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So I’m a little obsessed with the “You have your soul mates name on your wrist tattooed” imagines and I was wondering if you could do one with Andy? If you need a plot I could tell you one but since you’re such an awesome and amazing writer I thought you could ^-^ Hi! I’m the anon who requested the soulmate tattoos imagine. Basically it’s a AU where everyone is born with their soulmates name on their wrist. Could you do one where Y/N and Andy are each other’s soulmates but they each keep it hidden from each other because they don’t want to ruin their friendship with each other until Andy one day can’t take it and grabs Y/Ns wrist (they maybe fight a little) and sees his name and is happy and nervous at the same time? I’m so sorry about that btw!

A/N; I really like this one! I want to give a little credit to the previous co-writer Nimmy, she wrote the beginning (I changed a few details.) but I finished it.

Scene; At school.

[Y/N = Your Name]

[Y/L/N = Your Last Name]


Everyone always keeps their wrists covered, including me. We all have different names on all our wrists, those names are of our soul mates. I got a long name on mine, “Andrew Dennis Biersack” and whoever this Andrew guy is, he has my name on his wrists.

We are meant to be and that’s why everyone’s gotta keep their wrists covered, you gotta wait until you find your soulmate. Then you show them your wrist, they show you theirs and then you’re happy because you’ve found the person you’ve been looking for all your life.

But I have always been at least a little skeptical about this, what if you don’t like each other when you meet? Does it just always work out? This gave me anxiety even thinking about it.

“Y/N, what’s the answer to question #4?” my teacher said. He knew I wasn’t paying attention, so he called on me. Don’t you just love when teachers do that? I couldn’t help it, I was off dreaming about my future soulmate. Was he cute? Will I get along with him? I had so many questions.

“I wasn’t listening,” I said, being completely honest. “and even if I was listening, I wouldn’t know the answer to it. You gave me my grade therefore you know I have a F in this class.” I said and the class giggled.

My teacher sighed, “Y/N, just pay attention and maybe you’ll get a better grade.”

“Maybe just stop being so boring and I would pay attention.” I said, the class giggled again. Did I mention I am not afraid to speak my mind? I wonder if my soulmate will like that? Most people didn’t.

“Just hush.” my teacher said then sighed. Then he turned around and started writing on the board again.

I smirked at the boy who sat beside me, who is only ever shy around me. I barely know anything about him ‘cause he’s always so quiet. I didn’t even know his name. He smiled nervously back at me.

Soon enough the bell rang and everyone scurried out of the classroom. I gathered my things, “Great one more class and then I can go home.” I mumbled to myself.

“What?” the boy I smiled at earlier asked.

“Oh, I wasn’t talking to you. Embarrassingly enough I was talking to myself.” I said awkwardly.

“Oh.” the boy said and then he giggled.

“Yeah,” I said then giggled nervously, “I have to go to Mrs. Owens class which is downstairs so I really have to go before I’m late.”

“I’m actually going to Mrs. Owens class as well, so I’ll walk with you.” he said.

“Oh right, you are. Okay, let’s go.” I said back to him.

“I’m Andy by the way.” he said.

“Oh, I’m Y/N” I said.

We walked to Mrs. Owens class quickly and right as we walked in her class the bell rang. “Miss Y/L/N, Mr. Biersack, you’re lucky you made it on time.” Mrs. Owens said.

“Yeah, sorry.” Andy responded.

But wait. Did she said Mr. Biersack?

“Sit down, you two.” Mrs. Owens said.

Right as I sat down I put my arm under my desk and pulled my sleeve up to look at my wrist. It read “Andrew Dennis Biersack”. I just had to make sure. I mean Andy could be a shortened version of Andrew and Biersack is definitely not a common last name. At least I had never heard it before. I looked over at Andy and he was checking his wrist too, mumbling to himself.

I looked away and pretended like I didn’t see him. I took my notebook out and started on the assignment Mrs. Owens had given us. I took out a piece of paper and wrote, “Hey do you want to come to my house after school today?” I mean it was worth a shot. If he was my soulmate and I was just jumping to conclusions then I needed to get to know him. Right?

I folded the piece of paper and looked up at Mrs. Owens. She was grading papers at her desk, so she wouldn’t notice. I slid the note onto Andy’s desk and he looked up from writing, took the note, and read it. He picked up his pencil again and wrote something on the note he folded it back up and slid it back to me. “Sure, that sounds fun.” it said.

