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Current mood after listening to this song from one of my favorite bands! I’m still surprised that the video so far even has that many likes and a lot less dislikes. People said the new Ghostbusters theme song is bad, but honestly, I actually like that song, and yet that song has a 50/50 ratings for likes and dislikes!? What is the world any more? I want some fucking answers! 

The battle of the singles


Hayley: I’m bored of our normal pop punk sound, but let’s try out a neat 80s style, add in cool synths along with our normal guitars, but at the same time retain the essence of what makes Paramore, Paramore and gives the fans what they have been waiting for from us for years…. Also do you guys like the rainbow aesthetic, cause I sure do!

Taylor and Zac: yeaaaa boi!

Fall Out Boy:

Pete: okay guys… I have an idea lets try to sound exactly like the chainsmokers! But also still market ourselves as a rock band so that nobody thinks we’ve gone full pop. Also we won’t be needing instruments.

Joe and Andy: Stuff this! We’re leaving! Our purpose was to play guitar and drums.

Patrick: At least I still get to sing…

Pete: yeah yeah, you will sing, but let’s make it easier for you and not have a proper chorus. You’ll just have to sing the words young and menace while I press a bunch of random buttons to make you sound cool and edgy.

Patrick: That’s it! I’m done with you Pete! You’re entirely defeating to purpose of fall out boy being a band. I’m Patrick Stump not Drew Taggard.

Patrick, Joe and Andy: yeah Pete, byeeeeeee!

Pete: but wait!???…… Because we are doing a trendy pop album, we can make tons of money and you love money… We make it to live, do you want to feed your children??.??.?? Do you want to be cool???.?.?? *holds out a bunch of hundred dollar notes*

Patrick, Joe and Andy: *run up to the money like savage dogs and sniff it* actually we’re now having second thoughts! We’re sorry we ever left Pete.

Kinda random but I bought tickets for Fall Out Boy for their LA show in November and it turns out that I have an extra one that I don’t need. It’s an amazing seat on the floor right at the end of the B stage and I’m wiling to sell it at face value. If anyone is interested, let me know!


Cover A: Cat Staggs Cover B: Nicola Scott Writer: Andy Mangels Art: Judit Tondora

The two most powerful women on television are here to fight the forces of evil! The battle for Paradise Island and the fate of the free world ends in this issue, with surprises galore. Now Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman — along with their allies and Max the Bionic Dog — face down the evil cabal of villains known as CASTRA on two battlefronts. Explosions, swords and armor, reformation, a literal cliff-hanger, and an army of Amazons versus an army of Fembots…it all ends here! No stuntwomen needed as the best-selling team-up fans demanded wraps up with a thrilling finale, written by best-selling author ANDY MANGELS (Star Trek & Star Wars) and illustrated by JUDIT TONDORA (Grimm Fairy Tales).

Here is a list of the horses in SSO by release date (I’ll try to take a picture of them all lined up when/if I get them all)

Jorvik Warmblood
Morgan (old model)
ETB (old model)
Dutch Warmblood
Danish Warmblood
Akhal Teke
Frezzy (old model)
Paint (old model)
Appy (old model)
Jorvik Pony
Selle Francais
FSH (old model)
Chinco Pons
JWH (small)
JWH (big)


Wonder Woman ‘77 Meets The Bionic Woman #4

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
(W) Andy Mangels (A) Judit Tondora (CA) Cat Staggs

We Rebuilt Them…Better, Faster, Stronger! In a brief respite from battle, Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) and Jaime Sommers (The Bionic Woman) visit the exotic Paradise Island, where some familiar faces from the past greet them! Meanwhile, the evil cadre of villains are poised to strike, and their targets will shake our heroines to the core!
The team-up you demanded is written by best-selling author ANDY MANGELS (Star Trek & Star Wars) and illustrated by JUDIT TONDORA (Grimm Fairy Tales). WONDER WOMAN ‘77 MEETS THE BIONIC WOMAN continues to get unprecedented attention from the mainstream and internet media… make sure to order enough copies!

In Shops: May 17, 2017

Andy is illegally selling a boot leg tiger logo from LSU for his latest Never Take It Off line.

I will be sending an image of the LSU logo and how to contact the Univeristy. Never Take It Off is liable on this one. This may finally prove how shady this company really is. What is worse Andy is married to Juliet the founder of the company and her father is the registered owner of Never Take It Off. Juliet was present for the photo shoot and is aware of the item. Making Juliet, her father and Andy liable.

Take the time and send the Univeristy an email. I am. They are literally stealing from this school. Can they sink any lower? LSU has the right to know. With over 144k followers on Instagram, thousands of sales a year and Andy being one of their highest selling artists. This is so small violation of LSU’s trademark.

LSU logo and contact info for the Univeristy.

On NTIO’s Instagram someone had commented that the tiger pendant was LSU’s logo. Which is what brought this matter to my attention.

I am very disappointed in Andy Biersack. As a huge sports fan it is disgusting he would do this. What’s next ripping off a Misfits logo ? Oh wait he already has done that in “artwork”. Maybe Batman? Nope already done that too with previous BVB merh. He really should change his name to Andy Simms because he acts just like the wretched family with all of their various scams.

anonymous asked:

Never Take It Off is the registered to and owned by Jeff Simms. A known Scientologist. That raises money for their insane cult. He is Juliet's father. The items from all NTIO lines are made with items purchased from China. It costs them one to two dollars to make those pieces but they will sell it to you for $15 to $30....Send a link of which Ben Bruce items you want and I will find the exact charms it is made out of and show you what a rip off it is. Andy's tiger pendant sells for 10for1 Etsy.

anonymous asked:

Actually Juliet has never claimed veganism. She has stated some of her clothes when they weren't. Andy is the one that follow the animal groups and tweets about them. Juliet never has excpet for the big cat rescue in 2013. Andy's passion is animal rights. To be fair some of his idols are vegetarian or vegan like Billy Idol. John Feldmann etc. Juliet still buys leather while Andy is selling his leather off. Juliet only goes along with it enough to keep him. It's his lifestyle, she is selling.

anonymous asked:

Ren did you get my screen shots of the tiger pendant Andy is selling through NTIO. I sent in three submissions with photos proving he is selling a bootleg LSU pendant and passing it off as his own custom piece. Also on Depop Juliet is selling a simple bead bracelet from from NTIO that is part of the same line because it was Andy's for 90 freaking bucks.

Yeah the wifi at my house has been shit lately so I’ve been doing stuff on my phone and I haven’t had the chance to combine it all in one post. But that’s ridiculous of him to copy it

  • Interviewer: What was your first job?
  • Andy: Selling drugs
  • Joe: When I was 13 years old I worked at a liquor store. It was super illegal! I used to stock the back room and I'd steal alcohol to sell to kids at school.
  • Interviewer : Making money at 13! What about you, Andy? What was your first job?
  • Andy : I worked at Kmart. I cleaned up puke this one time, it was great.
  • Joe : Also illegal!

anonymous asked:

Andy is selling a tiger pendant that is an exact rip off of the LSU symbol. I am sending you the screen shots shortly and the info for LSU's trademark department. Never Take It Off is violating LSU's trademark and intellectual property rights. Which is awful. As a recording artist who has had issue with people buying boot leg tshirts and merch with his own logos. He knows better and so does NTIO. This is clearly a pendant made over sees, most likely from China and they bought it.

anonymous asked:

I am going to call it, the "love&fear" stuff shes selling by andy will be a new clothing line they both try to sell. This is the start to see if it sticks. That photo shoot was probably pics for their social media for the new "line" lol