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Description of Broadway's  guys voices
  • Leslie Odom Jr.: A red velvet cupcake fresh out of the oven with cream cheese frosting in the middle
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: That Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb that just explodes with color when you drop it in the bath water
  • Daveed Diggs: Tap dancing. Just tap dancing but also rapping at the same time
  • Michael Arden: Butterflies in your stomach that are so strong you want to pull a Julie Andrews and start spinning happily in a circle
  • Andy Mientus: Fuzzy socks and hot chocolate by a warm fire with tons of blankets while having a Disney movie marathon
  • Aaron Tveit: The cold side of your pillow that feels oh-so-good in the middle of the night
  • Jeremy Jordan: Dressing in a cute outfit and strutting around while everyone is checking you out and you KNOW you look hot AF
  • Ben Platt: To take a bath with relaxing music and suddenly felt the heat in your body and your cheeks blushing
  • Darren Criss: When you adopt a new puppy, who has been living on the street starving, and now all you wanna do is wrap him in a blanket, cuddle and give him love
  • Jonathan Groff: That one commercial for Coca Cola that they play at Christmas Time that makes everyone laugh,smile, and cry
  • Alex Boniello: When you’re home alone and put on full concert mode very loudly with light, fume and special effects all over the room
Descriptions of Broadway Guys' Voices
  • Leslie Odom Jr.: A red velvet cupcake fresh out of the oven with cream cheese frosting in the middle
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: That Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb that just explodes with color when you drop it in the bath water
  • Michael Arden: Butterflies in your stomach that are so strong you want to pull a Julie Andrews and start spinning happily in a circle
  • Andy Mientus: Fuzzy socks and hot chocolate by a warm fire with tons of blankets while having a Disney movie marathon
  • Aaron Tveit: The cold side of your pillow that feels oh-so-good in the middle of the night
  • Jeremy Jordan: Dressing in a cute outfit and strutting around while everyone is checking you out and you KNOW you look hot AF
  • Alex Wyse: That one harmony in every Broadway musical that just is so frickin beautiful and you want to die because of it
  • James Monroe Iglehart: When you're home alone and you act out all of your favorite Broadway musicals. At the same time
  • Austin P. Mackenzie: Walking outside on a warm day and it's the perfect temperature and the sun hitting your face makes you feel so peaceful
  • Daveed Diggs: Tap dancing. Just tap dancing but also rapping at the same time
  • Ben Fankhauser: GO AND LOOK IT UP THE POOR GUY'S HEAD IS SPINNING!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Jonathan Groff: That one commercial for Coca Cola that they play at Christmas Time that makes everyone laugh,smile, and cry.
  • Gideon Glick: When Harry Potter opens up that golden egg underwater and that beautiful mermaid song starts playing

Here’s another drawing I made!

According to @knife-anon, Jake\Knife’s boyfriend Mark is a green eyed red head who is actually taller than Jake.

Also I wanted to make more fluff for @andy-the-anon because I love drawing Andy and Upsilon.

And I wanted to start doing something:
If you guys in the ask circle want me to draw anything that happens or just you have a ship you want me to make, just tell me and I’ll do my best!

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Hey, could you do a highschool Andy Biersack AU?



I watch from the sidelines, my notebook in my lap as I stare out towards the field.

I was ‘watching’ the football players practice but really I was watching the cheerleaders. Y/N, the team captain to be more specific.

When we were in elementary, we used to be friends. Not best friends, but still friends. She was the nicest and prettiest one of all the others girls, and still is to be honest.

But, we eventually grew apart. We started to hang out with different people, me going with the outcasts and the popular people let her into their group. She eventually climbed her way to the top, but she isn’t like the others.

She isn’t stuck up or bossy at all. No, instead she helps others, tutoring the ones who are having a harder time, starting fundraisers for the school, even getting some of the nicer popular people to follow her as she sits with us outcasts

She’s a marvelous thing, really.

I got so caught up in my daydream that I didn’t know that I was staring, and Y/N saw. I manage a tight lipped smile, almost a bit embarrassed but she smiles warmly, lifting a hand and waving.

