andy is coming

‘It’s time for your digital examination, Poppet.’

Senpai Seven, dedicated to @11daysofhell

  • Pete: From now on we'll be using code names. You can address me as "Eagle One".
  • Pete: Mikey, code name, "Been There, Done That".
  • Pete: Patrick is "Currently Doing That".
  • Pete: Joe, "It Happened Once In A Dream".
  • Pete: Brendon, "If I Had To Pick A Dude From Panic".
  • Pete: And Andy is..."Eagle Two".
  • Andy: Oh, thank God.
  • Paramore: *releases new music and announces a tour and album*
  • All Time Low: *releases new music and announces a album*
  • Fall Out Boy: *tweets a bunch of addresses that all lead to movie theatres in Chicago with a time and plays a ten second video shot at a resort with the words "Fall Out boy" at the end without explaining anything to fans*
HoLy FuCk ThE tOnYs ArE t O d A y