andy knows

I feel like maybe Andy just doesn’t know how to be single. There are those kinds of people who just HAVE to be with someone, so they go from one relationship to another and latch onto whoever they’re with because they have nothing else. I don’t know if he’s like that, or maybe he just has a warped sense of what life is supposed to be like that other anon mentioned. There is kind of a lot of societal pressure that relationships are everything and if you’re not dating or married then you’re a failure or there’s something wrong with you.

I wonder if he just feels like this is where he should be in life just because, so he’ll stick with it even if he’s not happy. Instead of putting his foot down and doing what’s best for him, who cares what other people want you to do. He needs to figure out how to live his own life and be his own person instead of relying on Juliet as his entire support system. That kind of relationship is unhealthy, even if the other person involved is a nice person. Much more unhealthy if they’re a toxic kind of person like Juliet is.

A/N: It’s very obvious that he doesn’t know how to be single considering he has gone from relationship to relationship. He hasn’t been single, at least not for a very long time, since he was maybe 14 (?). He’s afraid of being alone, which is understandable, as I have the same fear, but he needs to talk to someone. All these anons can joke about him needing mental help all they want, but the thing is, it’s actually true. -N

anonymous asked:

Some little part of me is hoping that by calling Juliet that Griftwhatever, that that is the Andy we know, like his little signal to us that he sees Juliet for the money grabber she is. Lol it's a complete longshot seeing as Andy's now a turd lodged permanently up Juliet's ass but I can't help but hope man. I just hate her so much. Literally everything with the band and fandom went downhill as soon as she dug those talons into Andy.

It seems a little farfetched but I’m willing to be hopeful along with you. -N


Person A: slips on wet floor

Person B catches them mid fall: “Umm… are you ok? Do you want to… stand up?”

Person A staring blatantly up at them with anime eyes: “No, I’m perfectly happy right here thanks”

Person B: Blushes