andy is uncomfortable


pete wentz + some of the worst microsoft paint edits i have ever laid eyes on. what convinced you to do this.

  • Pete: Tu es belle mon petit chou!! (You are beautiful my little cabbage!!)
  • Patrick: mille fois je t’aime (A thousand times I love you)
  • Andy and Joe, probably: Whatever it is it's gay

Nurse Andy

Ty was a piece of work. He thought he was king; grabbing the ass of any hot man he felt like grabbing, cat calling as many men as he could. Some straight men tried to fight him, some did. But he could hold his own and protected himself in many of those fights. One day he got the flu and headed to the hospital. The nurse greeted him to step into the examining room and Ty was in heaven. Nurse Andy was tall, personable, glowing, and he had the largest ass he’d ever seen on an in shape dude. “Fuck, you got a fatty!” Ty pinched Andy’s ass and Andy grabbed Ty by the wrist; squeezing it hard. “Follow me to the exam room” Andy said with a bit of disdain.
The appointment took forever (in Andy’s mind) Ty would sneak glances at Andy’s ass whenever he got the chance, his hands were reaching for his ass, cock, and abs whenever he found an opportunity. If Andy ever felt uncomfortable at work, it was now. “How about your number sexy?!” Andy cringed and told Ty he was getting a new one tomorrow… anything to get the creep to head home. Ty was sent with a prescription and a boner as his night was filled with jacking off to the ass of his dreams.

The story doesn’t end there. Ty was a very stubborn horn dog. The next week as he was feeling better Ty returned to that hospital. Andy was standing at the computer and Ty stared hungrily at that ass. It had to have gotten larger since the last time he saw it. “Excuse me… nurse!” Ty grabbed Andy’s ass and Andy jolted back and tensed up. “Sorry, I needed your attention… you see… I think I’m sick…” Ty gave Andy some puppy dog eyes and continued… “I’m lovesick baby…” Ty tried to reach behind Andy for another booty grab but Andy stopped it. He got an idea… “Oh… well… I think I know just the cure… sugar…” Andy guided Ty into another exam room and whispered in his ear, “That number could be all yours after this is over with…” Ty’s boner shot up and he was ecstatic. Andy sat his down and Ty laid on the table. Andy put on some new gloves and asked “Where’s it hurt baby?” Ty pointed to his crotch and Andy began to massage and kneed to problem area as Ty began to moan. “Oh, I’m having a hard time finding the problem… I need to get closer…” Andy jumped on Ty’s stomach and his ass was right in front of Ty’s face as he began to gently “examine” Ty’s cock through the man’s sweats. “Looks like this is gonna require surgery…” Andy coyly spoke. “SURGERY!?!?” Ty was confused… what type of sex reference could Andy be doing now? “But first I need to apply some anesthesia.” Andy scooted back with Ty’s face in his butt. PHROOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBTTTT! Five seconds of wind rushed right into Ty’s lungs as he began to cough. “What’s *cough* going on?!? *cough* *gag*” Ty was struggling the minute the smell instantly hit him. “This is for being a pervert fucker!” BBRRRMMMMPPPPHHHH!!! BBBRRRRRMMMMMPPPPHHH!!!! It started out with ten farts to the face. Ty was in shock with how much gas this guy had. He was in tears, afraid as to what Andy was truly capable of. The endless barrage of gas increased in length and Andy was ripping farts well over 10 seconds long. They got hotter, denser, they burned Ty’s lungs. “GET OFF OF ME!!! GET OOOOOFFFFFFF!!! PLEAAAAASE! PLEASE! please!…” Ty began to thrash as Andy was just getting warmed up, Ty’s dick began to get limp as Andy increased the length of each blast of gas. “I think you’re starting to go limp… everywhere sweetie…” Soon I can begin the procedure…" Ty fell out of consciousness after a whopping 65 farts. Nightmares flooded his brain of the guy with the massive gassy ass from hell.

