andy prince

  • Anxiety: *asleep on couch, curled up in a ball*
  • Prince: ....*jumps on the end of the couch* ANDY, ANDY, ANDY, ANDY, ANDY!!! WAKE UP!!!
  • Anxiety: *wakes up, startled* What the hell?!!...wait! Did you just call me, "Andy"?!
  • Prince: Maaaayyybbbeeee~
  • Anxiety: Ugh, why'd you wake me up?
  • Prince: ...because I'm bored.
  • Anxiety: Really?! That's why you-
  • Prince: *kisses Anxiety passionately*
  • Anxiety: ....
  • Prince: Forgive me?
  • Anxiety: I can't just not forgive you after THAT kiss.
  • Prince: Yay!
  • Anxiety: *sighs*
  • Prince: I love you, Andy~
  • Anxiety: Love you too, Princey.

everything was GRAY. his hair, his smoke, his dreams…

                                      … & now he’s so DEVOID of color, he don’t know what it means.