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Without giving anything away, there’s a moment in the back half where [Jeffrey Dean Morgan] and Andy [Lincoln] have that thing. Like a serious thing, and I was watching in video village, by the monitors. I was jumping up and down and I threw my headphones in the air, there’s one moment coming up there, one of my favorite, I think.
—  Norman Reedus at Walker Stalker Con talking about being excited for a moment between Rick and Negan in Season 7B (x)

READ IN 2016: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

I reached my hand over to cover his, and he threaded his fingers through mine. We just stayed like that, neither one of us making any move to get out of the car as the rain fell all around us. I rested my head on his shoulder, and he tipped his head down to rest against mine, and I sensed he was feeling what I was-that there was no need to talk just then. That what we’d said, and the rhythm of Clark’s heartbeat, and the sound of the rain, in that moment, was enough.


Happy Trails to Newsies! A show that inspired me like no other. Who would have ever thought a show about newsboys would be such a big part of my life? I certainly didn’t! I’m sad to see this show go, but I hope its memory and its message lives on. It will always hold a special place in my heart.


So many boys in love! 😍😂

Thirty Days or Less Pt. 25

Andie couldn’t help but stifle a cocky laugh, she was right, Dean was throwing a drink down his throat in the hotel’s lounge. She scanned the room and shrank into herself, it was frigid and barren, sans the creepy bartender who kept eyeballing her from across the room.  She could smell Dean as she approached him.  She slid onto a barstool, it’s red velvet cushions, compressed as she situated herself, and she tapped the bar once.  

“You reek like ass and whiskey,” she let the amber liquid coat her throat and pushed the tumbler away from her.

“And yet you’re still here, so it can’t be that bad,” Dean smirked behind his shot glass.

“I’ve smelled worse,” Andie cringed as Dean turned to face her, his stool swiveling around, nodding in concurrence.

“I bet you have,” he waved a finger at the bartender, but Andie caught his hand.  He hesitantly recoiled from her touch.  

“Paranoid much?”  she inquired in her cocky accent and Dean narrowed his eyebrows until they met dead center.

“You saw what I did,” he growled, his voice a low, threatening purr, “how can you joke?”

“How can I not, Dean?”  Andie turned in her seat, hooking one leg underneath her and letting her hands fall to lap.

“Did you forget who has the highest degree of education in the lot of us,” she pointed a finger toward the ceiling, as if Van was in the room above them, “Van’s been researching how to save you before hopped her little white picket fence a couple of weeks back.”

“Huh,” Dean swallowed, shame left the crinkles in his forehead, and Andie saw the makings of a smile, but he faltered.

“That wasn’t you upstairs, Dean,” Andie reminded him, “it was the hallucinations, yet another tasty side effect of your ramifications with the Cross Roads Demon.”

As Dean sat listening to Andie, he couldn’t help but dart his eyes back to the bartender.  The man kept silent the whole time, constantly refilling his glass, never making eye contact.  Dean ran his fingers around the edge of the glass, tapping it, watching the man wipe down the tumblers and wine glasses.  He watched him for what could have been no longer than a minute, when Andie waved a hand in front of his face.

“You in there, Winchester?”  Andie waved her hand back and forth glancing in the direction of the bartender.  At the mere mention of Dean’s surname, the man turned, slowly, cryptically, as if he heard her, and stared in their direction.  Andie furrowed her brow as she simultaneously rolled her eyes,

“You don’t get paid to eavesdrop Buddy,” she called over to the bartender who began to walk slowly toward them.  She didn’t notice, but he held a butcher knife at his side, the glimmer of the blade caught Dean’s eye.  That, and the fact that he looked like something out of a Rob Zombie horror film.  The man’s face was ghoulish and gray.  His eyes were pitch black.  The whole time Dean was wallowing in his whiskey, a freaking demon was serving him.

“Uh, Morgan?”  Dean stood up, slowly, reaching for his waist, and pulled out his gun.

“What the hell, Dean,” Andie stood up, her hands raised as if to protect herself, “you can’t just go shootin’ a fella for eavesdropping.”  Andie cocked her head to the side and considered her statement and mumbled, “In a perfect world maybe.”

“Shut up and duck!” Dean ordered as he fired a round off over her head, hitting the bartender directly in the skull.  Black smoke began to emit from his eye sockets, mouth and nostrils.  Dean shoved Andie toward the exit and pulled a knife that Sam had given him that killed a demon dead, sending their possessing soul snatching asses back to Hell, leaving the human unscathed.  

