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I feel like the angle 1DHQ is trying to do for Niall is the guy who will 'steal' your love interest i.e. in a 'love triangle' like Ed/Ellie and now Selena/Justin. It's kinda low key in a sense because people think Niall is untouchable in all this stuff, but he really isn't and there's no difference between Harry and his fauxmances either. Sorry if you've already talked about this before...wanted to rant about it bc some people are still being oblivious.

Yeah, that’s definitely been a theme for quite some time with Niall.  

Louise Thompson was the most direct situation.

Andy Jordan, of course, being the boyfriend in that case.  Reality TV fodder. They never even had pictures of Niall and Louise at the same place or in the same frame.

Ed/Ellie/Niall being the next huge one.  If I were a celebrity and I were going to cheat on another celebrity with a third celebrity, I know I’d make sure to be seen cuddling with both in public where professional cameras are filming the crowd during the same event too! *sarcasm*

Then there was Melissa.

The comment below, joshuuaroberts, being from the boyfriend.  Interesting how he found that post when it barely had any notes and there hadn’t been press yet.

Zoe Whelan is the next biggest and of course there was something with her too.

These articles were when Niall was supposed to be involved with Louise, Ellie, or Barbara.  I can’t remember which because they all happened in such a short time period and overlapped to some extent.

Basically, Zoe never officially had a break up cycle with Niall in the press before the other fauxmance stunting happened and those articles are about how she was disappointed, but she and Niall were technically casual.

Marbella was fun.

“Sexy estate agent” who happens to have this picture of herself in the same swimsuit available for use in The Sun?

Was seen chatting to Niall at a pool and of course that meant her fiance dumped her unequivocally by text message.

If you haven’t caught on to the pattern yet…