I go to wave back, but her friends pull her away and start to whisper harshly, giving me dirty looks.

I look down, quickly packing up my things before hurrying out of that place before I could make even more of a fool of myself.


I was standing by my locker just putting my things away when I felt a harsh shove against my shoulder. My body jolts forward, slamming into the lockers and I drop all my stuff in hands.

But before anything else can happen a voice calls out. One as smooth as honey.

“Blaze, leave him alone.”

I turn around to see Y/N with all my dropped stuff in her hands. I smile a bit in relief to know she might be able to stop the bullies.

“Ah, come on, Y/N. Just having a bit of fun.” Blaze says, putting me in a headlock and rubbing his knuckles against my scalp.

“Blaze, I’m telling you once. Leave.” Y/N is kind of scary when she gets mean.

I don’t know what else really happened, but I’m let go of and Blaze and his goons walk away down the hall.

“Thanks…” I mumble under my breath, looking down at my hands.

Y/N smiles warmly, stepping closer until she’s only a few inches away, “It’s no problem, you don’t deserve what those guys put you through.”

Then she does something I never thought would happen.

She leans in and kisses my cheek while handing me my stuff.

“Yes.” She whispers in my ear before pulling away, giving me one last smile before walking down the hall.

I was confused until I looked down at my stuff. On top of the pile was the note I planned on putting in her locker to ask her to prom.

Will you go to prom with me?
Yes or No
~Andy B. xx’

And she circled Yes.

anonymous asked:

Don't be surprised it Amy and Chris divorce in the next couple of years. Ever since he lost about 100 pds of fat he seems really cocky. Like he thinks he has a shot at groupies. Amy be damned. There are women who would sleep with him though just to get closer to Andy's circle. Stupid move but they would. A lot of stage dads end up cheating on their wives. So do not be surprised if there is a Chris Biersack scandal with a younger groupie type. I pity Amy.

Ugh. -N

Shelter From The Storm

Ever since you were a little girl you’ve been deeply terrified of thunder storms. At the first clap of thunder or lightning you would squeal and hide your face under the covers. Luckily your boyfriend, Andy, understood. So whenever a thunder storm would come, he would always be there for you. He would cuddle you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear until you were lulled to sleep.

The day had started out like any other, a bright, sunny day in Los Angeles. Andy had to go to the studio to do some tracking for their new album so you two exchanged kisses and he headed out. That was five hours ago… Now, the wind had started to pick up outside which made you a little uneasy. You turned on the tv to try to take your mind off of the howling of the wind. You flipped through the channels and landed on a dull news broad cast, but when you heard the words, ‘thunder’ and ‘lightning’ your heart jumped into your throat.

You called Andy at work, it might’ve been a little selfish but you really needed him right now. “Hello? This is Andy.” His voice sending a calming wave over you. “Hey Andy,” you said weakly, “How’s recording?” He immediately noticed the way your voice shook and got worried, “(y/n) what’s wrong?” You sighed and decided not to let him know it was the storm that had gotten you worked up again. “Nothing, just a bit cold I guess.” The line went quiet, you were about to hang up, then you heard him say, “Oh I know what’s got you troubled.” You could hear the playfulness in his voice, “It’s the thunderstorm rolling in. Don’t worry, lovely. I’m on my way to give you a proper snuggle.”

About an hour later, your boyfriend had made it home and was cuddling you on the couch. You laid on his chest while he had his arms wrapped around your back where he was rubbing soothing circles. “Andy?” You asked, finally breaking the silence. He hummed in response and you continued, “Why do you come running home for the littlest of fears?” It’s not that you were unappreciative, you were just curious. “Well my darling,” he started, “anything you fear I am meant to fight away. Even if it’s the smallest of things, because I love you and I want you to always feel safe.”

You felt a blush creeping into your cheeks, “I love you too, Andy.” A clap of thunder made you jump and you hid your face in Andy’s chest. “Shhh,” he soothed, “I’ve got you.”

Well I hope you liked it! Requests are still open my loves!

A Little Less Sixteen Candles...

