andy glass

We Came As Romans // Present, Future & Past

Could you do where it’s your anniversary with Andy and it starts out cute but then you guys have a fight because you thought he forgot it but then you guys make up and it’s adorable??


“C’mon Andy, get out of bed!” You pull his hand a little, sitting next to him in the bed. “I made breakfast!

"Alright, alright.” He mumbles, sitting up and running his hand through his hair.

You always thought he looked so cute when he woke up. His voice was a little raspy, his hair was messy. He just looked cute.

He rubs his eyes and looks up at you.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” He says with a tired grin, leaning towards you and pecking your lips. You smile back, grabbing his hand again and pulling him out of bed. He gets up and you walk down the stairs of your shared house into the kitchen, where you’d laid out pancakes and eggs, and even some bacon.

“How did I not smell any of this?” He states questioningly, scratching his head and making a confused face.

“Well, Andy, you’re kind of a heavy sleeper.” You give a little bit of a nervous laugh, sitting down at the table and looking up at him, a silent gesture for him to sit as well.

He sits down across from you, smiling up at you as he fills up his plate. When he’s finished, there’s a mountain of food on his plate.

“Jesus, Andy. Are you eating for three?” You ask incredulously. He shrugs a little, smiling sheepishly.

“Just hungry… And you always make the best food anyways.” He finishes his sentence with a wink, digging into the monstrous pile of breakfast before him.

You shake your head and put the remaining food upon your own plate, beginning to eat as well.

You eat breakfast in silence, but it’s a comfortable silence. There’s only one thing that’s troubling you as you eat.

It’s your 2 year anniversary, and Andy hasn’t spoken a word or even given a hint that he knew or cared. It worried you a little, seeing as 2 years together is quite the milestone.

As much as you wanted to spill your guts about how happy and excited you were, you wanted Andy to express his happiness first.

“So… What were you planning to do today?” You ask quietly, trying to ease some answers out of him.

Could he have forgotten? No, he couldn’t have.

Your mind raced as he opened his mouth to speak.

“Well, Lou called. He wanted me to head over so we could work on something. So, I was figuring I’d do that in a little while.” Your heart sank, and your face showed it. “Babe?” He asks, totally oblivious.

Is he seriously that blind?

“Andy,” You say, a hint if frustration in your voice. “What’s today’s date?”

“April 5th.” He answers, without a moments hesitation.

“Well, do you remember what happened on April 5th, 2 years ago?” Your voice was getting angrier sounding with each word. He gulps.

“Yeah, I do. That’s the day I asked the most wonderfully perfect girl in the world to be mine”

For some reason, him making you squeeze that information out of him just made you absolutely furious.

“Andy, oh my god!” You yell, throwing your hands up in exasperation. He looks genuinely surprised. “Couldn’t you have just fucking said it? Why did i have to play goddamn 20 questions with you to get you to admit what today is? It’s our fucking 2 year anniversary and you decide to go hang out with Lou and act like nothing important at all is going on?!?” You stop shouting and catch your breath.

“You’re mad.” He states flatly.

“Mad?” You say, anger seething from you. “Mad? I’m fucking furious, Andrew.” You never used his full name. When you did, he knew he was in deep shit. “I did this nice fucking stuff for you because I fucking love you and wanted to be really nice because today is special. But apparently it’s only fucking special to me.” You turn away and jog up the stairs, locking yourself in the bathroom.

Andy knocks on the door. “Baby, I’m sorry. Please come out.” He pleads leaning on the door.

“Fuck you.” is all you say in response.

Somehow, me manages to unlock the door, and he crawls in, sitting next to you on the floor. You’d been crying a little bit. You were just so goddamned frustrated with him.

“What. Do. You. Want.”

“Ijustwanttoapologize,” He says quickly. You’re almost unable to understand him. “Ididn’tmeantomakeyoumadIjusthadsomethingplannedandineededtokeepitasecrerandifItalkedIwouldhavegivenitaway. I’m really sorry.” He apologizes slow enough to understand. You thought about what he said for a second, trying to make sure you heard correctly.

“Okay, I forgive you. But you at least could’ve just said ‘Happy Anniversary’, you asshole.” You hit him lightly and chuckle, and he leans in and kisses you lovingly.

“I really am sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to make you mad. I love you.”

“I love you, too. Jesus, you better have something fucking spectacular planned.” You say, obviously joking. He smirks.

“Of course.” That sly smile got you every time.“

"I’m still pissed at you, though.” You say, although you’re smiling.

“Yeah, I know,” He replies. “I’m kind of a dick.” You laugh really hard at that one.

At least he didn’t forget.