“Take the stairs,” he pushed her again, and this time, Andie began to haul ass up the steps, taking two at a time, while Dean was on her heels, checking the stairwell for demons.  Andie reached their floor in record time, pulled open the doorway that led to the corridor, and halted.  There was a housekeeping cart outside a room, a few doors down, from their respective rooms.  She halted, signaled to Dean that there was someone ahead, and waited.  They could hear the maid exiting before they saw her and risked the chance.  They walked quickly toward Andie’s room, where Sam and Donovan were, knocked on the door repeatedly.  Andie heard Dean inhale and turned to look down the hall; the maid had gone back to her cleaning cart, busying herself with towels.  Andie beat the ball of her hand into the door, calling for Sam to open the door.  

“Forget your key?”  Sam chuckled as he opened the door, and nearly fell over, as Andie tumbled into him.  He saw her pale stricken face and began to ask what was wrong, but he could hear Dean outside in the hall, fighting off someone.  He heard the woman’s guttural cries and watched as Dean shoved the blade of the knife into her throat.  A ghastly shadow flickered, illuminating her from the inside out, and a black plume of smoke, exited her body and sought refuge in the air vents.  

“Dean, what the hell?”  Sam pulled his brother off the older woman and knelt to feel for a pulse.  Dean kicked him in the ass

“She ain’t home, Sammy,” Dean pulled his brother up by the back of his shirt and hurried him inside the hotel room.  Dean locked the door, shouted to anyone to get his duffel bag, to which Van unlocked the adjoining room door, and came back within seconds with his bag.  Dean’s hand momentarily graced Van’s and their eyes locked.  In that moment, all that had happened was in the past.  Right now, she was assisting him in lining the hotel room with salt.  The doors and the windows were taken care of; all that was remaining was the air vents. Sam hastily climbed to the sink and used duct tape to close off the ventilation system.  He tossed Andie the roll of tape and she did the same to the vent in the bathroom.  Once everyone had taken cautionary measures to ward off the influx of demons, the room fell silent, sans their heavy breathing.

“Okay,” Van wiped salt from her hands, flinching as the tiny granules infiltrated her cuts, “what the fuck was that?”  She pointed a shaky finger to the hallway. Andie reached for her hand and they interlocked fingers.

“Demons,” Andie told her, “boy wonder over there can see them now.”

“What do you mean, ‘see them’?”  Sam inquired, confused as anyone, but as he looked to his brother, stole glances at the girls, he noted that they weren’t as shocked as he was.  Andie recalled the scene at the bar.

“What do you want me to say, Sammy,” Dean huffed, “at first he was just pouring me drinks, the next minute his face was all,” Dean scrunched his face, gnarled his fingers, sagged his tongue out of his mouth, “demonic.”

“And her?”  Sam pointed a slender finger toward the deceased body that was strewn across the hallway floor.

“Oh hell, she was goddamned hideous.”  Dean retorted.  

“How long have you been able to see demons,” Sam exasperated.

“Since around, I dunno, Sammy, twenty minutes ago.”

“You knew about this,” Sam turned his attention on a very exhausted Donovan, not asking, just stating the obvious.

“Of course I knew,” she sighed, “I knew Dean had made the deal before you two showed up, I knew when the gates of hell opened up, I knew that you two were heading my way,” she threw up her hands in finality, “what I don’t know, Sam, is how to save him.”  Tears began to well in her eyes, her voice was still raspy from Dean’s previous strangulation, and Van was feeling quite fatigued.  Dean walked over to where she was propped up against the wall, leaning her head on Andie’s shoulder, and slid down next to her. He took her free hand into his and squeezed. Van returned the gesture and turned toward Dean.  She mouthed,

“I’m sorry.”

He put a warm hand to her cheek, rubbed his thumb alongside her face, and told her she had nothing to be sorry for; he knew she was doing everything she could, even if she had been holding out on him.  

“I’m sorry,” he swallowed the guilt of his prior misbehaviors, “one minute all I wanted to do was kiss you and the next thing I knew I had my hands around your throat.”  Dean cringed as the words exited his lips, his eyes lingered on the bruises on Van’s neck.

“I don’t know what’s real or what’s not,” he shook his head, closing his eyes, he let his head hit the wall with a resonating thud.  

“We’re real,” Van reassured him, “Dean, you hear me, we are real.”  