The story doesn’t even end there… Andy worked diligently to perfect his master plan. A little bit of this medicine… a little bit of that medicine. Ty would soon look like an addict. A cut to the wrist, a smear of drug on his face, around his mouth… under his nose. Andy would soon own him. “DOCTOR! Look what I found! Come quick! Who was his attendant?” Dr. Rear looked puzzled, “I have no evidence of his as a patient since you treated his flu.” “How did he get in here?” Andy asked sheepishly. “I feel like a failure… he was my patient… Do you think???” Andy gave Dr. Rear some puppy dog eyes as Ty jolted awake and began to scream. “AHHHH STOOOPP!!! STOOOOOP!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!” Dr. Rear watched Ty’s dramatic screams and called for Andy to calm him… Andy grabbed him by the shoulders and whispered in Ty’s ear… “shut the fuck up or I’ll make the next dose ten times worse…” Ty hushed and Dr. Rear was impressed at Andy’s soothing nature. He had no idea what he said to Ty, but he knew he had picked the right nurse. Ty began to cry and whimper about a butt monster. Dr. Rear chuckled and decided to announce the news. “Andy… we were gonna surprise you tonight, but you got the job… head nurse over the psychiatric clinic… your dream job. Ty seems to react well to your care and I think he’s gonna be your new patient.” “Oh boy!!! Thanks Dr Rear!” Andy jumped up and down and Ty was starting to feel nauseous from worry.

And of course the story isn’t gonna end there. Ty sat, restrained to a chair, whimpering in fear of his new life. The door abruptly opened and Andy barged in wearing the tightest scrub bottoms he could find. He was munching on some hummus and broccoli. “I have a prescription for you for your… problem… but we both know that doesn’t exist. I have all the prescription you need right here…” Andy turned his back and showed Ty his ass. Ty was still in awe of those beautiful mounds of flesh… until something erupted. PHHHRRRRMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH!!! The smell hit Ty and the gagging began again. “What’s that honey? Oh?!? Didn’t I tell you my post lunch gas is even worse than my morning gas? Well, you’ll have to get used to it fast… because I’m only gonna be making it worse…” Ty was in hell. Days went by, weeks turned into months and it was a year and a half later when Dr. Rear checked up on Ty. “As you see Doctor… I cured his drug addiction. He won’t even look at the stuff.” Andy had previously farted in a whole bottle of narcotics and opened it in front of Ty for the doctor to see. Ty winced and turned his head away from the pill bottle to avoid the smell. Dr. Rear thought nothing of it but that the boy was cured. “Perfect!” Rear exclaimed. “There is one issue though Doc. He still has screaming sessions and won’t stop talking about the butt monster… but his insurance no longer covers hospitalization at a psychiatric clinic.” Dr. Rear looked puzzled until Nurse Andy presented an idea. “I will give up my position as head of this clinic and become Ty’s at home nurse… permanently if need be.” Ty lost his composure and started screaming at Dr. Rear. “Nurse! Restrain him! I think he’s having an episode!!!” Andy grabbed Ty and whispered: “shut up or I’ll fart” Ty began to cry out louder. Andy grabbed Ty’s head and caressed it shill pressed against his hip. “There there Ty… the butt monster isn’t gonna hurt you.” The smell entered Ty’s nose and Ty began to give up hope. That nauseous smell would haunt him for the rest of his life. Ty fell unconscious at Andy’s SBD. “Nurse Andy, you’ve always been able to keep that boy calm and centered. Thank you for your talents and hard work at this clinic! I’m proud to promote you to stay at home nurse for young Ty. Here’s a $20,000 annual bonus!”

The story sort of does end here. Nurse Andy took Ty home and tied him to a bed. That night Andy watched TV as he ate ice cream and sat on Ty’s face. The gas burned Ty’s nostrils more and more with each constant release. Andy brought him to the dining table and farted on Ty’s food… every bite. Ty was chained to the ground as Andy worked out. Each squat he’d receive a fart. There was no more complaining, no struggle. Over time Ty accepted his fate. Hundreds if not thousands of farts a day were fed to the once horny, perverted, asshole. One day while at dinner Andy sat on Ty’s lap and ripped a fart that lasted minutes long. When he stood up he noticed a wet spot on Ty’s pants. “OHH!!! Looks like that little problem of yours is back… may have to take you to surgery again. Ty didn’t scream. He didn’t fight. He didn’t resist. He bowed his head, held out his wrist and prepared to be led to bed to receive his daily "anesthesia” “Yes master” Were Ty’s solemn words.

