andy warhol jewelry



Ok, so most of these are for contests, because I can’t just make interesting things, I have to be BETTER THAN EVERYONE at making them. Even though I never win shit. Sorry I’m not beige. Anyway. So yeah, the first one’s for a contest about like…. Why does the ideal fall cardi have to be grey or brown? Make outfits with a perfect autumn cardigan that’s not one of those colors. So of course mine is ALL THE COLORS. And browsing the other entries, 75-80% of them include……. wait for it…..

…a grey or brown cardigan.

And I’m still gonna lose.

Second one is like, for this group of fairyland witchy hippiedippy types, so maybe I have a better chance… Contest is a lovely room or just a general feeling of home. My brain went, “OMG LET’S MAKE HESTIA A LESBIAN!!!!!” So I did.

3rd one? Autumn makeup contest. No chance. It’s not all russets and browns and plums. Lol.

4th one is just for fun cause I wanted to make an outfit where everything was all to’ up.

5th one is for a “business look” contest. Lol. I don’t know shit about business. But she’s gay too.

Next one’s just some Andy.

Last two are for a contest where you ~have~ to use that fuzzy pink phone case. They are entitled, respectively, “I’m never letting you hire a sitter again,” and “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO MY FATHER IS??!!!”

Thank you and good night. Please tip your waiter.