-After School-

We walked in the door and sat our backpacks down on the couch, “Do you want anything to drink?” I said to him as I walked to the kitchen.

“Sure what do you have?” he asked, following me.

“Um, let’s see, we have water, soda, and tea.” I said, looking in the fridge.

“I’ll have water.” he said.

“Okay.” I said as I grabbed a water bottle for him and a can of soda for myself.

We sat at the kitchen counter and talked about everything and got to know each other and became instant best friends. From that moment on we talked everyday and hung out after school every Friday. We slept over at each others’ houses almost every weekend, I honestly felt like I saw his family more than my own.

One night he was spending the night at my house, we were laying on my bed together and then Andy said, “You know, there is always been one thing that I’ve wanted to know about you.”

“What? You know everything about me already.” I said slightly confused as to what he was talking about.

“Y/N, what’s my full name?” he said.

“Um, Andrew Dennis Biersack, duh. What the fuck are you talking about?” I said, I was even more confused then before. Then Andy grabbed my arm and went to pull down my sleeve.

“No, Andy.” I said then pushed his hand away.

He sat up and said, “I don’t give a fuck what you say.” He grabbed my arm again and quickly pulled down my sleeve, he looked at my wrist which obviously read “Andrew Dennis Biersack”.

“Andy, I told you not to do that.” I whined as I sat up on the bed.

He pulled up his sleeve and there was my name. “Just accept it, you know we’re soulmates.”

I looked at him and I did what any sensible person would do and I kissed him straight on the lips. He grabbed my waist as soon as he felt my lips on his. I pulled away, “But what if our friendship is ruined by this.”

“It won’t be, I promise.” he said and then pulled me in for another kiss.

Color Me In: Andy Biersack Imagine

You sat on the couch in the dressing room of your husband’s band, Black Veil Brides. You and your daughter Andie had joined your husband, Andy Biersack, on tour because he didn’t want to leave you and your 5 year old daughter for an entire year. Andy had insisted on naming your first child after him so, you decided to change it just a bit. Your eyes were glued to the book in your hand but you were torn away when you heard a small giggle from in front of you. You watched as your daughter colored in the empty spaces of Andy’s sleeve. You stood up from your place and walked to your daughter to stop her, but stopped when you saw Andy’s hand stroke Andie’s cheek. “Hello, beautiful.” He told her. “And, hello my goddess.” He said as he looked up at you with his sleepy, blue eyes.

You smiled and kneeled down next to Andy and your daughter. “Hello, my love.” You told him. He rubbed his eyes and sat up. “I see someone let Andie into the markers again.” He laughed. “It definitely wasn’t me!” Ashley yelled. Andy got up and started chasing Ashley as Andie laughed beside you. Her giggle was the cutest thing alive, her eyes were just as blue as her fathers, her hair was long and a natural light brown. Her eyes lit up as Andy came up and lifted her up and threw her in the air, only to catch her in his arms again. He kissed her head and rested his forehead against hers. “Uncle Ashley gave you those markers?” He asked her. “Yes he did. So did Uncle Jinxx. They said you were a butt.” She smiled.

“Andy, interview time!” Someone yelled. Andy kissed Andie one last time and pressed a kiss on your lips before you followed him out into another room where you would watch him be interviewed. You sat on a couch behind camera with Andie in your lap. Throughout the interview, Andy would ocassionaly look over a make a face at your daughter. Even though he paid more attention to the two of you, the interviewer decided it was still a good idea to flirt with Andy. Although, Andy changed the subject everytime she would attempt to, you didn’t mind at all. You had an angel as a husband and you were damn proud, knowing that you and your daughter were his one and only’s. “I see you’ve got a little bit more ink from the last time we saw you!” the girl said. Andy rubbed his arm a bit and showed off the camera, wearing a goofy smile on his face.

“Yup! It’s done by an artist that only does it when i’m sleeping.” He laughed. “Was it done by a girl?” The girl asked as she scooted a bit closer to Andy. “Yup, she’s beautiful and everything to me. Come here, baby girl.” Andy held out his arms and Andie jumped off your lap and ran towards her father. “This is the wonderful artist who colors me in, and that woman over there,” Andy said as he pointed, “Is the gorgeous woman who takes care of her and me. I don’t know how my goddess does it.” He smiled at you. You stood up and sat next to him as he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer into him. “Seems like you have a wonderful family.” The interviewer said with a nasty look on her face. “It really is. Who else can say the have a daughter with an angel faced rockstar?” You replied to get the girl off Andy’s back. “My wife is right. She’s the one I think about 24/7, the one I always wake up to, and the only one i’ll be kissing, hugging, holding hands with, and waking up to… for the rest of my life.” Andy said before kissing your lips. Other rockstars would jump on the opportunity to have a chance with a slutty interviewer, but Andy was different. You knew for sure, you were his and he was yours.