 Dean opened his eyes and found that his brother had seated himself in front of the trio and rested a hand on his brother’s leg. He patted Dean’s leg once, nodded that he was there for Dean, and Andie coughed.

“Alright, enough of this shit,” she blinked back some saline, and Van laughed.

“Morgan, you got somethin’ in your eye?”  

“Freakin’ salt,” Andie rubbed the heel of her hand over her eyes, sniffled into her shirt, and wiped her hands on her jeans, “burns like a son of a bitch.”

“Salt,” Dean chuckled, “gets me every time.”  

“Whatever,” Andie stood up and paced the room, “now that we’re sequestered in this hell hole,” she looked at Dean and pursed her lips, “my bad,” she continued on as planned, “what do we do now?”

“We get our shit in order and wait it out,” Dean suggested, “if this is the end, we’re better off together then separated.”

“Wait it out,” Van echoed, “you’re not serious?”

“I’m a hazard to everyone, including myself, if we go out there,” Dean pointed out, using his past transgressions as proof.

“On the contrary,” Van stood up and rummaged through their bags, checking their arsenal of weapons, flipping through her journal, “if you can see these bastards, why not just take them out?”

“Because if might just be a trap,” Sam contributed, “and if it is, we have to one up them.”

“So let’s hit the books, the web, call Bobby, call in the Angel,” Van’s voice was steady as she eyed each and every one of them. She waited for them to come up with an excuse, but instead, Dean tilted his head to the side and grumbled something incoherent hidden beneath a smile and called Bobby.  Sam plugged in his laptop and began to type away furiously at the keys, Andie took a seat on the floor at the foot of the queen sized bed, and perused through her journal.  Van watched them disperse to different areas of the hotel room and smiled inwardly.

Van sat cross legged on the bed, turning pages in her father’s journal, speeding through the pages, looking for something, anything that could help their defense.  Andie did the same.  Dean’s voice was urgent on the phone, Van watched him pace back and forth, giving Bobby the four one one on their situation.  Sam stopped typing and whistled.  All eyes turned to him and waited for whatever it was that he had stumbled upon.  Sam stalled, on purpose, until Van slapped him across the head with a down pillow.  

“Time, Sam, isn’t on our side here,” Van lifted the pillow for a second attack, but Sam held up his hands.

“Alright, okay, relax,” he turned the laptop so they could all circle in and read it simultaneously.  Each one of them began to smile and Andie reread an entry in her journal, a page that she had just minutes ago dog-eared.  She nodded that she was on board with the plan.  Van too had shoved the entry in her father’s journal toward Sam, who chuckled.  Van couldn’t believe that the three of them had all thought of the same thing, that was until Dean let out a guffaw that caused them all to turn to him in wonder.

“Bobby,” he breathed, “you’re never going to believe this.”  He put the cell on speaker and nodded at Bobby’s garbled voice.  

“It can be done, boy,” Bobby continued talking, “I’ve seen it done, you nitwits are just going to have to time it just right, but it can be done,” Bobby sighed, “it’ll give you time to get out of there anyways.”

“Why you idjits so quiet,” Bobby’s gruff voice came out over the speaker of the cell.  Dean, Sam, Van, and Andie couldn’t believe that they had all stumbled upon the same answer.  

“Dean!”  Bobby was growing impatient and Dean thumbed a button and walked toward the window and looked outside.  They watched Dean peer outside and waited for confirmation.  

“Yeah, Bobby,” Dean informed him, “seems they’re just waiting for us, there’s this old bag walking a dog, a crowd just walked into the bar across the street, and some new guests are checking in now.”  

“Right,” he closed the phone over and turned to Van, “How’s your Latin?”

Van’s face brightened at the thought of speaking the dead language and began to write out the incantation to bless the emergency water supply that linked each room in the hotel to a sprinkler system.  Andie rifled through her duffel bag, pulled out a set of wooden rosary beads, and tossed them across the room to her friend. Van caught them with a flick of her wrist and eyed the old beads.  

“Never would have pegged you as the praying type,” she raised an eyebrow in Andie’s direction.  Her friend just shrugged,

“Who knew some poor sap thought praying for a Morgan would come in handy,” she winked.  While the Winchesters were organizing their weaponry, Andie mouthed in Van’s directions, “Castiel.”