Conflict of Interest

TITLE: Conflict of Interest

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being Andy’s girlfriend and Chris Motionless asking you in to be in his band’s new music video



SUMMARY: Andy and his girlfriend Katherine get a surprise when Chris asks Katherine to be in his new music video.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I don’t know what motivated me to write this. Inspired by both “America” and “Angel Eyes” music videos.

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Tinder and Dylan Strome (Requested)

You hadn’t wanted to even get the app in the first place but your best friend convinced you. 

“Come on, y/n! It’ll be so much fun. You’ll be able to hook up with a lot of guys.” She laughed.

“I don’t really want to hook up with random guys.” 

“Fine fine.” She sighed, pulling you close to her, “You’ll find your prince charming, he’ll be beautiful and funny, just like you want.” She kissed your cheek, “Now make the profile.” She smiled, making you laugh. 

“I always give in to you.” You laughed, rolling your eyes at her as she danced around the room in satisfaction. 

Your fist few matches were duds. They were cute, but were only looking for sex. The ones who weren’t looking for sex were all boring. You were about to abort your Tinder mission, but then you matched with Dylan. 

He caught your attention immediately, appearance wise, he was everything you wanted. He was tall, 6′3 to be exact, he had gorgeous brown hair, hair that you could imagine running your fingers through, and his smile, the second you saw the photo of him smiling you knew that he wanted to meet. 

When you saw he was wearing a hockey jersey, your heart skipped a beat. All of his pictures had something you loved, it had pets, hockey, camping, with kids. When you read his bio, you fell even more for him. He was funny, the kind of funny that makes your cheeks hurt from laughing too much. 

You were scared to send the first message, you knew that he at least found you attractive since you had matched each other, but you still felt uncomfortable. 

“Andie, I don’t know what to do.” You had called your best friend, knowing that she would give you all the answers. 

“Be confident, hon, it’s totally cool for you to send the first message. Hell, he’ll probably find that attractive, most guys do.” You sighed into the phone, “Y/N, you obviously thinks you’re hot, okay? I know you’re nervous, but come on, this could be your guy.” She laughed, “He plays fucking hockey, for Christ sake, I know that you’re already crazy in love.” 

You laughed, your cheeks blushing, “Okay okay, I’m going to send it. Thanks for my boost of confidence.”

“Of course, babe. We gotta stick together.” She made a kiss sound, “I’m going to go to bed, love you, y/n.”

“Love you too, Andie.” You hung open the phone and then opened Tinder, going start to Dylan’s profile. 

“It’s okay, y/n, it’s just a simple hey. It’s not like you’re asking to marrying him.” You said to yourself. You opened up the messenger and typed in ‘hey’, your thumb hovering over the send button. After stalling for thirty seconds you finally hit it. You closed the app and sat your phone on dresser, nervous that Dylan would read it but not respond. 

It was 11:43 pm, you turned your light off and closed your eyes, hoping that when you woke up you’d have a message from him. 

You were dozing off when your phone made a little ‘ping’. It was 12:26. You rubbed your eyes and grabbed your phone. 


You heart started to beat uncontrollably, your cheeks hurting from smiling so hard. 

You double tapped on the message so you could read it. 

‘Hey, I’m Dylan! You’re insanely gorgeous, it’s nice to sorta meet you. :P’

He called you gorgeous. You couldn’t believe it. As bad as you wanted to tell him how attractive he was, you knew you could never work up the courage this earlier in a relationship.

‘Thank you very much. It’s very nice to meet you too, Dylan. I’m Y/N.’ You didn’t hit send, you didn’t know how he would be able to respond, you felt like you needed to give him a question. ‘How are you?’ You hit send. 

You opened Instagram, killing time before he would respond. Another ping and message.