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Latched: Andy Biersack Imagine: Request

You looked in the mirror and admired your dress as you did you 5th spin in a row. You were happy with what you picked out. Instead of being like every other girl in your school, you decided against the skimpy dress and decided on a classy look and you didn’t regret it at any moment. You smiled, but it faded when you realized you were going alone…


“No Y/N! We are not going to allow you to go with…that thing.” Your mom growled, referring to your boyfriend, Andy. “Why not! I bought my dress and everything!” You yelled. “He’s dirty. We’re from two different worlds. He’s poor and we live in a gated community where girls like you, belong with Jake Miller. He’s a nice boy, isn’t he, Harry?” Your mom told your dad. You’re dad didn’t even flinch. “I love, Andy mother.” You said behind tears. “You don’t know what love is.”


You and Andy have been together for 7 long years and they still wouldn’t accept him. No matter how hard you tried. You met Andy in 6th grade and didn’t think the boyfriend/girlfriend thing was serious, but it was. You were there with him from his long, big haired phase, for his first tattoo, his first piercings, and you were each others’ first everything. But, since Andy was raised in the greatest community, you’re mother didn’t approve. She just thought of it as a silly fling.

“It’s okay, Y/N.” Your best friend reassured you. “Thanks for letting me get ready here” You told her. “Of course. Now, let’s make the best of this night. Oh! and happy birthday!” She said. You hugged her tightly. It wasn’t only prom, but it was your birthday. Yeah, Andy could’ve just met you at prom or snuck to see you, but it was way too risky with your Mom being a chaperone at the prom.

You finally arrived at the hotel the prom was being held at and you went straight to a table. You pulled out your phone and immidiately texted Andy, I Miss You x. You put your phone away and looked across the room to see your mom flirting with one of your teachers. You scoffed and looked back down at your phone and saw no response from Andy. “I wish you were here, Andy…” You whispered to yourself. “But, I am.” You heard that sweet, deep voice in your ear. You turned and saw Andy towering over you. You jumped up and hugged him tightly and buried your face into his shoulder. He released you and began pulling you out the hotel.

He stopped in front of his mustang and held your hands in his. “Y/N, 7 years with you, and many more. It’s your birthday and you’re finally 18. I’ve been waiting for your birthday to give you this.” He said as he pulled out a velvet box. You gasped, “y/N this is yours if you want it. It’s not meant to say we have to get married tomorrow, but that you will eventually in the future. Y/N… run away with me. Get away from this town, your mom, and start something with me.” You were speechless and felt tears in your eyes, “What about my dad?” You asked. Even though your mom was evil, your dad wasn’t as much. He just went with your mother said. “Who do you think said okay?” He smiled.

You smiled and let Andy slip the ring onto your left, ring finger. “Y/N!” You saw your mother run out with your teacher following behind her, your moms bra strap falling off her shoulder. “Get in.” Andy laughed. You ran to the passenger door and quickly got in as Andy did the same and started the car. He turned on the headlights and you saw your mother with smeared lipstick and her dress half off. You were glad you were leaving. “Wait, what about my things?” You asked as you guys pulled onto the highway. “Already here. Everything is.” You looked in the seat behind you and saw all of yours and Andy’s belongings. You smiled and interlocked your fingers with Andy’s. You looked down at his hand in y ours and admired how the passing streetlights illuminated the sight. You couldn’t believe, the rest of your life was going to be with the man, who you thought was a 6th grade fling.

