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23/09/2015- The storm that ripped us all apart

Danny, Ryan, Kelvin and Lucy (Chas) were outstanding, as well as the actress who plays Sarah (not sure of her name) in her scene after seeing Andy and Rob fight, kudos!

So first off, I loved how they set out the confession scenes. Moving between Aaron’s and Robs, it was great for comparison and just an example I felt of the skill Emmerdale possesses to make scenes just a bit more special. It was great, then again I’m a sucker for stuff like that.

Robert- He protected Aaron. “It was just me there. She worked out we were meeting at Wiley’s” (Rather than ‘Aaron told her we were meeting at Wiley’s) “Aaron had nothing to do with it.” Now I know you must be sick of hearing it, but he protected Aaron, when it did him no good. He didn’t need to, he was confessing for God’s sake, and he still kept Aaron out of it.  (Have to say I found the little ‘half’ lie entertaining. When he says that Aaron wasn’t there when Katie fell. A:“Was he there when you killed her?” R:“When she fell? No.” Before and after? Yep he was there, helped cover it up. At the exact point that she fell? Nah, wasn’t technically on the premises mate. Got major ‘I would never cheat on you with another woman I promise.’ deja vu from that.)

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