andy had better be well by then


Why are you like this.

(This is a conversation I’ve actually had more than once. I’m not sure how they expect me to respond to having my own standards of attractiveness overruled by a dude who feels the need to mansplain what attractiveness is. I’m pan, but self-describing as gay is just SLIGHTLY more likely to be taken seriously by people on the internet as well as being a bit better for discouraging dudebros.)

I Miss You

The sky outside was dark, the crickets sang their symphony and your apartment was rather silent. You were laying on the couch watching some CSI show on tv, but you weren’t really paying attention it was on to serve as background noise and a distraction. It didn’t do too well in terms of a distraction but it was better than the silence. For the last couple of weeks your apartment had seemed rather quiet it was almost as if something was missing. Almost like a missing puzzle piece, no matter how long you search for it you can’t find it but you knew it was gone. You sighed and leaned back against the back of the chair, there was a wave of loneliness that washed over your body but there was nothing you could do about that. A few weeks ago your boyfriend, Andy, and yourself had broken up. You had been together for a year and a half and now it was suddenly gone. There was a part of you that missed him and another part of you that was angry at him and wanted nothing to do with him.

Andy had gone on tour and you stayed home. You had things to take care of and a job to keep up with and you were in no position to up and leave your job, so you stayed at the apartment the two of you shared. You had gotten a couple of weird texts from him one day, they were things such as “Looking forward to seeing you tonight,” or “I hope you can make it.” When you asked them about it he had said things like “I thought we were going to skype tonight,” and “I meant i hope you can make it to…” whatever event he had coming up. Something didn’t sit right and you decided to call him, but it wasn’t Andy who answered.

Her name was Alice. She had met Andy at some party a little while before the tour and went with him. He had invited her when you decided not to go. Evidently the two of them did a little more than just grab a few drinks at a bar. They started hooking up a few weeks into the tour. Sure enough, and although they didn’t want to, CC and Jake had confirmed it. When Andy came back you didn’t listen to his argument you just packed his things and told him to leave.

Now that he was gone you missed him more than ever. You missed his hugs and kisses, his voice, the way he smelled, his laugh and everything about him. You were was with yourself, you wanted him back but at the same time you wanted him as far away from you as humanly possible.

Suddenly there was a knock at your door, causing you to jump lightly. You pushed yourself off of the couch, you were wearing only pajama pants and a large tee shirt. But you didn’t care, whoever was at your door most likely wouldn’t care either. You opened the front door and imminently your heart sank and you felt your stomach began to twist and turn in knots. Andy was standing in the doorway, it had been weeks since the two of you had even spoken with each other, seeing him was a little more than shocking.

“What do you want?” You asked.

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I agree that Andy's management team should have known better than to have it at a venue that had those kinds of rules if they didn't want it to be an issue. But also people should check better when purchasing tickets as well, especially since it apparently did say that on the website. An unfortunate situation, but I think it's hard to blame any one specific party for what happened.

Not Enough Time

Hi love your account btw haha I was wondering if you could do an imagine of me going to a bvb concert and andy pulling me on stage and asking me to sing “Morticians Daughter” with him? Please and thank you!!!


It was the perfect night. A night like no other. Laying in my bed, clutching the piece of paper to my chest I couldn’t be happier.

I couldn’t believe what had happened! It was so amazing, I still couldn’t believe it.

Wait… You probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Let me tell you!

I- well, I guess it’s better if we start from the beginning…


Standing in the front row, sweating bodies surrounding me, my own clothes feeling like a second layer of skin and my makeup/war paint most likely smudged, you wouldn’t think I’d be as happy as I was right now.

I managed to bump my way up right next to the stage, able to get the perfect view of the band I’ve been waiting to see for a long time.

Black Veil Brides.

Black shredded shorts and a Black Veil Brides tanktop was my attire for this event. Of course, paired with teased hair, war paint, and black converse.

The song Fallen Angels come to an end and Andy begins to speak which makes me feel as if my knees go weak.

“Now, the next song that we will be playing tonight will be one of my personal favorites. You all know Morticians Daughter, right?” He asks and the crowd goes wild.

He grins before continuing, “Well I’m going to need some help from a very pretty girl in the crowd.”

Again, the crowd goes wild as he looks at the front row before his eye land on me.

Andy grins before coming my way, kneeling down and holding out a hand towards my direction.

“Sing with us?” He asks, and I can only do my best to not scream out in happiness as I nod, a grin spreading onto my lips.

I take his hand and he pulls me up onto the stage, the crowd screaming behind us.

“What’s your name, beautiful?” He questions into the microphone before leaning it towards me to speak.

“Y-Y/N.” I stumble over my words, my face probably beat red but I was over the moon.

“Y/N, you’re going to help me sing a special song tonight. Is that okay?”

I nod rapidly and he grins before the music begins to play once again.

After the song was over, he asked me to go wait backstage for him after the show was over. And I must say, it was an amazing show.

Andy comes jogging over to me while the other guys look over with a smirk or grin before walking off some where else.

“I don’t have a lot of time to talk,” my heart drops a bit at his words, but I keep a smile on my face, “Which is why I’m giving you this.”

He hands my a piece of paper, putting it in my hand and wrapping my fingers around it tightly in a fist.

“Give me a call sometime.” Andy grins, leaning in and pressing his lips to my cheek.

