andy's wedding

You know the feeling when you hate something, but love it, then hate that you love it?

I’m having that feeling now.

I hate Zarah and Tony for teasing us with Shandy wedding hints, but I love that they are, then hate that I’m loving it and that it’s giving me feels.

It’s pretty messed up in my feeling center right now.

Also, hallelujah for the purple. Anything else would have been unacceptable.

Robron Top 5 Day One

Top 5 Robert Outfits

  1. SSW
  2. Wedding suit
  3. Casual white t-shirt and farming overalls
  4. Maroon suit from Andy’s wedding
  5. Casual t-shirt and leather jacket combination (i.e. the 2014 era, like the first kiss etc.)

Top 5 Aaron Outfits

  1. SSW
  2. Wedding suit
  3. Those days when he used to wear t-shirts
  4. Blue suit from Andy’s wedding
  5. Floral-patterned hoodie

(I’m not going to lie, I was kind of tempted to include the Christmas jumpers…)

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: You can't tell me the whole Scranton branch didn't shut when Michael and Holly got married. That they didn't fly out to Colorado to see Michael marry the girl of his dreams. You can't tell me Michael didn't try to get Ryan to be his best man but when Ryan ran away, he asked Dwight instead. That Jim wasn't a groomsman. That Cece wasn't the flower girl. That Andy didn't sing the song Michael and Holly danced to. That Kelly and Andy didn't have another dance off and this time, Andy didn't have to go to the ER. That Phyllis, Pam, and Erin didn't cry when they said I do. That Michael didn't ask Erin for a dance. That the whole office didn't plan a flash mob like at Jim and Pam's wedding. There is no way none of this didn't happen.

Andy: [My proposal] was perfect and magical, I’ll say that. She didn’t know it was gonna happen, we were in a beautiful place that was very special to both of us. I was by a fire pit with, like, a glowing amber light. I got down on one knee. Like the stuff I said was perfect. I can’t tell you how great it went.

Akiva: I believe it because I was at your wedding and your wedding was also –

Jorma: Truly the most magical vows I’ve ever heard.

Andy: I really gotta bring it. My wife is a poet, so if I’m half-assing it then it’s gonna be pretty clear.


  • Andy Lincoln: It's a romance.
  • Director: Rick and Michonne just met.
  • Andy Lincoln: It's a love scene.
  • Director: They're just talking.
  • Andy Lincoln: It's their wedding reception.
  • Director: It's a fantasy.
  • Andy Lincoln: They're procreating.
  • Director: *sigh*
  • Andy Lincoln:
  • Andy Lincoln:
  • Andy Lincoln: What?