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I’m actually so sick of people hating on bands/artists/actors..ect but not only on them but on their fans! Like actually what is the point I understand not everyone likes the same person and what they do but honestly if it’s kinda pointless to post hate and shit about them like it’s clear if you don’t like them and what they do you don’t have to pay attention to them block them on social media and shit! What’s really set me off is i was talking to someone about band and they said they absolutely loved one direction I mean I’m not a fan but I will admit I was at one time and they are talented people. They then asked me who my favourite band was and I said black veil brides. She made a face so I knew she didn’t like them but I was good with that until she said this “what the fuck their so emo like the lead singer can’t sing like omg a walrus sounds better the. He doesn’t and don’t even get me started on their looks and omg their fans need to die”..and so on this went on for another 15 minutes of her just strewing hate! But that time I was pissed not only because she was hating on the band but the fans! I told her “I was fine when you said you loved one direction and I mean I’m not a fan but I didn’t disrespect them at all why can’t you be a Civil person and do the same no matter how much you dislike them because your not only disrespecting the band but their fans! You may not like them and that’s fine but this band has help many like myself get through some hard times some would even say they saved them, bvb has a song called saviour and to the bvb army they are, our saviours because we turned to them in time of need they helped us realize that we are strong and we are not alone.. She cut me off and said that’s how directioners feel about 1D so I continued to say "if we have the same feeling about different bands what gives you the right to hate on a band because they are different it doesn’t so next time think about who you would feel if someone said that about your saviours before you open your mouth to hate on other peoples inspirations” with that I walked away and her dad stood there the whole time didn’t say a word but did yell at me as I walked away “thank you for not fighting back with nasty words but helpful ones” I’ve never actually been so pissed before and but everyone makes mistakes and I hope she learns from them but this isn’t just about those two bands it’s about anyone who inspires you and stuff because honestly no one has the right to hate on anyone or anything because a lot of the time fandom safe the same but different in the styles! This was my opinion on this if you don’t like it or think it’s pointless I really don’t care so yeah have a nice day :) ~Ashli-Lynne Waringa

mahdicklikeschu69 asked imagineblackveilbrides:Hey sorry to bother you again but can you make another one with cc and andy? And like you won some contest to go on warped tour with them and they both flirt with you and etc but it comes to point where you have to pick one thanks hun ^w^Look at that girl!!” CC said to Andy. “She’s really cute isn’t she?” Andy said almost drooling. “And she’s coming to see us?” CC said as he tried his best to impress her. “Hello” She said, shyly. “Hello beautiful” CC said while Andy examined her from head to toe, and she blushed. “You must be (Y/N), the girl who won the contest on Twitter?” Andy asked, she nodded. “Uhh, yep, that’s me” She said trying to keep her cool, but she was SO nervous. “Don’t worry (Y/N), relax” CC said. “Yeah, we don’t bite!” Andy exclaimed. “Unless you want to, of course.” CC winked and she blushed again. The band members laughed. “I must look like a tomato, i’m sorry.” She said covering her face. “Haha, don’t worry, you’re cute” Andy said as he hugged her. “God, i’m so awkward” she  whispered. “So am I when i like a girl” he replied. “Huh?” She opened her eyes in shock. “I though it was obvious that i like you.” Her blood went straight to her cheeks, she could feel her ears getting hot, she must look ridiculous. He laughed. “And no, i’m not kidding” she laughed too. “You just read my mind.” He smiled.  Minutes passed by and she was having the time of her life with her two favorite persons on earth. They were laughing about a stupid joke CC said when Andy received a phone call “Sorry, i’ll be back in a minute” he said as he stood up from the ground.  “Soo…” CC said, (Y/N) looking to him attentively, he feeling like melting. “What?” She smiled. “Nothing…” CC stop himself from saying what he got in his mind. “Ookay…” she replied, atmosphere turner awkward again. Every second that passed both of them wished Andy would come back quickly.  “It’s just that i think you’re beautiful” CC said. Again she could feel her cheeks and ears burning. (Y/N) looked to him, then to the ground. He was feeling a bit dissapointed, (Y/N) didn’t give a signal that she liked him too. Another couple of awkward minutes passed, but (Y/N) finally looked at his face again, but more closer this time. Without thinking she grabbed his face and kissed him, he returned the kiss. “You’re beautifl too, CC" 
itstaybug26bvb said: can you do a imagine of andy when y/n and andy go on there first date and andy walks her home and gives her a goodnight kiss please.