I can feel myself heat up into a blush as he pulls away, giving me one last smile and a wink.

*present time*

And now, here I am. I just might give him a call…

Who am I kidding? Of course I am.

First Rounds; 1966; Tyler & Andy

Getting the letter about being a prefect was both exciting and nerve-wracking for Tyler. Secretly, it was something he’d always wanted, but he didn’t think he had the authority to really do his job well enough. Tonight, that would be put to the test.

It was the second week of school and he’d been assigned his first set of rounds. For the first few times, they usually pair the new prefects with the ones in other years so that they would have better instruction on what to do. Today, he was scheduled with Andromeda Black. They’d talked a few times on occasion, but he still found her slightly intimidating and wasn’t sure how tonight was going to go. He stood at the top of the staircase leading up to the third floor awaiting her arrival, fidgeting slightly with his robes.

Under the Weather *Andy Biersack Imagine*


Sitting up in bed, you sniffle and groan. You felt terrible, which wasn’t uncommon during flu and allergy season. You were tough and could fight with any physical condition, all except for getting sick. This was the kind of sick that made you want to curl up and die. The only real treatment would be lots of rest and time to allow yourself to get better.

You knew this all too well, but you still had to get things done today. Being sick didn’t put the rest of your responsibilities on hold, and it certainly wouldn’t change, no matter what. Besides, being sick wasn’t anything new. It happens to everyone.

You hold your hands over your heavy, aching, head. Standing up, the room seemed to spin a little and your stomach felt queasy, almost as if you were about to throw up. Brushing it off, you head into the kitchen to find something to eat before getting your day started.

“Hey baby” Andy heard you walk in.

You sniff, suppressing anything that may signify that you were indeed ill. Andy wasn’t one to take illness lightly, especially when it came to you. It was enough for him to catch all sorts of bizarre sicknesses while touring, so he understood how important it was to maintain your health. Plus, being sick was no fun. He hated seeing you miserable.

The usual glow in your skin was gone. Dark circles under your eyes were fully formed above a red and stuffy nose. You slumped when you walked, unable to hide how horrible you felt.

“Oh!” Andy came over towards you. He lifted your chin, examining your ill-stricken face. “Are you sick?!”

“I’m fine.” You say gingerly, being careful of your sore throat. “It’s just a little cold, I’ll be alright-”

“Bed. Now.” He says. “You need to rest.”

You weren’t feeling up to arguing with him at this point. You just complied, following him into the bedroom. Andy pulls the covers back as you climbed back into bed.

Covering you with the blanket, he kisses your forehead, then goes to find medication and food to help you feel better.

You knew what was coming next. Andy would make you take a series of disgusting syrups and medicines that you absolutely hated. Tasting a “cherry flavored” over the counter drug cocktail that only covered up the sickness, not entirely diminish it.

When he returns, he sets various bottles of medicine on the nightstand along with some water, tea, crackers and fruits. He takes a small plastic cup and fills it halfway with a red strong smelling syrup.

“I don’t need to take that.” You say, letting out a big sneeze.

“It will make you feel better.” He says. Now open up so I can give this to you.

You turn your head away.

“I know you don’t like it, (y/n).” He tries to give you the bitter tasting liquid.

You groan in frustration, pushing him away. You didn’t want to deal with this right now!

Andy sets the cup aside, looking at you defeated. “Baby, let me help you.” He says softly, tucking your hair behind your ear. “I just want to make you feel better, that’s all.

Seeing that your stubbornness hurt his feelings, you give in, taking the medicine. You cringe and almost gag at how gross it was, then washed the flavor away with some water.

"See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

You shake your head. Andy hands you a few pills and then a little bit of food. You eat what you could, then set it aside. You weren’t very hungry.

Your body begins to shiver, even though the house was fairly warm. You lie back and pull the covers up, trying to warm your body.

Andy’s heart sinks at your inability to feel better at the moment. He couldn’t stand to see you like this. He grabs one of his sweaters, offering it to you. Before putting it on, he rubs a thick menthol smelling cream over your chest to help you breathe.

“How does that feel?” He asks, rubbing the cream into your skin. His fingers worked slow and smooth across your chest, making sure that you’re able to relax.

You nod, unable to really speak. He has you lift your arms over your head, placing the oversized sweater over your cold body. You wrap your arms around yourself, feeling the material’s warmth. You loved this sweater. It was comfortable and smelled just like him. If anything, it was almost like hugging him when you wore it.

The sleeves were longer than your arms. You used them to help you hold the hot tea as you sipped it. Andy leaned forward and kissed you on the forehead.

“Can I get in bed with you?” He asks.

You pull the blankets back on the opposite side of the bed where Andy crawled in next to you. You set your tea down, snuggling under the blankets against his chest. Your head didn’t ache as much and you felt your body begin to relax a little. It wasn’t enough to stop the sickness, but enough to help you get back to sleep.

Andy held you close to him while you drifted off to sleep. Every few minutes or so, he’d look down to check on you, or put his palm over your head to see if you were still warm.

“I love you.” He whispers, kissing the top of your head.

You let out a small sigh, holding him tighter while you slept. Andy knew how to look out for you, even when you didn’t think he needed to. He loved you too much to let you go out feeling terrible. In his opinion, you needed to be happy, and if you weren’t happy or healthy, he’d make sure to change that, no matter what it took or how stubborn you’d be.