‘I’m tired, but good. You?’ 

‘Tired as well, but it’s nice to talk to you.’ You sent, rubbing your eyes. 

You had started to doze off again when you heard another ping, instead of opening it, you sat your phone on the dresser and fell asleep, not really thinking much about Dylan. 

You woke up to two messages from Dylan. 

The first read, ‘Likewise, from what I can tell, you seem like a really sweet girl. :)’ 

The next message, ‘I assume you fell asleep, hopefully we’ll talk in the morning.’

A huge smile was plastered to your face, you immediately called Andie.

“It’s 7:15, what in the hell are you calling me for?” She grumbled out, obliviously still half asleep.

“Andie! He messaged back, I woke up to two messages!” You were ecstatic, you were almost going start jumping on your bed from all your energy.

Andie laughed, her voice sounding more awake, “Dude! I told you he thought you were hot.” You laughed in response, “I’m going to come over in like an hour, I need to see what this boy looks like.” 

“He’s hot and sweet already, I can tell.” You laughed, giddy with excitement. 

“Did you reply back to the messages?” She asked, you heard her shuffling around her room. 

“Not yet, I called you first.” You admitted. 

Andie laughed, “Good call. I’m going to get in the shower, text him back. See you soon, babe.” She kissed the phone then hung up. 

You were sitting up in your bed, blankets still covering your legs. You opened up your Tinder messages, going straight to Dylan. 

‘Sorry for crashing on you! And same goes for you, you seem very sweet, I also love the fact that you play my favourite sport.’ You hit send, jumping out of bed and into the shower. 

After you got out of the shower you checked your phone, no new messages. You put some simple clothes on, you didn’t have any plans but to sit around with Andie all day. You heard the front door open, it had to be Andie. 

“Show me the pictures.” She said as she stepped into your room, throwing your bag to the floor. 

You laughed, grabbing your phone from your back pocket and flipping to Dylan’s profile. “Here.” You handed her the phone. 

You looked at Andie’s face as she scrolled through the pics, “He’s cute, definitely your type.” She laughed, scrolling down to his bio. 

“What does that even mean?” You laughed, pushing her.

“You like like a nerdy kind of cute.”

“He plays hockey, that’s not nerdy.” You defended. 

“I meant nerdy appearance wise, not personality.” She laughed, “He seems funny from his bio. And he’s tall at fuck.” She smiled, handing you the phone back. “Did he respond?”

You went to the messenger, and she enough, there was a new message from Dylan. 

‘You like hockey!? I lucked out. What other things do you like?’ You read aloud to Andie. 

“What if he is trying to like be subtle about hooking up?” Andie asked, “I mean, he could be innocent, but it sorta seemed like that’s what he was meaning.”

“He said he wasn’t looking for hookups in his bio.” You smiled, “What should I say?”

Andie laughed, “Say what you like. I like cute boys, animals, board games and reading.” 

“Don’t make fun of me!” You giggled. 

“It’s cute, I’m sure he’ll like it, just cut off the cute boys part.” 

‘I’m a huge animal lover! I enjoy games, reading and music a lot. haha, i’m sort of bad at trying to portray how i am.’ “How does that sound?” You asked Andie, handing her the phone.

“Sounds good.” She hit the send button for you, “We should meet up with him today!” 

“That’s a terrible idea, Andie.”

“Why?” She asked.

“Because we don’t even know the kid. What if he’s actually some weird rapist.” A ping came from your phone. 

“Shut up and look at your phone.” She laughed, jumping on your bed and grabbing your laptop. 

‘I’m a huge animal lover too. Do you have any pets? Video games or board games? Books, ahhh, so you must be smart. haha. Favourite music?’ You read again aloud to Andie. 

“Ask him for his number.”


“So you can talk on the phone, do it.” 

You sighed, “Fine.” 

‘Hey, what’s your number? Maybe we could talk on the phone, it’ll be easier that way.’ 

Within seconds you got a response. 

‘Great idea, it’s xxx-xxxx.’ 

You typed the number into the dial pad. “Are you ready, Andie?” 