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Bound and Gagged

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Summary: Negan tries making Andy break using BDSM

Pairing: Negan x Andy

Warning: Swearing, Smut, BDSM, Daddy Kink

[ I’ll be using gender neutral pronouns, so you can make Andy female, male or neither as you please]

It had been a few days since Negan and his men took you away from your group and brought you to Sanctuary, hell maybe it was more than a few days, how could you tell being locked in a tiny, dark room all by yourself. You were going mad, it wasn’t only the lonely confined space or the darkness, you were also being fed dog food sandwiches and were forced to listen to ‘Easy Street’ on repeat. You knew Negan was trying to break you, but you wouldn’t allow yourself to kneel to someone like him. All you wanted was to go back home to Alexandria.

What felt like a month had gone by and you still hadn’t cracked. Dwight opened the door and handed you your dog shit sandwich then turned away locking the door behind him. You heard him take a few steps then stop; you peaked through the space under your door and saw that Dwight was kneeling. “How’s our guest?” said a deep, gravelly voice, you knew that that voice belonged to Negan. “Don’t know what to tell you boss, one tough fucker” Dwight responded. “Open the door, I want to try something out” you could almost hear the smirk in that assholes voice.

Dwight stood up and unlocked your door; you quickly pressed yourself tightly to the corner of the room. The door flung open and Dwight stood to the side, you looked up and saw the man himself standing in the doorway,  Lucille slung across his shoulder, and a huge shit-eating grin plastered across his devilishly handsome face. “Stand up, me and you are gonna go for a little fucking walk” Negan said not taking his eyes off of you. You slowly stood up and followed Negan out, “give me the keys Dwight, I’ll make sure our guest is put back when we’re finished” you watched as Dwight closed your door then handed Negan the keys before walking off. Negan looked you up and down then licked his lips “follow me baby, and try to fucking keep up” he said as he started striding off, you rolled your eyes and followed “where are we going?” you asked while looking around at your new surroundings. “It’s a surprise” Negan said as he looked over at you with a smile on his face.

The two of you eventually made it to a door, “here we are Andy baby” Negan said as he opened it, you both walked into a big room that looked like an apartment suite.  “Where exactly is here?”  You asked looking around confused. “Welcome to casa di daddy” Negan replied gesturing his hands to the space, you looked at him with a furrowed brow, “I’m daddy, by the way, just to be clear and this is my house, that’s what I fucking meant by the whole ‘casa di da- you know what fuck it, I don’t have the motherfucking time to explain my fucking self sweetheart”. “Why did you bring me to your fucking room?” you asked sounding annoyed “oooo baby has a fucking attitude, I likey” you stared at Negan, at this point you’d rather be in your cell. “Jeez alright doll, calm the fuck down. I have a very and I mean VERY serious question for you…are you ready?” he asked suddenly getting stern; you nodded your head slowly, “ you know what BDSM is?” he asked staring you in the eyes. “Yeah like whips and chains and shit” you replied. Negan grinned widely “yeah, well you see baby, that shit gets my dick fucking hard as fuck, but my wives aren’t into that shit for some fucking reason, I don’t know why they don’t cause it’s fucking awesome. But I’m not about to make them do something that makes them feel uncomfortable, I’m not that kind of guy. But I have to admit, I’ve taken a liking to you, and you seem like you’d be into some freaky shit, so I have a proposition for you. You can either kneel and work for me, earn points to buy things blah blah fucking blah, OR you help me live out my fantasies just this one time and your free to go, that fucking simple, the choice is yours darling”. “Y-you want to have sex with me?” you asked “No, no,no honey, my wives supply me with an ample amount of poontang. I just want to tie you up and smack you around a little” he said with an obviously fake innocent voice. Your brain started racing, you had to admit that you found Negan attractive and this wouldn’t be the first time you’ve done bondage, but could you really do this with the man that killed your friends. “You promise that I can go back to Alexandria if I do it just this once?” you asked cautiously not knowing if you could really trust Negan. “Fuck darling, does this face look like one that’d lie…don’t answer that. Yes you can leave I promise” he then held out his pinky to you “are you seriously trying to pinky promise me right now Negan? You’re a grown fucking man”.  Negan’s face looked shocked “you can’t go back on a pinky promise no matter how fucking old you are, you fucking downer” you rolled your eyes and locked pinkies with him “fine, I’ll do it”. “Goody!” Negan exclaimed.

