andy helms


Table Read for the Finale of the Office.

My highlights are at:
4:05 - Original cast photo 
4:16 - Introduction of the cast
7:16 - The lost Matrix Prank that was never shot
1:06:27 - Jenna and John 
1:13:38 - Jim’s penultimate talking head
1:14:04 - Dwight’s final talking head
1:15:49 - Jim’s final talking head
1:16:02 - Pam’s final talking head

I’ve been emotional, cried and laughed many times over the course of this show…but I didn’t think the table read would get me as it did.

So I was talking with my Uncle Rob today at my grandmother’s birthday, and he asked me about what I liked to watch so I told him I switch between a few shows and I recently finished binge watching The Office over my winter break. He asked me which one and I told him the American one, and he told me he knows Ed Helms. I’m like Are you kidding me? This is definitely not true, so I looked up where Ed Helms went to college and I remembered my mom grandma and uncle were talking about my uncle graduating from Oberlin like 20 minutes before that!! So I’m like no fucking wayyyy!!! So he starts telling me stories about how he was friends with Ed in college and I’m telling my girlfriend all this because she got me into the office and she’s like “don’t tell me he’s Broccoli Rob” and I fucked around saying he is. But then I tell him “what if Broccoli Rob is based off of you?” and he laughs then tells me about how hE WAS IN AN A CAPELLA GROUP WITH ED HELMS AND HOW HERE COMES TREBLE IS BASED OFF ED’S ACTUAL A CAPELLA GROUP FROM COLLEGE!!!! I was floored like WHAT THE SHIT MY UNCLE IS ACTUALLY FUCKING BROCCOLI ROB!!!! I listened to him for like 30 full minutes about all of his stories and I was stunned by it all!! Normally I’m so bored at my family’s parties but NOT FUCKING TODAY!!!