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dodds comforting an anxious s/o? i know you don't normally do dodds i was just wondering as i love all your other writing

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A/N: OK, I’ve done a thing! I hope you like it. I just want to say, I don’t feel like I know Mike well enough to do his character justice. On the other hand, I have a deep affection for Andy Karl. So here you go!

Mike knows how much you love animals, particularly the little critters. He would love to get you a small friend to help you through your anxiety. There is only one drawback; you are allergic to fur. Just walking past the pet store gives you sneezing fits and one time you petted a dog on the street and broke out in hives. He could tell how much this upset you.

One day when you went over to his place, when you were feeling particularly stressed out, he told you that he had a surprise for you.

“For me?” you smiled, glad that he was so thoughtful and caring.

“For you!” he smiled back at you.

“What is it?”

He led you over to a cube structure on his coffee table which is covered by a bedsheet.

“What’s this?”

“Take a look.”

Apprehensively, you removed the bed sheet, revealing a small metal cage with two tiny turtles.

“Mike!” you gasped. “They’re gorgeous. Are they yours?”

“No. They’re yours.”

“You got me turtles?”

“Yeah, they stay pretty tiny, don’t need too much attention and mostly importantly, you’re not going to die from anaphylaxis by touching them.”

“Always a bonus!” You flung your arms around your boyfriend’s neck and kissed him. “Can I?” you pointed at the cage, indicating that you wanted to pick up a turtle.

Mike nodded. “I hope you don’t mind, but I kinda named them already.”

You raised an eyebrow at him.

“In my defence, they’ve been sitting here for a few days and I had to do something to tell them apart!”

“Fair enough, what are they called.”

“That one over there, with the frilly shell is called cuff. And the other one has that interlocking pattern on it’s shell, like little links, so I called him Link,”

Mike announced, looking pleased with himself.

“Cuff and Link,” you smirked at his pun. “Very clever!”

“They should keep you company until I get home from work. They are pretty good listeners too!”

“Yeah, I bet they don’t talk back like you do!” You watch them silently for a while before voicing a thought. “I wish you had a nice hard shell like cuff and link to protect you.”

One of you fears since Mike had been shot were that one day he wouldn’t come home.

“Sweetheart, I wear my vest.”

“I know, but a girl’s gotta worry about something.”

“But worrying doesn’t make things any better.”

“Tell my brain that!”

“Let’s play with Cuff and Link to get your mind off that.”

“How about a race?”

“This should be interesting!”

Lazy Sunday- 10 Years

2015 is the 10 year anniversary of the SNL digital short.

10 years.

Lazy Sunday was the first. The iconic video was shot in days, on a low-quality borrowed camera. The group spend the night before the show editing it for broadcast, and freaking out.

Lazy Sunday made Youtube, and has been called the video that launched viral videos, with millions of views before it was pulled.

But if you look closely, you can just see a bunch of guys who nobody knew, filming, with no permits and having fun.

Samberg and Parnell walk up to a clerk who has no idea what’s going on..

And start rapping together.

But blink, and you’ll miss it, when they catch her smiling at the camera…

… as Samberg and Parnell ham it up in front of her !

Samberg said the best thing about the video was that, because it was pre-taped, they had no idea how the audience would react to it. When you hear the audience laughing, on the video, you’re hearing the same sounds that the cast heard as they waited- the reaction that told Samberg et. al that they had a hit. 



im having a headache bc P!ATD is being extra with their cult thing and FOB is back from the dead and i cant process this all im going to lie down


Two days ago I met my five inspirations and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I got my AP mag signed and the back of my phone. I got to shake all their hands and say hi. Jake said it was nice to meet me, jinxx asked me how I was, and Andy had a full convo with me which I didn’t expect to happen at all. I shook Andy’s hand said hi and I told him how they inspired me to finish culinary school. He goes that’s a first! Haha also when I shook his hand he winced a little because he had punched something and I said sorry i know my hands are cold then he replied with no its ok you just helped remind me that i had bruised my knuckle. He was like you need your hands! Then I went back in line for the picture with them and when it was my turn I was like oh gosh I’m so short! Andy said no you’re not you’re what 6ft 9? 30ft 10? It made me smile and laugh because he was trying to make me feel better 😊❤ CC laughed when he said 30ft 10 haha. During their set I was at the barricade (one of my goals ever since I started going to concerts so yay! Lol)and while I was singing/screaming my heart out jinxx, Jake, Ashley, and Andy all smiled at me! It made me feel at such ease and of course made me smile hugely in return. They are honestly the sweetest guys and I hope that my dream of cooking for them will one day come true. I had made my cake pops for them but I had to give them to security unfortunately which I assumed would happen and I forgot while talking to the guys to mention that I made those for them which I’m kicking myself a little bit for but I know I’ll see them again. They are such an amazing and humble group of five guys that truly deserve all the success and love they get because of how hard they work for us to give us an expierence that isn’t like any other show that I’ve been to. Their music gives me the greatest feeling that I can honestly say no other band has and that’s something rare/special that I will never let go of. Other people may not get it but as long as its meaningful to me that’s all that matters. Black Veil Brides may not remember me but I will never forget the joy and expierences they gave me. Their new album is so great and well put together its insane! You can honestly tell how much work they put in and how much they’ve grown together as you listen to each song. I couldn’t be any more proud of them! I’ve been with this band for 5 years now and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future! I love them all dearly and I see them as close and dear friends of mine. Thank you guys for everything and for helping me push through some tough events in my life. You guys are my rock and you mean the world to me. I was listening to my friend tori’s interview with Andy yesterday and I couldn’t be any more proud/esatic for her. Anyway when she asked him how does he stay so positive I loved his response. He said I don’t always I do have my days where I’m feeling down or a little sad but I keep reminding myself that as long as I try my best things will be ok. I was listening to this on my bus ride to work and I almost started crying because that’s exactly what I do to keep my spirits up. I guess I teared up because I always looked at Andy as a person who is always so strong and positive and to hear that even he has his days brought me some kind of comfort in a strange way. Does that make sense? Not that I’m glad that he is sad but the fact that just shows how even more human he is. This is the reason why I look up to him so much. He is so down to earth and so kind. No person you look up to is perfect and I don’t mean that in a bad way either. I just mean that they’re human just like us. Andy is my imperfectly perfect hero and I wouldn’t want him any other way. I love him and all the guys so much. Keep rockin’ guys!
Barbara a.k.a the baker 😉 ❤