Finally it was friday and the school week was over. I was standing at my locker looking at all the books and journals I had and trying to decide which ones I wanted to take home. I was still new to this school and there were a few people who seemed note worthy but nothing to bad so far. I was impressed compared to my last school where I was most people’s target.
I finally made up my mind as to what to bring home and threw a couple books in my bag and put in my head phones. I turned around hastly excited to go home and get settled in when I smack hard into somebody. I fell down on my butt and had do blink a few times to get my head from spinning. “Jesus Andy! Don’t kill her!” I heard someone laugh. I looked up to see a very attractive boy with a red stripped hoodie on and a cute blonde haired boy in a green jacket. “Holy shit! I’m so sorry!” The red hooded boy said in a deep attractive voice. I got lost in it for a moment but shook my head and moved to pick up my books. “Oh no, you’re fine. I was just in my own little world.” I nerviously laughed. He bent down to help me pick up my books . “You’re the new girl (y/n), right?” He asked. I nodded yes and mlaughed nerviously again. “Well, I’m Andy and this is Chance.” He spoke as we both stood up at the same time. “Hi.” I said a gave a little wave. “Are you going to be in town this week end?” Chance asked nudging Andy a little bit. “ Hey yeah, Were having River Fest this week end you should come one over (y/n).” Andy said looking at me excitedly. I thought about it for a moment a little hesitant but what the hell. “Umm, yeah sure. I’ll go.” I spoke. Andy’s face broke out into a huge smile. “Sweet, well see you there then.” I nodded and they started to walk down the hall. “Wait!” I heard Andy yell as I started to walk to my bus. “Let me put my number in your phone and text me when you get there.” I handed over my phone and he put his number in it and then gave it back. “Thanks.” I laughed again. “Andy! The bus is here!” I heard chance yell. “I’ll see you there.” Andy said and turned to run after chance. I looked on as they got on the bus. Chance and Andy looked to be excitedly talking about something as they drove away.
I bounced home after that. Excited for what this week end might bring. Andy was cute and he seemed nice enough. “Mom!” I shouted as I walked into the house. My mom is my best friend and I was so happy to tell her the news. “In the kitchen (y/n)!” Mom yelled back. I walked in to she here making dinner. She cracked me up trying to rock the same style that us young kids were. She had on some sparkling Ed Hardy shirt and some skin tight mom jeans.
“Guess what!?” I nearly yelled at her sitting at the breakfast bar and grabbing an apple. She peeked her head at me which was her signal that she was listening and concentrating really hard on the burgars in the skillet. “I’ve met a MAN!!!.” I yelled throwing my hands in the air. She took the skillet off of the stover quickly and turned around so she could jump up and down with excitement. “Oh goodness! What’s his name what does he look like?” She pressed me with questions. At that moment my answer was droned out by a lawn mower. Mom moved to the window looking out at who it might be. She was on the hunt for a man to. I went over to the window and looked out in horror. A shirtless Andy was starring in at me and mom. I quickly ran from the window to the other side of the kitchen as Andy began to wave at now my mom. She waved back as I yelled for her to come back away from the window. “Mom, that’s him! Holy god he lives next door!” I yelled at her embarrased. “And he is shirtless with a nice smile. Oh look he’s laughing his butt off.” Mom said laughing as she went back to the stove. “I can’t go tomorrow. He’s gonna think that I am a stalker.” Mom swung around quickly. “Do you have a date before moe?” She said looking sad. I heard the lawn mower start up again and looked over to the window. “Well, I had a date.”
I sleeply walked outside the next morning and went to the mail box out by the street. I had a messy bun on top of my head. My tooth brush in my mouth and my pj’s including gaint hello kitty slippers. i flipped through the bills and saw that there was nothing really important. Mostly ad filler. “Sexy!” I heard someone yell. I looked over to see Chance and Andy sitting on the front porch next door. chance had a camera in his hands and Andy had some old ratty looking wig. God damn it! why did he have to live next door. I quickly realized what I was wearing and as I realized my outfit ran inside. “Wait!” I heard Andy yell as I was half way in the door. “Yeah?” I asked weirly turning around to face him. “Are we still on for later?” Andy asked. Really? “You really wanna go out with me?” I asked looking down at me slippers. He laughed. “ Yes! You should were that down there by the way it looks awesome.” he said laughing. I had to smile at that. “Yeah sure. I’ll get dressed.” I said walking back inside not letting him get a chance to talk.
I texted him that I was ready as I went down the stairs and told mom I was leaving. She excitedly watched me get into Andy’s old black car. We drove to the edge of town where the river was and parked in the old shopping center across the street. He walked to the other side of the car so he could open the door for me. I couldn’t get over it. He wore a little bit of guy liner with a black hat and tight black clothes. He looked amazing! He took my hand and we walked over to the fair. The music was blaring and the smell of kettle corn and BBQ was filling the air. Time was flying by. We played little carnival cames of which andy got mad at. “Calm it down!” I laughed as he threw the over sized base balls at the tower of bottles. “I’m winning the gaint hello kitty for you!” He said and threw his last ball as hard as he could….
Once we were home I went to the trunk of his car and pulled out the hello kitty plushy. He walked me to the front door and leaned on one of the posts. “Today was awesome!” I said excitedly. He smiled hugely and laughed at me. He grabbed my hand and looked down towards the ground biting his lip. “I wanted to ask you, umm, would you be my girlfriend?” He asked and looked up at me nerviously. His big blue eyes looking at me scared to death. “ As if I would say no.” I laughed and threw my arms around him. He laughed and picked me up and spun me around. He sat me back down on my feet and leaned into me. His lips met mine and I kissed back. He pulled away and smiled at me hugely.
I dragged my hello kitty down the hall way knocking over a picture frame as I made my way to the living room. “Jesus Christ!!!” My mom said as she took in the plush. “Start planning the wedding mom!” I said pulling it into the living room corner and setting it up nice and straight.