A/N: This one shot was inspired by the “A Little Less Sixteen Candles…” music video. I discovered it two nights ago and immediately saw the connection with Supernatural. I’m a huge fan of Fall Out Boy and I’ve already written an imagine for the band… so I thought, why not put my two favourite things together? Of course, this being an spnxreader blog with many people who don’t know or even like FOB, I’ve written this one shot in a way that the members of FOB are written like any other characters that could appear in an SPN episode. They’re not even singers. ;) So this one shot is very AU-y, obviously. More information in the background info section. Oh, yeah… and I’ll be writing two more parts at least because it turned out I had a lot more to write than I anticipated earlier. Let me know if you guys are actually interested in hearing more!

P.S. I totally meant to get this out first thing in the morning, but do you know how difficult it is to find gifs of fetus!Jared, Jensen, or any of the boys from FOB? It’s extremely difficult for Jared and Jensen and virtually impossible for the boys of FOB. *disgruntled sigh* So you guys are just going to have to watch the music video and remember how they look… or whatever floats your boat.

Part 1 of the “A Little Less John Winchester, A Little More Pete Wentz” series

Songs: “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me’” and “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” by Fall Out Boy (these are songs for the entire series, so I’m going to keep putting these in every part… they don’t really apply to this first part)

Words: 3207

Writer: Castielle

Pairing: Dean x sister!Reader (+Sam Winchester + FOB cameos)

Themes: Family, Hunting, Fluff

Background: The reader is Dean’s twin sister; both are in their last year of high school. Sam’s sixteenth birthday and the reader’s prom are coming up in the same week, two events that the young!Winchesters are looking forward to. John Winchester has had a falling out with the group of four hunters that the the family have been good friends with for quite a long time. But when John is out of town for the weekend and the four hunters need backup on a case, what are the Winchester kids going to do? Leave them alone? Of course not!

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Bucket List (Andy Biersack Imagine)

a/n: okay so this is my first ever Andy imagine so hopefully you guys like it! and I got a suggestion to do one where they meet on vacation and sneak out to the pool together and so I’m going to use that as kind of the main idea of this story so yeah, here ya go

anon asked: ANDY IMAGINE PROMPT: (y/n) and andy meet on vacation, they’re staying at the same hotel. Andy’s 19 years old with his band, (y/n) is 17 and with her parents they sneak out at night to the pool (which is supposed to be closed) and they’re alone and lots of fluff and then maybe a little smut?

 I lay in my bed, staring up at the ceiling in the dark as I waited for my parents to turn their light off. They had dragged me along on their business trip this week and I was suffocating and I needed a break. Once the light that was once leaking into my room went out, I slowly pushed the covers off of me and tip toed over towards the window. I snatched my shoes from the floor and stuck one leg out the window. Perched on the edge, I pulled my shoes on and then stepped out onto the creaky fire escape. I did my best to climb the steps as quietly as possible, heading towards the rooftop. Pulling open the roof access door, I ascended another staircase before finally reaching the open rooftop. I quickly realized I was not the only one trying to escape the confinements of their hotel room. A boy was standing across the way from me, leaning against the ledge. He couldn’t have been much older than me, with his tight black jeans and denim vest. He had fairly short black hair, shaved on one side, and a lot of tattoos. When he turned around to look at me, the light reflected off of his nose ring and the metal hoop in his lower lip. “Hiding out?” his voice broke me from my trance, making me look into his bright blue eyes, “Yeah, you could say that.” I debated moving to the other side of the roof but I didn’t want to seem rude. He pulled a cigarette pack out of his pocket, picking one out for himself before offering the pack to me, “Want one?” Hesitantly, I nodded my head, “Sure.” He lit it for me before motioning for me to join him on the ground, leaning against the wall. “I guess this is something I can cross off my bucket list,” I chuckled, taking a drag from the cigarette. “Smoking?” the boy raised his eyebrows at me. “No, smoking with a stranger, on a rooftop, in the middle of the night, in a city I’ve never been to,” I smiled, looking over at him. “I’m Andy,” the boy stuck his hand out for me to shake. “Y/N,” I took his hand. “Now we’re not strangers anymore,” He winked at me, before facing forward again. “Fair enough,” I laughed, leaning my head back. 

