andy sixx live


Andy Biersack + fans (The BVB Army)

Also, featuring a photo where Andy & Ashley are holding a banner which reads “RIP KAYLA - LOST IT ALL” 
The story behind this is a girl, who was going to attend that show, committed suicide. BVB was informed of this and they, as everybody else, was upset to have lost a member of the BVB Army. They held the banner and had a minutes silence for Kayla. 

BVB Live Videos!

So it’s taken all day, but I’ve finally uploaded all the videos from BVB on Friday to YouTube! Here are all the links!

Turka Mayne

Perfect Weapon

Impromptu A Capella Savior

Rebel Love Song

Shadows Die

Let You Down


I Am Bulletproof

Sweet Blasphemy

There were a couple more, but the videos are either super low quality, really short or I am singing over them too much! If any of the links have a problem let me know and I’ll fix it ;)

Also, if you watch any other videos from that night where the crowd is chanting (not including the Turka Mayne chant, the Bacon chant and the Nando’s chant), it was started by meyself, my new friend Jess and her friend. Every single one. Promise!