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I was gunna go to pride this year in san fran for the first time and its not really safe for me to be out other than on tumblr and there and I was really excited to go and now my friend can't go with me so I can't go at all because I don't have an excuse to go to san fran alone and I was gunna try and meet you and I was so excited and now Im super bummed. :(

Andy: Love, I’m so sorry that you can’t go:( I promise we’ll be able to meet one day

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Yes that would be great. Anything dealing with Richonne, Andy, and Danai. :( Still bummed about them not doing press outside the panel so here's hoping we get a least something during that as well as the trailer too. :)

I’ll try to keep you updated then! Here’s to hoping we get some good content during the panel and trailer :)

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If he wanted to do something to show that he is not in la, he would go somewhere else, but ski trip, especially same spot with haylor is kinda shade. And if we get it true, maybe this is the last time we saw danielle too

oh i definitely think the stunt location and the activity is shade (it’s the EXACT.SAME.SKI.PARK. as haylor come on). i absolutely do think there’s a reason so many of the stunts we’ve seen this year have been wash-rinse-repeat from old stunts and i’m sure it’s at least partially a pointed wink at us.

- ski trips. so many ski trips. louis had two ski trip stunts just this winter girlfriend cycle alone. then we had the elounor ski trips in the past, the hendall ski trip and the haylor ski trip. 

- grocery stores. at least 3 or 4 times for douis/louis. and once again, reaching beyond just louis’ winter girlfriend experience because liam got to join in on the fun this time too with his fake girlfriend cheryl and then later again with andy.

- tattoos. louis’ bum and other tattoos with danielle’s family in chicao, liam’s rose tattoo on his hand ‘matching’ cheryl’s bum tattoo, taylor coming along when harry got the ship tattoo and then her featuring it in her ikywt video, (hell even zayn’s perrie tattoo)

- boats. the yacht from hell, obviously, but then there was the taylor abandoned alone on the boat picture that ended haylor (and the pot yacht too technically i guess).

i think they’re deliberately taking the piss by choosing the same locations and activities and just repeating them over and over again.

check, please! parks and rec AU??? yes

Bitty as Leslie Knope:

“We need to remember what’s important in life…friends, pie, and work. Or pie, friends, work…it doesn’t matter but work is third.”

“I’m going to get drunk, and then I’m going to order a three course meal where each course is made of dessert.”

Bonus (about Chowder): “Oh Chowder, you beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby.” 

Jack as Ben Wyatt:

(to Bitty) “Sometimes when we disagree, you’re so passionate I feel like I’m arguing with the sun.”

(during a post-game interview) “Who hasn’t had gay thoughts?!”

Chowder as Ann:

“As Bitty’s best man, I really need his bachelor party to go well. Which is why I’m stress eating gummi penises”

(giving Bitty dating advice) “Oh I have a good idea! Why don’t you ask him about his penis?”

Lardo as April: 

“I love games that turn people against each other.”

“Thank you, alcohol.”

Shitty as Andy: 

“When I get bummed out I take my shirt off because the bad feelings make me feel sweaty.”

(when asked how law school is going) “Oh, I’m fine, it’s just life is pointless and nothing matters and I’m always tired.”

Ransom as Donna:

“I’m live-tweeting this dumbass conversation.”

“Wine is crying juice.”

Holster as Tom:

“I have no interest in art. Let me clarify, I have no interest in non-nude images.”

(to Ransom) “Think about how much better our friendship would be if we added doing it.”


(everyone at some point) “DAMMIT CHAD”

Lardo: “Can you photoshop your life with better decisions, Chad?”

Ransom: “You guys will never believe what I found on Chad’s facebook.” Holster: “A friend?”


(on eating Bitty’s baked goods) “Turns out there wasn’t any pot in the brownie, it was just an insanely good brownie.”

Bitty to Jack: “Pies and your butt. My two vices.”

Ransom and Holster: “Treat. Yo. Self.”

Holster: “I finally watched Harry Potter…a tad unrealistic if you ask me. I mean, a ginger kid with two friends?” Dex: *looks into camera*

Shitty: “From now on we’ll be using code names. You can address me as ‘Eagle One’. Holster Codename: ‘Been There Done That’–” “We’ve never slept together” “–Lardo is ‘Currently Doing That’. Ransom is ‘It Happened Once in a Dream’. Bitty Codename: ‘If I Had to Pick a Dude.’ Jack is…’Eagle Two’” “Oh thank god.”