“The question is, are you ready?” She laughed, “You’re going to do all the talking, I’m going to do all the judging.” She giggled. You hit dial and put the phone to your ear, “Speaker phone, girl.” Andie said. 

You did as told and heard the loud rings, “Hello? Y/N?” His voice was like gold, it sounded young, but sweet. 

You looked at Andie and froze, “Say something!” She mouthed.

“Yeah. Hi,” You laughed nervously, “It’s y/n. Dylan?” You were so nervous, you didn’t know why you had agreed to Andie’s stupid plan. 

You heard him chuckle, “Yeah. You sound different than I expected.” 

“What did you expect?” She laughed. 

“Higher, I guess. But I like your voice, it’s really nice.” You imagined him ruffling his hair as he talked. 

“Yours isn’t bad either.” You were starting to feel comfortable, you heard him laugh. “But to answer your questions, I do have pets. A dog named Topher. Video and board games.” You laughed, “Books are good for the brain, and I just love the feeling of being brought into another world. And music, I like a lot of acoustic kinds of things, i hate rap.” You confessed. 

Dylan laughed on the other end, “You sound like an interesting kind of girl, different from the few I’ve talked to on here.”

“Different how so?”

“A lot of people are just looking for sex or their just boring as fuck.” He laughed, “And you seem genuine, you’re sorta weird in this really nice way.” 

You laughed, your cheeks blushing. “I’m glad I get the title of weird girl on Tinder.” 

He chuckled, “I just mean you don’t seem the kind of person to sign up for Tinder.” 

“I didn’t.” You laughed, looking straight at Andie, “My best friend made me, I almost just deleted the app but then we matched.” 

“I feel special now.” He giggled, “Tell me more about yourself.”

“Well, I’m going to college next year, i’m majoring in computer science, I love hockey, obviously.” 

“Who’s your favourite team?” 

“Blackhawks.” You smiled, “Amazing team, all of the players are just phenomenal.”

“Yeah, they’re a strong team, they win the cup practically every other year.” He laughed.

“Ask him to meet up.” Andie whispered.

“Is someone there with you?” He asked. 

“My best friend, Andie.” 

“Hey there, Dylan.” She said laughing. 

You heard Dylan laugh, “Hello Andie!” 

“Y/N is too scared to ask, but we should all meet up! We can go out for a movie?” She smiled as your cheeks turned a bright red. 

“Would it be three of us?” 

“Yeah.” She responded.

“I can invite my friend Connor, make it like a double date.” 

Your cheeks turned a bright red and Andie giggled, “Let’s do it. Does today work for you?” 

“Yeah, how about 5, we can watch the movie first and then go out to dinner? Does that sounds okay, y/n?” 

Your cheeks were still bright pink but you wouldn’t let this opportunity pass, “Yeah, of course.” You laughed nervously. 

“Awesome. I’ll call Connor right now. You should text me, y/n, so we can continue talking.” 

“For sure.” You laughed.   