“So what brings you to this city?” Andy asked, turning to look at me again. “My parents don’t trust me to be home alone for a week, so they brought me along on their business trip,” I rolled my eyes for emphasis, “What about you?” “That bites. I’m here with my band, we’re on tour at the moment,” Andy said. “Much more exciting story than mine,” I laughed, finishing my cigarette and putting it out on the ground. “Yeah, I guess I win that one,” he laughed. “God, now I smell like smoke, my mom is going to kill me for this,” I groaned, running my fingers through my hair. “I have a solution,” Andy grinned at me, putting out his own cigarette and standing up, reaching out his hand for me to take. “Anything that keeps me from getting grounded,” I gladly accepted his hand and he pulled me behind him, back into the hotel.


 “You’re going to throw me in the pool?” I raised my eyebrows as Andy stopped me outside the closed pool. “I wasn’t, but now that you mention it,” he teased, wiggling his eyebrows at me, “I was going to take you to the laundry room, but it seems you have other plans.” “So what we’re gonna put my clothes in the washer and just stand there for an hour while they wash? I know we just met but you’re not coming across as the sharpest tool in the shed Andy,” I pointed out. “Then we’ll pass the time, in the pool,” he shrugged, continuing down the hall. “Which is closed,” I reminded him. “You just really don’t want to have fun do you,” he chuckled, shaking his head. Pushing the door open, Andy pulled several quarters out of his pocket and motioned for my to take off my t-shirt and jeans. “I’m not getting naked in front of a stranger,” I gawked at him. “We’re not strangers,” Andy defended. “Yes we are,” I grumbled, tugging my shirt over my head and tossing it in the washing machine. Kicking off my shoes, I pulled my jeans down my legs and threw them in as well. Andy went to start the washer but I caught his wrist, “Wait. If I’m going to be half naked in front of someone I just met, then so are you.” Andy rolled his eyes playfully, pulling off his denim vest and pulling his shirt over his head, exposing the rest of his tattooed chest. He kicked his own shoes to the side and tugged his jeans down his long legs, “Happy?” “Yes,” I smiled victoriously. Andy put his clothes in the washer as well and turned it on. “Now we can actually have some fun,” he winked, leading me out of the laundry room. We stopped in front of the entrance to the pool, “How are we supposed to get in genius?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest, goosebumps rising over my skin. Andy looked around, his eyes falling on the tree that was hanging over the pool wall. “I’m not climbing a fucking tree in my underwear!” I hissed at him. “Live a little, Y/N,” he smiled at me, gesturing for me to go first. “Fine,” I glared at him, grabbing onto a branch and pulling my self up so I could climb onto the wall. Pushing myself off the wall, I landed on the concrete below. Andy landed beside me. “Truth or dare, Y/N?” Andy turned towards me, a smirk playing on his lips. “Neither,” I shook my head. “Oh come on you have to pick one, don’t be a chicken,” he protested. “Fine, dare,” I rolled my eyes. “I dare you to go skinny dipping,” he smirked down at me. “You don’t think I’ll do it?” I challenged him. “Not at all,” he laughed. “If I do it, you have to do it too,” I countered his dare. “No problem princess,” he winked at me. I smirked confidently, pulling my bra off and then dropping my underwear to the ground before jumping into the cold water. I came up for air to see Andy clapping with a grin on his face, “I didn’t think you’d actually do it.” “Now you have too,” I reminded him, motioning for him to join me. “Okay, okay,” he pushed his boxers off and cannonballed into the water, splashing me in the face. “Impressive,” I smirked at him when he finally came up. “Thanks I practice a lot,” he joked sarcastically. “Oh, I wasn’t talking about your cannonball,” I looked at him suggestively. He cocked his head confused before it hit him, “Oh, I see.” “Mhmm,” I giggled, wrapping my arms around his neck. “So you were staring?” he raised his eyebrows at me. “Maybe,” I shrugged. “That makes two of us then,” he admitted, tilting my chin up and pressing his lips on mine. My hands tangled in his hair and his hands trailed down my sides, resting on my waist. Andy moved his lips, down my neck and sucking on the skin on my collarbone, leaving purple and red bruises. “Andy,” I moaned out quietly. “Shh baby, we wouldn’t want anyone to know we were here, would we?” His fingers slid further down towards my core and I let my head fall against his shoulder. Just as he was about to make contact with my core there was a bright light glowing through the fence. We broke apart quickly, climbing out of the water and pulling our underwear on. Andy hoisted me up so I could pull myself over there wall and he followed behind me as we ran towards the laundry room to grab our clothes.

