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books i’ve read in 2017 → the unexpected everything 

You have to try. You have to take your chances. Go and attempt and see what happens. And even if you fail - especially if you fail - come back with your experience and your hard-won knowledge and a story you can tell. And then later you can say, without regret or hesitation… ‘Once, I dared to dare greatly’


Finding the Edge: High Performance Testing for the WNT

The U.S WNT kicked off January camp with a battery of physical tests as the team begins an important year of training and matches leading into the World Cup qualifying in the fall.


Andrew Lincoln On How Sexy Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is

Question: What makes [Negan] diffrent from all the other bad guys on the show?
Fans: Sexier!
Andy: Sexier? That’s one reason. I find him enormously sexy as well. I actually find it very difficult looking squarely in the eyes he’s so sexy.
He’s too sexy for this space. He is much sexier than any other Baddie I’ve ever faced.


Jan Camp Kicks Off Big Year for the WNT

Veteran midfielders Carli Lloyd and Julie Errz talk about the unique period that is January training camp and how it will set the tone for a big year to come for the U.S WNT


His charming grin makes your heart flutter when you see it over his band of newsboy. The newsboys, who at the moment are chattering incessantly, as usual. It’s quite hilarious, actually.

“How many today, Romeo?” you ask the younger boy. 

He grins cheekily. “The usual.” Your cousin, Morris, rolls his eyes and slams the fifty papes down on the counter. You glance at him frustratedly, and you see Racetrack (who is behind Romeo) shift his feet, jaw clenched. You know the older boy is like an older brother to Romeo.

Romeo glances at Morris with a disgusted look on his face. “Thanks.” He turns back to you again, all smiles as he leans his head on his elbow. “Say, how much would a kiss from you be?”

You laugh out loud, but you’re cut off by Morris slamming his hand down on the counter. You jump at the force of it. “Move along street rat,” he seethes. The Newsies all fall silent, and the older boys take a step closer to the counter. Just in case.

“Morris!” you yell. “Go help Oscar inside. You’re not needed out here.”

He looks at you incredulously. “What did you-”

“Mr. Wiesel put me in charge while he ran to the bakery, and right now you’re causing more harm out here than good. Go inside,” you order. 

Morris glances around at the Newsies once more before turning around and flinging open the door, slamming it behind him. The boys all jeer and taunt him as he goes, and you smile. 

Racetrack slams his money down next. “That was pretty great what you just did, (y/n).”

You smile at him. “Yeah, well Morris is an ass.”

He grins toothily back at you and takes his papes off the counter. “Damn right.” You watch him tip his hat once more to you before he leaves to join Romeo, and when you turn back to the next customer, your heart skips a beat. 


“Mornin’, (y/n).” He grins and flips a quarter onto your podium.

A faint blush dusts your cheeks as he leans his arms onto the counter. “Good morning, Jack. How many are we having today?”

“Ah, I’d say eighty. ‘Specially now dat winter’s almost here.”

That’s one of the things you like most about Jack Kelly. It’s never just about him. He cares so much for the other boys, his brothers, and always puts their needs before his. It’s quite admirable to see, and it makes you like him even more.

But you don’t say any of that out loud. “Alright, eighty it is.” You turn around and take a bundle of papes and hand it to Jack. “Happy selling, Jack.”

He grins and leans in a bit closer, in an attempt for the boys not to hear. “How ‘bout later you stop by Jacobi’s? Seven o’clock? The boys and I usually go there for a bit after sellin’ …” He rubs the back of his neck, and you realize with a shock that Jack Kelly is blushing. “Ah, nevermind it was a stupid idea.”

You shake your head. “No. Jacobi’s, seven o’clock. I’ll be there.” You lean in a bit closer and gesture subtly to the door behind you. “Besides, it’ll get me away from those two dips for a bit.”

Jack grins and backs away from the counter. “Seven o’clock.” You nod, and he grins once more before strolling over to Crutchie and Specs. The two tease him and jeer, and you blush as they walk out the gate, Jack giving you one last wave.