All Tied Up

“You’re such a f*ucking a*sshole!” You yelled at your boyfriend, who came through the door drunk and stumbling. Andy narrowed his eyes at you and you stomped down the hallway, slamming your bedroom door. He was supposed to come home early tonight to spend time with you before he had to leave for tour the next day. You could hear him stomping down the hallway and he flung the bedroom door open letting it smack violently against the wall. It made you jump.
“What the fuck is your problem tonight?” He angrily spat at you.
“YOU ARE MY PROBLEM!” You shout at him. “You were supposed to come home at 10 Andy, it’s now midnight and we won’t be able to spend any time together before you have to leave for six months!” You were so upset. Andy sighed and you started to cry.
“Oh don’t start.” He snapped at you when he saw the tears fall. You got up and went to the bathroom, slamming the door shut, desperate for escape. You didn’t want to see him right now. He bursted through the door and it made you jump.
“I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU RIGHT NOW!” You shouted at him. He closed the gap between you quickly, scaring you as he pinned you up against the bathroom wall by your wrists. He put his face just centimeters from yours. He furrowed his brow and looked into your eyes with his jaw clenched. You could smell the liquor on his breath. It was then you realized you were breathing heavily and his breaths were calm. His eyes never left yours. He was making you so uncomfortable.
“Andy please.” You whispered.
“What.” He said through his teeth, gripping your wrists tighter and pinning them tighter to the wall.
“Please let me go.” You say quietly.
“No.” He spat angrily, crashing his lips onto yours. He let go of your wrists and placed his hand on the back of your neck. His kisses were deep and rough. His tongue explored every inch of your mouth. He snuck a hand down the front of your pajama bottoms and started to stroke your c*lit.
“Andy please. I don’t want to…” You moaned as he honed in on the sweet spot on your neck. No words. He was quiet. He kept stroking you and kissing your neck, still pinning you to the wall with his body. He met your lips again. His fingers were now working at a rapid pace and you were about to explode.
“C*um.” He whispered. You moaned softly into his ear. “C*um baby.” You moaned again and this time your o*rgasm shot through you. You cried his name as each wave hit you. He pulled his hand out of your pants and encircled your wrist pulling you out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, flinging you onto the bed.
“Take your clothes off. NOW.” He commanded pointing at you. You shakily started taking off your shirt and pants and he quickly pulled his shirt off. He crawled on top of you on the bed, locking his lips with yours and pushing you down so your back was against the bed. He straddled your midsection and you quickly undid his belt buckle and unbuttoned his jeans, slowly pulling down the zipper.
“Suck on it beautiful. I want you to taste it.” He cooed, running his thumb across your bottom lip. He got off of you and stood up. You unhooked your bra and slid your panties off.
“On your knees.” Andy instructed as he pulled his pants and boxers down the rest of the way. He grabbed ahold of his thick sh*aft and began to stroke himself. Watching him do this drove you crazy. You took over for him, rubbing him up and down in your own hand. You teased his tip with the tip of your tongue, gently flicking it across and around.
“I would advise you not to tease me.” He groaned, looking down at you with his eyebrow raised. You wrapped your lips fully around the head of his d*ick and began to suck and lick him while stroking him at the same time.
“Ugh baby yes.” He groaned. “Touch yourself while you suck me.” He groaned again. You brought your fingers down to your c*lit and circled them around it. Andy pulled your hair up into a tight pony tail with his hand and stilled your head so he could thrust in and out of your mouth. He pushed himself in until the head of his d*ick was in the back of your throat and you gagged.
“Take it all.” He groaned pulling your hair tighter. “Take it all, I’m going to c*um soon.” He continued to thrust in and out of your mouth at a quick pace. You could feel his d*ick start to pulse. He was almost there and he was now panting. He stopped thrusting.
“Make me c*um baby.” He cooed and you sucked the tip of his d*ick and rubbed him at the same time and finally he groaned as he c*ame. He tightened the grip on your hair and unloaded himself in your mouth. His c*um was thick, warm and bittersweet.
“Swallow it.” He snapped. Pulling your hair so your head would go back, forcing you to swallow. He walked over to dresser and pulled something out and walked back over to you.
“Bed. Now.” He snapped. He took the cuffs he got out of the dresser and handcuffed your hands together.
“Andy what the fu-” You started to say but he smacked the side of your a*ss.
“Shut up.” He snapped. He turned you on to your belly and pulled your butt up into the air. Your face lying on the bed and your hands underneath of you. You could feel him run his tip up and down your slit, dipping in and then running it back up and down. He entered all of himself inside of you roughly. You weren’t quite wet enough to handle all of him. It hurt. Hurt so bad, but good. He continued to ram you, landing a hand firmly on your ass, making it red and sting. You were sure there was going to be a mark left.
“Andy please.” You beg, but he responded with another brutal slap to the a*ss cheek.
“Shut.” *brutal thrust* “Up.” *brutal thrust* He said through gritted teeth and continued his relentless pace. You could feel an o*rgasm start to form deep inside. Andy’s brutal pace was making it build quickly.
“Mmm yes, c*um.” He groaned. He always knew. “I like when you tighten around me when you’re about to c*um.” He groaned, smacking your ass yet again. You were sure you were going to have a dozen red hand prints all over your butt tomorrow. “C*um baby girl. Make my d*ick wet, make it drip down my b*alls.” His voice was a bit deeper and strained when he said this. Finally it exploded. You could feel your juices do exactly what Andy wanted them to do. You cried out his name as the wave of pleasure washed over you, triggering his o*rgasm. You felt his d*ick pulse inside of you and the rush of his fluids deep inside your core, running out and down your inner thigh as he pulled out. You both collapsed next to each other and he unlocked the cuffs. You rubbed each of your wrists. He had put them on really tight.
“Come here babe.” He said, pulling you into him.
“I’m sorry for everything.” He mumbled, barely able to keep his eyes opened. You smiled and pecked his cheek.
“It’s okay baby. I’m sorry for being such a b*itch.” He pecked your forehead and turned you on to your side, pulling you close to him. He was out before you even reached over to click the lamp off. You snuggled back into him and he buried his face into the back of your neck and pulled you in tighter. He snored lightly and you smiled to yourself. You were so lucky to be his.

