andy gray,

((OOC: Can I just talk about what a blessing Andy, KP, and TT are?

KP, it was soooo sooo wonderful to finally meet you in person. Your curls are out of this world wonderful and I loved your hugs so much. You have this wonderful spirit to you, being sweet and quiet; but that fiery piss and vinegar side to you that has no problems making itself known is something I completely adore about you. You’re the bees knees and you always will be, you wonderful being. 

Andy, it was so nice to see you again. I just love you so so much. You’re such a handsome human and I love listening to your intensely animated stories. I love your boldness and your kindness. I also very much enjoyed the delicate procedure of replicating hugs from Lundy and Andy( @girlswillbeboys11 @lundayy ), and I am in awe of your skills everyday. I’m so glad we are friends and I’m lucky to know you Andy Gray. 

TT, I wuuuuv you! You’re so kind to have sheltered and fed us all. Providing endless entertainment is hard but you certainly have a knack for it (especially at all hours we should be sleeping). You’re so clever and kind and just straight up beautiful in all aspects of the word. You have changed my life in so many ways and I’m better for knowing you. It is my sincere desire that you keep loving life and yourself and what you do. Because you’ve more than earned it. You are spectacular, and I love you very very much.))

@asktheboywholived @siriusly-not-over-remus @whompingwillovv

Happy Thoughts Continue

Little Sirius Black with a slight lisp. 

James Potter getting even with Lucius Malfoy for charming his hair green, by changing all the snakes on the Slytherin banners to roar like lions and whistle cat calls whenever he walks by.

Tiny Remus Lupin with a too big beanie and sweater paws

Peter Pettigrew with adorably large front teeth during his first and second year.

Minerva McGonagall receiving a all of her Christmas presents from the boys wrapped in COMPLETE TARTAN WRAPPING PAPER.

Sirius Black charming the common room to play “Scotland the Brave” whenever McGonagall walks in. (She took 5 points for inappropriate behavior and gave 10 points for song choice.)

6th year James Potter taping muggle plunger ends to his feet so he can climb up the slide to the Gryffindor girls dorms to visit Lily.

Sirius Black wearing nothing but a discarded old Potter quidditch jersey, and snitch boxers to bed in the winter. 

Also known as “The Season Remus Lupin Almost Had An Aneurysm”.

Peter Pettigrew snuggled and warm with hot chocolate and a good book while it snows outside.