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I would be lying if I said it was not intentional. It was very intentional. We talked about it and, a) we thought it was really funny, just because people are so squeamish about that. Hilarious in itself. Also, just because we were on HBO and there’s so much “reverse cowgirl,” as I like to put it, on HBO. Last time I checked, that is not as popular a position as HBO might have you believe. So yeah, we just thought it was hilarious to turn it on its head. We’re childish. We think wangs are funny.
—  Andy Samberg, on why there’s much more male nudity than female in ‘7 Days in Hell’ [x]

best advice he’s gotten: It was from a close family member who said, ‘Never look in the mirror when you’re on acid’. Which of course backfired 'cause as soon as I took acid I looked to the mirror to see what it was like and the advice was correct - it was awful. (x)