Here's my ring, asshole (Part one)


Oh my god I can’t believe I’m actually posting something. Yeah, so it’s not a complete chapter and it’s only one thing instead of two, but let me explain, okay? I actually have a lot more written down but I can’t think of an ending. There was no smut in the request so I don’t know if socially-awkward-weirdo wants any or nah. So it’s voting time. I will only consider the first 3, maybe 5 ending ideas because I actually want to update soon. Go as crazy as you want. I will definitely appreciate it.



Request by socially-awkward-weirdo (shoutout, btw to an awesome blog): Hey, can I please have an Andy Biersack imagine where he gets all jealous of me and Ashely just messing around? Thanks :-)


“Hi, welcome to —” Oh. “Hey, guys,” I smile. Andy never comes to the restaurant when I’m at work. What’s going on? They all nod at me hello.

“Hey. Room for three more?”

“Uh,” I scan the list with the openings. Okay, so table 32 was requested by some rich people but they can go fuck themselves. Last time they were over they tipped me like 10 cents.

“Yeah. Follow me?”

I grab a few menus and two wine lists and turn on my heel, walking towards the back of the room. His friends follow.

“This okay?”

He nods and grins at me and I smile back a little unsettled. They take their seats and I tell them in my fake I-make-a-living-out-of-this-so-you-better-fucking-tip-me voice that someone will be with them shortly and I scatter away, biting my lip. Andy’s acting too innocent. Something’s up.

“Y/N! Get me a coffee, please.”

I roll my eyes at Jena and go to the kitchen. She’s such a bitch. We’re supposed to have equal shifts at hosting but she’s always hanging in the back on her phone, pretending she’s stacking stuff. Well now it’s my turn. The place is gonna be packed soon and I’m planning on taking a break. Knowing that Andy’s here will surely give me two left feet and I hate embarrassing myself.

Once in the kitchen I do pour a cup of coffee but not for the bitch. This one’s for me. I rarely take my coffee black but the sugar is too damn far away. And the cream is all the way in the fridge, in the furthest point from me. So fuck that.

I make a face as the bitter liquid goes down my throat.

“Oi, Pedro! D’we have any of those sweet tarts ready?”


“Dude, come on. Kinda having a bad day here?”

“Fifteen minutes, chica.”


Yeah, so I’m in my winter break but I’m pretty sure I flunked that last exam. Who the hell cares about World history? Like I’m pretty sure we’re not gonna be under a Mongol attack any time soon. If my grade goes down just one point I’ll be stuck with a C after months of work to get it up at least a low B.

Fucking Mongol attacks.


I sigh as one of the waitresses storms up to me. “What?”

“Andy Biersack is here.”

“Huh.” Took her long enough. Should I play like we’re not currently dating or act like a mega slut?

“Yeah. I know.”

“‘Yeah, I know?!’ What the fuck, why aren’t you rushing out to go see?”

“Because I’m pretty sure he wants a quiet night without any annoying bitches drooling on his face.”

“Ouch. That hurt.”

“Yeah, well my head hurts from having this conversation.” I grab a basket and toss it at her. “Here, go give him some bread and butter.”

I will never understand why people like eating bread and butter before a main course. Gives them something to do, I guess.

I drink the rest of the coffee wishing it was tequila and jump up on a counter, going over tonight’s floor plan. There’s a party of 25 people coming over at 10:30pm which makes me frown.

Why the fuck do people do this? If you know the place closes at fucking 11:00pm don’t come a half an hour before. Like seriously? I might want to do something else than smile at you two hours after closing time, like sleep.

It’s gonna be a long night.

“Here, Y/N.”

I look up to see Pedro with a plate full of those delicious cream tarts. I grin and settle in, munching happily and browsing 9gag. I giggle at the occasional dick joke.