Negan lead you to another room at the very back near his bed, when you walked in you couldn’t believe what you saw. Ropes, whips, gags, chains you name it was filling this room, it was like Negan’s very own sex dungeon. Negan took in a deep breath through his nose “do you fucking smell that!? The smell of leather, hopes and dreams. Fuck I think I’m gonna cry” Negan then closed the door behind the both of you and put Lucille down against the wall “she likes to watch, I think it’d make her soaked, yunno if baseball bats had pussies” he then paced over to a large steel table that was directly in the middle of the room. The air shift, as Negan’s eyes stared at you like daggers. “Take those fucking rags off and lay down on the table” Negan demanded. You quickly began taking the grey crew neck sweater with the giant ‘A’ on it off as well as the matching sweat pants you were wearing, you then slowly walked over to the table and laid down on your stomach, the steel was ice cold against your bare flesh and you could feel your nipples harden instantly. Negan let out a low chuckle watching you before he picked up a few different ropes and a ball gag. Negan slipped the gag around your head and made sure the ball was in your mouth. “I like seeing that pretty mouth of yours opened wide for me” he said lowly, he then began tying your legs and feet together, then he tied your hands behind you back. “Arch that ass in the air for me, sexy” he growled, you did as you were told. Negan walked over towards your face and crouched down so he could look into your eyes. “Now since I can’t hear you say a safe word with that ball in your mouth, I’m gonna ask you if your alright after every smack and I want you to nod your head slowly if you are, I want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable alright?” You nodded your head; you were surprised by Negan’s words.

Negan walked over to a stand that had various whips hanging, he dragged his finger across them all until he picked the one he wanted to use, it was a very short, braided leather one. You looked at the whip and felt a rush of excitement run through your whole body. Negan then walked behind you “ready darling?” he asked, you nodded, then felt a piercing sting as leather made contact with your ass cheek. You screamed but it was muffled by the gag, “are you good?” Negan asked, you nodded, and the leather to skin contact continued each time hurting more yet feeling better then the last one. Negan gave another large smack but this time when he asked if you were okay you vigorously shook your head. Negan quickly ran over and took your gag off “what’s wrong? Do you want me to untie you?”. “No, I just need to catch my breath” you looked over and noticed the huge bulge in Negan’s pants; he was hard as a rock, which caused you to smirk. “Keep going, just let me keep the gag off”, Negan seemed thrilled that you didn’t want to stop yet “of course, but let me at least fucking blindfold you” you agreed and Negan got out a silky black blindfold and tied it around your eyes. You bit your lip eagerly awaiting the next smack when you felt little prickles down your back. “I hope you don’t mind if Lucille joins us” he growled, you giggled the sharp pinches from Lucille running down your spine sent you overboard. “I’m going to let Lucille nip you, while I continue with the smacks, is that okay?” Negan asked “oh god yes, daddy” you moaned as you wriggled with excitement.  You heard Negan let out a low growl at your words. “I’m gonna continuously smack you without stopping, but I will stop immediately if you tell me to, fucking got it?” he asked, “mmhm” you purred. Suddenly the smacks returned started off light and getting stronger as they came. Lucille’s bites mixed with the smacks and the grunts and groans Negan was letting out pushed you over the edge, you moaned out loud and gasped “I’m gonna fucking cum Negan don’t stop”. “Fuck” you heard Negan hiss as he continued, you felt your body go numb and a flash of heat burst within you as you came. “Stop!” you yelled out; Negan abruptly stopped what he was doing as soon as he heard your words. “Fuck that was hot” he said out of breath, “can you untie me now please?” you asked softly still coming down from the high you were feeling. Negan untied you and you took off your blindfold and saw Negan standing in front of you sweat glistening off of his face and neck, Lucille and the whip still in his hands.  You started feeling the pain as you got up and looked in the full body mirror that was across the room, your ass was red raw, and trickles of blood were on your back from Lucille’s bites. “You fulfilled your end of the bargain to a fucking T. You’re free to go; I’ll make Dwight give you a ride back to Alexandria. I don’t think you’ll be able to fucking walk after that” you giggled, you couldn’t believe it but you actually really enjoyed this. You got dressed and slowly started walking to the door hardly able to move. “Hey Negan” you said turning around “yeah?” he replied tilting his head, “if you’re ever in the neighborhood and want to ‘fulfill your fantasies’, feel free to kidnap me again” you said as you gave Negan a wink. Negan chuckled and ran his hand over his chin “I’ll be sure to do that darling, but next time I won’t go so easy on you”.