Mrs. Biersack (Andy Biersack Smut)

So… May I request an Andy Biersack one? Where it’s Andy and (y/n)’s wedding night and its really romantic and loving, maybe even candlelit?

A/N: Sorry if this looks weird, I’m on Mobile rn

I smiled at my fiancé, No, husband who was standing in front of me. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as he pulled me in and kissed me on the lips.

He slipped his tongue into my mouth, making me blush as his hands travelled up and down my curves.

“You’re so gorgeous.” He whispered against my skin. He turned me around so that I was facing away from him and unzipped my dress. Carefully, I stepped out of in and Andy placed it on a nearby chair.

He came up to me again, this time lifting me up so that my legs were wrapped around his waist and my arms around his shoulders.

He pushed me up against the wall, his mouth going to my neck as I have him soft moans. He sucked and left love bites along my collar bone, making me throw my head back in response.

He turned away from the wall, his lips not leaving my neck and threw me onto the bed.

He undid my bra and his lips attacked my breasts. I moaned in response as he sucked on my nipple, making it turn erect. He licked down to my stomach and along my panty line.

He pulled off my underwear with his teeth then pressed his lips firmly to my wet slit.

I moaned and bucked my hips with pleasure as his tongue started to move. I pushed my hips forward, desperate for his touch, but he pushed my body down with his hand. Andy’s tongue swirled around my clit.

“A-Andy.. I’m close.” I moaned, squirming underneath him. He hummed making me scream as I hit my orgasm.

Andy came up towards me again and I smiled.

“You have far too many clothes on, Mr. Biersack.” I grinned cheekily as I unbuttoned his jacket and shirt. I pulled them off and turned and flipped Andy over so I was straddling him.

I pulled his pants down and then his boxers, grinning as Andy looked uncomfortable underneath me.

I rubbed my soaking wet sex along his member, watching Andy shiver with anticipation. I slowly pushed his length into me and moaned as I started bouncing on him.

Andy grunted and did his best to thrust into me, his hands firmly at my hips. I moaned, moving my hips in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Y-Y/N… I fucking love you.” He grunted through his teeth.

“Andy!” I screamed as he hit my spot. Without warning, Andy flipped me over so he was towering over me, thrusting quickly. The sound of slapping skin filled the room

“Right there! Oh fuck, Andrew!” I moaned, biting my lip.

“That your spot, baby?” He asked me. I nodded my head frantically. He started pounding into my deeply, making me scream his name.

I moved my hand down to rub my clit frantically, squirming underneath Andy.

“Y/N! Fuck, I’m close.” He grunted.

“S-So am I!” I managed to get out.

“Cum for me, Y/N!” He growled. I screamed, hitting my climax. Andy released shortly after, making him groan and pull out.

He laid next to me, kissing my temple.

“I love you, Mrs. Biersack.” He said into my hair.

“Love you too, Mr. Biersack.” I grinned back before falling into a deep sleep.