I growl and look up. Jena’s frowning at me.

“What do you want?” I snap.

“Are you fucking serious? The place is full and you’re just sitting here?”

One of her false lashes is unattached in the corner so it’s pretty hard to actually concentrate on what she’s saying. Maybe she’ll get fired for indecency.

“Nope. I’m actually being super productive,” I mumble while stuffing another tart in my mouth. Damn these are good.

“Can I have one?”

“Ask Pedro.”

She tries to grab one but I shift out of reach.

“Dammit, Y/N!”

“Ask Pedro.”



“Canna have some cream tarts?”

“Ask Y/N!”

I grin, happy to be the chef’s favorite.

“The answer is no, bitch.”

“Whatever, ho. I don’t need any cellulite anyway so you’re doing me a favor.”

Cellulite can be her middle name considering how much she has.

She turns to leave.

“Oh, table 32 requested that you take care of them.”

“What?” I choke.

“Yeah. Now get your fat ass up before I report you for ditching on the job.”

Did she just call my ass fat? That’s ironic since she’s like five times my size.

I get up and smooth my dress of any wrinkles and crumbs. I grab a small wad of paper and a pen.

Before I come into sight, I make an effort to get rid of my scowl. I don’t see a reason to smile so it’s hard to.

“Hey! Have you guys decided on what you’re having?”

It’s weird that they’ve been here so long and haven’t ordered yet. Something catches my eye on the table. Have they been playing poker? Really? Andy sees me staring and laughs.

“Yeah, we couldn’t decide who’s paying.”

I giggle. Boys. “Who lost?”


I smile at him and he shakes his head but you can tell he’s amused.

“Would you guys like to start with some drinks?”

“Uh, margarita for me?” Ashley says. It came out as a question.

“Vodka and coke,” Jake adds.

“Just water for me. I’m driving.”

“Okay. Are you guys ready to order as well or…?”

“What would you recommend?”

Agh, fuck. The only thing I was hoping to avoid.

I am not a fucking waitress so I don’t know the damn menu. I don’t even know the specials for today. So I launch in this incredibly descriptive speech on my favorite meal which is just a schnitzel and rice with vegetables. I mean, I like it.

“Yeah, I’ll have one of that.”

“I’ll get a roasted steak on hot rocks,” Ashely says.

“Is medium-rare acceptable?”

“Whatever you think, tuts.”

My mouth drops open, shocked. What the hell did he just call me?

He’s grinning.

Andy either didn’t hear it he ignored it because he simply says something about “chef’s choice”, closes the menu and hands it to me in dismissal.

“Thanks,” I snap. He glances up but I’m already walking away. I need a minute to cool off.

I should spit in Ashley’s fucking margarita. Yeah. That’s what I’m gonna do. Spit in his girly drink before mixing it so he won’t be able to tell. I know he won’t know but damn will it feel good.

Then I realize it’s the outfit.

I usually wear jeans and an oversized hoodie in my free time and slacks and maybe a shirt for work. But I’m behind in doing laundry so I had to wear this dress. I mean, it’s completely appropriate. It stops two inches above the knee and it doesn’t even have a low cut. And I even went further and wore black tights and five inch platforms.

Yes, it’s fun to dress up sometimes. Fight me.

I finish preparing the drinks and slip a little umbrella in the glasses.

So maybe I overreacted at the “tuts” comment.

I take the glass to the kitchen and spit in a very unladylike fashion and stir it a little to dissolve the saliva. I place the glass carefully on a tray and go fetch the others.

And fuck Andy. I realize that I’m actually more pissed at him than at Ashely. Yeah. He’s been like this for a while. I don’t even know what I expected. A little male dominance or something? Or whatever men do. But maybe in his eyes I’m simply a friend and nothing else.

Holy fuck, I bet he’s getting bored. Isn’t it typical for rockstars? Hooking up on a regular basis?

I should put that to the test. Yeah, now that I think about it I realize what Ashely’s doing. I mean, I hope that’s what he’s doing. Trying to make Andy jealous should be fun. Not that I actually like Ashely like that, and he made it very clear that I’m not his type. Still, it’s not like I have anything better to do.

I grin at my plan and quickly make another margarita, and leave the old one behind. I hurry to their table with a smile.

Ignoring Andy, I make a big show of pouring the vodka in front of Jake. He’s sitting next to the wall so I can’t reach him directly. Ashely’s sitting next to him, and he’s the closest to me as Andy’s sitting in front of Jake. I bump into Ashley’s knee and wave it off in a oh-sorry-I’m-so-clumsy manner. He grins and motions at me to come close so he can say something.

