’s crazy ass probably did believe that shit. 😄(Moreover, I’m pretty sure Andy just wanted to get that joke off about the hand chop, because he’s dorky like that.)

And also, Sarah Wayne Callies and Lori Grimes are two different people. Andy has a lot of love for her (and Jon Bernthal), as one would hope, no matter what their on-screen relationship turned out to be. Sarah is a great actress and she played the hell out of Lori, for better or for worse. So no, Lori wasn’t always a great wife to Rick, but Sarah was probably a great TV wife to Andy, and that’s all he meant by it. I’d be disappointed if he said anything less.