 “We’ll just have to finish that another time,” Andy grinned at me as we sat on top of the washing machines, waiting for our clothes to finish drying. “Why not now?” I suggested, glancing at him. “For a girl with strict parents, you sure don’t like to follow the rules,” he teased, pulling me into his lap. I just laughed, tracing over his tattoos. “This would be another thing to cross off my bucket list,” I laughed, leaning in to kiss him again. “Clearly that’s what I’m here for, helping you complete your bucket list,” Andy teased me, rubbing circles on my hip bones. “Hopefully that’s not all this is. It’s just merely a coincidence,” I said. “I don’t plan on letting this end tonight babe,” Andy smiled, leaning up to kiss me again. This definitely would not be a one time thing, there were plenty more things to be crossed off my bucket list. 

I’m Leaving - Andy Biersack Imagine

Word Count: 556 | Warnings: None

I jolted upwards as I heard someone open my window. I turned to see who it was and saw my next door neighbor Andy grinning at me.

“Jesus Christ, Andy!” I screamed, “You scared the hell out of me!”

“Your fault for leaving the ladder up,” he said without a single guilt. He then looked at the TV screen and looked at me in disbelief, “Mean Girls again? (Y/N), this is the hundredth time you’ve watched this!” “So what?” I spat, “I like it!”

“Whatever,” he slammed himself on my bed next to me, “Here, I got you these.” He handed me a bag of Sour Patch Kids and Hershey’s Drops, which just happened to be my favorite candies in the world. “Geez, thank you Andy,” I pecked his cheek, “This is so ruining my diet.” Andy scoffed, “Screw diet, you already look stunning!”

I smiled at his compliment, and he smiled back. “Hey, how did your dance class go today?” he asked me. “Pretty good,” I replied as I opened the bag of candy, “I think I made a few improvements.” “Yaaay,” he clapped and cheered for me, “You are so getting that dance scholarship, (Y/N).” “I sure hope so!” We continued chatting through the rest of the night that I wasn’t paying attention to my favorite movie anymore. All of a sudden, Andy called my name and his expression darkened a bit.

“What is it?” I asked, worried.

He exhaled and forced a smile before saying, “I’m moving.”

My expression fell flat and dead serious. “What?”

“Yeah,” his face dropped, “To LA. Tomorrow. My band just got signed so yeah, I need to move closer to the studio and stuff.”

I was holding back tears and failing miserably. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? We could’ve hung out or did something today,” tears streamed down my face.

“I wouldn’t want you to ditch your dance class, (Y/N). Your dreams are far more important than I am.” He held me in his arms and I buried my face onto his chest. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I promise I’ll talk to you everyday.”

Did it hurt? For God’s sake it did! I have been best friends with Andy for over four years, he’s stuck with me though everything and he’s always been there when I needed him, and now he’s moving and it broke my heart like hell. I was mad at him for not telling me earlier, but then I was just sad and I didn’t ever want him to leave.

“I wish you didn’t have to go so soon, Andy.”

“Me too,” he said as he lifted my head up so that our eyes meet. Without saying any other word, he slammed his mouth onto mine and cupped my face in his hand, kissing me both dearly and passionately at the same time.

“Do you think I can spend the night here?” He asked me, staring into my eyes with his gorgeous clear blues.

“Please,” I sobbed.

He then cuddled me in his arms as I lay my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, calming myself and leaving my tears to dry on their own as Andy traced circles on my back with his finger. He kissed my forehead occasionally as I became drowsy.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Andy.”

(I made this out of no requests because I just had to do an Andy imagine :p Hope you enjoyed!)

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