“What exactly are you doing?” he whispers.

I grin. “Pouring Jake’s drink,” I whisper back.

“I can see that. But what are you doing?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I hand him his margarita and his fingers rest on mine a fraction of a second longer than necessary.

I lean down again and mutter under my breath, “I guess I’m doing exactly what you’re doing.”

He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear and I back away. This is kinda fun, but I don’t want to get fired for being unprofessional.

“I’m glad you guys came tonight,” I announce.

When I catch Jake’s eye he snorts and looks away, taking a sip of his drink. He knows. And he also knows I know.

“I’m sure you are.”

I straighten up and tell them that the food will be ready shortly. I don’t miss Andy’s eyes burning on my back as I leave. Well, whatever. If the asshole wanted something he could find a way to say it.

I should spit in HIS fucking food.


I’m staring blankly at a wall when I someone taps my shoulder, making me jump.


“Here, follow me.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Considering you just did I suppose you can,” I smile.

He grins and leans in. “Are you wearing a bra?”

What the fuck! I wanna ask if my tits look soggy or something but I manage to keep my mouth shut.

I smile at him. “Are you wearing panties?.”


I think he reaches for my behind but I make a smooth escape by dropping my pen and bending down.

Ashley huffs and goes in the bathroom and I get my legs to function again and demand them that they get me the hell outta here.

I’m not good at this. I can’t flirt and, honestly, it’s exhausting. And also pointless.

I go find Jena. She’s stuffing her face with bread and butter.

“I need you to take care of 32.”

“Hell no.”

I think for a second.

“I’ll let you keep the tip.”

“Deal.” She scurries off but stops at the kitchen door. “What do I say if they ask about you?”

“Tell them…” Uh. “That I’m on break.”

“Rude ass bitch,” she says but she’s laughing.

Whatever. They’ll have to deal. Honesty, Andy can go fuck himself.

About 20 minutes later I exist the kitchen and head for the storage room. I turn the corner and bump face first into someone.

I look up to see two icy cold blue eyes glaring hard at me.



Part II

Anonymous asked:Can you make an Andy imagine where he asks for a baby? Fluffy with a bit of smutt plz love ur blog<3 “Three years. I can’t believe it.” Andy whispered, you smiled. “I love you.” you said as you hugged him. “I love you too… and, there’s something i want to tell you.” You nodded, waiting for him to speak. “I just don’t know how.” he blushed, you started to get worried. “It’s been three years sine we’re together and… I’d love to have little Biersacks running aroud our garden.” He blushed even more, that was so cute. “I don’t know Andy…” his smile faded. “It’s scary. I don’t know anything about kids.” you said. “And what about our work?” you asked, you had a band too. “The fans will understand. And after the birth, we can tour together. It will be amazing, I promess!” Andy exclaimed, you could see the hope and happiness in his eyes. “Can I just think it for some time?” You asked. Andy just said no. “I want it now, (Y/N)."  You slowly moved toward him and kissed him. You pulled away but Andy pulled you back smashing his lips into yours. His tongue stopped at the entrance of your mouth asking for permission to enter, you granted and his tongue began exploring every part of you. His hands trailed up your legs and under your skirt till it met your wet panties. He slowly pulled them off and started circling your wet clit. You started rubbing his hard member through his pants. Andy pulled off his shirt and yours too. He slipped off your skirt leaving you in only a bra on the bed. He reached down and pulled off his boxers then lined himself at your entrance. He began smashing into you. "I love you so so much.” He said as his thrusting became faster. “Oh fuck Andy, don’t stop” you moaned as his started biting your neck. You starting scratching at his back as he slammed into you faster and faster. The room filled with the sounds of both of your moaning. Sunddenly his hand started rubbing your clit. You could feel your legs trembling. Both of you reached your climax together and your juiced flowed.  “I love you Andy.” You whispered. “I love you too.” He said as he touched your belly. 

wattpad-addict107 requestedCan I have one where you watch a scary movie whilst Andy is out, and you don’t know when he’s coming back. After the movie, every tiny noise freaks you out, and you keep wishing Andy will come home. You grab a frying pan and then run back to the couch and bundle up in a ball under a blanket. An hour later, he comes back, and you freak out when the door is opened. When he comes in the living room, he asks why you have a frying pan and are hiding under a blanket. He laughs after you tell him

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