andy sturgeon

attention lolitics fandom,

I present to you, my new phone case.

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Ah, the Labour party. Still deluded. What a shame for this once great party.

Scotland voted unequivocally to remain yet a Labour source says that it’s the fault of the SNP for Brexit. Umm, should the SNP do their job for them in England and Wales?

Andy Burnham accusing Nicola Sturgeon of opportunism is downright ridiculous. She’s angry and so are we that we’re being taken out of the EU against our will. She’s not prepared just to sit idle while things go to shit, she’s actually doing something. Where is George Osborne? Is he still Chancellor? And what about the leave campaigners. Where are they? They voted and campaigned to take back control, yet nothing. No leadership.

Watch now as Labour pushes Corbyn out and becomes filled with Blairites who’ll happily adopt Tory policies as they pander to right-wing voters.