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Sidney aged up and gained the bookworm trait as well as an extra special once since all his skills were maxed out beforehand. I also gave him the Whiz Kid aspiration! ;-;

Fall Out Boy is like a troll band, I mean...
  • 2005
  • Lawyer: Guys, you can't name this song like this, you're gonna get sued. Change it.
  • FOB: Well..
  • "Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued"
  • 2007
  • Producer: Guys, you should make your songs names shorther.
  • FOB: Well...
  • "Thnks fr th Mmrs"
  • 2010
  • Anybody: You're awesome, keep up like this!
  • FOB: Well...
  • *FOB breaks up*
  • 2013
  • Person: Why are you so emo and depressed?
  • FOB fan: Because Fall Out Boy broke up and Pete said he would not play with Fall Out Boy again and I'm gonna be sad the rest of my life.
  • FOB: Well...
  • *FOB comes back together*
  • And I could go on and on...

anonymous asked:

How quickly does your hair grow? If you didn't like it short, would you be able to grow it back out easily?

Andy: My hair grows extremely fast. I just got it cut in January to above my shoulders and it’s between my shoulder blades now

one thing i do like about Arty’s relationship with his parents is that even though they mean well they’re still not very good parents? I doubt this was done intentionally and I wish this was acknowledged in the series but yeah

relatable fall out boy lyrics

can’t do it by myself

letting people down is my thing, baby

I’ve got headaches and bad luck

but I’m no good at math

boys like you are overrated 

isn’t it messed up how I’m just dying to be him

oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean any of it, i just got too lonely

I wrote the gospel on giving up 

I’m a nervous wreck



Andy has never worn that ugly ass bracelet EVER! Shell do anything to sell her shit at unbelievable prices. And her dog on a leash follows. Andy is just as bad as Juliet. I’ve never personally liked Andy because Ive always felt that he didn’t understand the base he made music for. Growing up andy was a pretty boy. He didn’t experience real bullying or body issues or insecurities. He was a brat who was given anything he wanted. Honestly whose parents would let their kid drop out of HS. He need to drop the “poor me i was a struggling kid” act. Everyone knows he wasn’t. Just think if there was someone in your school that looked like andy at that age do you really think he’d be bullied to the extent he claims. Yes theres always someone who picks on you thats what HS is its normal. I didn’t say its right but it is normal thats why its referred to as HELL!!!

He can say whatever he wants I just don’t buy it. Thats one of the reasons I love BMTH. Oli is in touch and can actually understand his fans. He isn’t politically correct and yea sometimes says things that are a bit inappropriate haha ;D But I’d take him anyday because he’s true to himself and IS himself unlike andy and corns who will be anything you want them to be as long as you give them money and fame. He doesn’t shove skulls and crosses and all black attire down your thoats 24/7! He is his own person and I love that. And its evident in his fan base. No respectable adult admits to liking BVB they’re little bitches and thats an embarrassment. However tons of adults, you can see them in the crowd, love BMTH. At the end of the day karma has no deadline (haha get the reference) and Andy and Corns will get whats coming. They’re scammers, lier’s, manipulators, and fakes! And the only people buying there fake shit are 14yr old dumbasses who are in desperate need of a reality check!

she looks 18 between you and i

i just realized how old i really am

(001) Dammit // Blink 182 (002) Innocent // Taylor Swift (003) Growing Up // Fall Out Boy (004) Grow Up // Paramore (005) One of the Boys // Katy Perry (006) Thnks Fr Th Mmrs // Fall Out Boy (007) When You Were Young // The Killers (008) What’s My Age Again? // Blink 182 (009) 1985 // Bowling For Soup (010) Hello Cold World // Paramore (011) Bad Side of 25 // Patrick Stump (012) Vienna // Billy Joel

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get to know me: celebrity crushes
✘ andy biersack - “as we grow up we learn that even the person that wasn’t supposed to ever let you down probably will. you will have your heart broken probably more than once and it gets harder every time. you’ll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. you’ll fight with your best friend. you’ll blame a new love for things an old one did. you’ll cry because time is passing too fast, and you’ll eventually lose someone you love, so take many pictures, laugh too much and love like you’ve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is one minute of happiness you’ll never get back.”