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Humans Are Weird - Teenagers

So, I love this tag and I’ve been endlessly scrolling through it and I realised that, in this tag, it’s always adults that they hang out with, so how would they react to children. Like, can you imagine?

“So, I heard you’ve finally taken my advice and recruited a human for your team?”

“Oh, yes. The human I have selected seemed particularly excited to come into space for the first tim-“

Excuse me? First time? Humans are required to go into space at least once before they turn into adults and after they are sixteen! What human have you recruited?”

“I have recruited a girl called Katie Clarke and she is twelve sun-cycles old. She is very athletic and will be serving as encouragement for our team and designing our uniforms.”

“Oh no.”

“What is it? Is she going to be like those other humans in your crew that taped knives to your cleaning bot that stabbed your young human’s ankles?”

“No. Well, yes, probably, but that isn’t it. As you know, We have two young humans. The most notable is Rainbow. Her full name is Rainbow Skele and she is thirteen sun-cycles old and she writes that human ‘fiction’. She writes fantasy, horror and this thing called ‘fanfiction’, which is writing about a fiction series that already exists. She writes all our logs.”

“What’s bad, then?”

“There is this website that Rainbow and her best friend Andi refer to as ‘Blue Hell’ and they are totally obsessed with it. The two girls on our ship have not used this other thing I have heard of but there is this thing called SELFIE and Captain Twalkark of Cinibarb Fleet #7 claims that some of the adult humans on his ship constantly uses but he once met some young humans on Fleet #3 of Bantot that were even worse. They even used this so-called SELFIE technology on the Crown Prince of Zalsark.”

“Is this part of the story where they picked up the Crown Prince to coo at him?”

“Yes, sadly.”

“Shall I terminate this new human’s contract?”

“No, don’t worry. Your new human will serve as… entertainment for you. Just make sure to steer-clear of any knife-wielding auto-cleaners.”

“You are not making me feel any better, Captain.”

“Don’t worry, humans are honestly fi-”


Call Terminated


Andy’s amazing. He’s so smart and funny and creative. You know when you meet somebody and they’re just good people? That’s Andy Samberg. He’s super goofy and makes us all laugh on set, but he’s also chill and laid back. I’m leaning a lot from him. He’s a great presence, and he’s doing a wonderful job. When I screen tested for the show, it was with Andy, and we did two or three scenes, then one again with ad-libbing, then one with improv. I left the room on cloud nine, it was so much fun. I felt really good about what I did, but I was also like, “Oh my god, I just did improv with Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live! and I wasn’t a disaster!“

Andy: [My proposal] was perfect and magical, I’ll say that. She didn’t know it was gonna happen, we were in a beautiful place that was very special to both of us. I was by a fire pit with, like, a glowing amber light. I got down on one knee. Like the stuff I said was perfect. I can’t tell you how great it went.

Akiva: I believe it because I was at your wedding and your wedding was also –

Jorma: Truly the most magical vows I’ve ever heard.

Andy: I really gotta bring it. My wife is a poet, so if I’m half-assing it then it’s gonna be pretty clear.


When you're. . .

22 years old, still angry at Disney Channel for not doing better with Girl Meets World but also simultaneously freaking out as Cyrus looks back at Jonah and Jonah doesn’t see it!!!!! And that Andi Mack season 2 promo!! 😂😅😂😅 Ugh I don’t know what to feel!! Also Girl Meets World deserved better.

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