andy warhol: a documentary film


Filmmaker and great-niece of Andy Warhol, Abby Warhola:

“Uncle Andy” is a documentary film about the iconic artist Andy Warhol, told by his immediate family, the Warholas. Filmmakers are Abby Warhola (Andy’s great-niece) and Jesse Best. This unique film captures stories told by Paul Warhola (Andy’s oldest brother) along with the many nieces and nephews that grew up around the famous pop artist. The family’s memories reveal an intimate side of Warhol, far removed from the counter culture scene of the infamous “Silver Factory.” They were with Andy from the beginning, and like flies on the wall, they witnessed firsthand his unprecedented transformation from humble son of a working class Pittsburgh family into one of the most important and celebrated artists in history.

You can back the project over on Kickstarter.