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andi mack ep 12 spoilers ahead!!

ok so i’m watching the ep right now and i got to the scene… you know the scene where cyrus turns around and i’m loosing my mind rn. i literally paused and clutched my chest ok i can’t believe i’m seeing an actual queer kid on a disney show with my own two eyes in the year of our lord 2017. i’m. i can’t.

yeah i know it could have been sooner, it SHOULD have been sooner. i’m almost 22 and finally there he is, a boy who’s in love with a boy, a main character no less. an actual child being queer on disney channel i’m about to cry.

themooninvitesthe-madness  asked:

Hey, I see you post some stuff about andi Mack, can I ask why you like it? Is it an angsty drama or more just light?

Hi! I like Andi Mack because it has interesting characters and realistic story lines. Not everything is solved in one episode. It does have drama, but more of the lighter kind. It shows how friendships and relationships should be, which is super important to me. As a teen, and even now as a young adult, I’m still learning about healthy relationships. I wish I would have had this show when I was younger. Plus Cyrus being canonly gay with his first crush is something I can relate to. I understand what it’s like to like someone and to think you have no chance with them. I hope Cyrus is able to be happy with himself and be able to accept himself in season 2. He is such an amazing character, and I only want the best for him.

I hope this helped, and I hope that you give Andi Mack a chance. It is def worth it. :)

Emo band members as things said at my school
  • Brendon Urie: I mean I'm straight but I would suck a dick
  • Ryan ross: I'm a bruised apple in the produce aisle of life
  • Spencer smith: *frantically shoving 7 dollars at me* buy me weed when you're in Oregon
  • Jon Walker: my ankle smells like grapes and weed
  • Dallon weekes: Jesus wouldn't treat me like this
  • Patrick stump: if I put my hoodie on inside out is the world wearing it
  • Pete wentz: my wife just had her baby and no, you can't call me daddy
  • Joe trohman: well this guy was totally wrong but he did predict some stuff and some other stuff
  • Andy Hurley: who the hell wrote the entire spongebob theme song on my board
  • Tyler Joseph: do you even inhale
  • Josh dun: fuck you im independent! No, wait, I need a ride home
  • Gerard way: I look cute today? Well you look dead as fuck dude
  • Frank iero: you want to be taller so you can dunk? *gets in your face* jump higher you inbred
  • Ray toro: if there's water in the air then how are we not dead
  • Mikey way: I'm always ready to be hit by a car