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My “Boys” by Charli XCX video
  • Oscar Isaac playing peekaboo with his baby. He has his Poe Dameron hairstyle and just the right stubble.
  • John Boyega playing with TOO MANY KITTENS at once. TOO MANY. He laughs, delighted and overwhelmed, at the tickle of their tiny toebeans.
  • Diego Luna with sweaterpaws in a big cableknit cowl-neck, peeking out at me with sparkling eyes.
    • Alternately: Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal lovingly fixing each other’s hair and collars and glasses.
  • Harry Styles bashfully holding out a bunch of heart-shaped balloons. He’s wearing a floral suit.
  • Riz Ahmed floating past in a crystal-blue pool, laying atop a swan-shaped floatie. He tilts his sunglasses down to wink.
  • Harrison Ford looking vaguely maybe-disapproving but being a good sport about it.
  • George Shelley building a blanket fort for two. He wears a blanket cape.
  • Mahershala Ali having a tea party with gilded bone china teacups covered in fuchsia roses. The other guests are mostly teddy bears.
  • Andy Samberg making a giant banana split; he’s wearing a cardigan and his glasses, and he had to roll up the sleeves to his elbows.
  • Aziz Ansari playing with a Dog That Looks Like Tom Haverford, rip the cutest blog concept.
  • Tom Holland doing breathtaking fouettes and probably a pas de basque combo.
    • Harry Shum Jr. can come, too.
  • Richard Ayoade cleaning his glasses. He’s in a beautiful library. He shushes the camera.
  • Adam Scott eating a calzone, the cheese stretching entirely too long to be realistic. He laughs at himself.
  • John Cho riding a white horse like in Selfie, but in less of a shirt.  Maybe in a light rain.
  • Ben Schwartz and Joe Keery brushing their teeth side-by-side.
  • Alfie Enoch frosting a giant pink cake with a smudge of flour on his perfect cheekbone.
  • Terry Crews painting a still life of flowers and various fruits.
  • Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield having a pillow fight in ridiculously-patterned flannel pajama pants and white undershirts. They lightly pluck stray feathers from each other’s shoulders.
  • Armie Hammer walking a moderately sized army of dachsunds in raincoats. He has a magenta umbrella.
  • Louis Tomlinson, clean-shaven, wearing suspenders. Freddie is dressed to match.
  • Donnie Yen polishing an apple on his shirt and taking a cheery bite. Or maybe a peach, and then then he wipes his mouth on his wrist.
  • Luke Pasqualino carving an terrible, terrible, but very cute jack-o’lantern. He’s too proud of it.
  • Tamal Ray eating a huge sandwich. Probably the number two best sandwich of his life, when they fried the pork with rosemary. I want to see his joy.
  • Nick Offerman reading “Make Way for Ducklings.” TO DUCKLINGS.
    • Alternately: Madeline. He’s probably wearing a tool belt.
  • Andre Braugher jumping on a trampoline

i don’t know if anyone has realized this yet but, a lot of the cast of legally blonde (2007) wound up in this broadway season:

  • christian borle (emmett) portrayed the role of marvin in the revival of falsettos that once belonged to michael rupert (professor callahan)
  • not to mention christian borle is back on broadway with charlie and the chocolate factory as willy wonka
  • annaleigh ashford (margot) was in sunday in the park with george
  • richard h. blake (warner) is lorenzo in a bronx tale
  • andy karl’s (chad/dewey/kyle) starring in groundhog day
Introducing a Depressing New Game! 6 Degrees of Hollywood Sexual Misconduct!

The rules are simple! It’s like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, except with Hollywood people who have been accused of sexual misconduct. Just find a film, actor, director, or any other film person and you can find a connection to a person accused of sexual misconduct in 6 links or less! Play it and then cry at the state of the world! I’ll show you! 

Hot Fuzz 

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1. Hot Fuzz was directed by Edgar Wright

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2. Edgar Wright also directed Baby Driver. 

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3. Baby Driver featured this scum bag!

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Yup! Well let’s try something harder! 

Taika Waititi:

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1. One of Taika’s regular actor is Jermaine Clement 

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2. Jermaine Clement was also in Moana. 

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3. Moana was executively produced by John Lasseter who apparently has done some misconduct! God Damnit! 

Ok, ok. Maybe if I go with something really old. Mel Brooks!

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1. Ok apparently he directed a film I’ve never seen called Life Stinks

Ok I’ve never seen that. I wonder who’s in it. 

2. It has Jeffrey Tambor in it. 

Damn it! Damn it! See pretty much anything in Hollywood can be linked to one of these sexual assaulters! You can probably link the vast majority of people in Hollywood to Harvey Weinstein alone! I’ll prove it to you!

Tom Holland is in Spiderman-Homecoming. Marissa Tomei play Aunt May. Marissa Tomei was in Playing for Keeps which was directed by Harvey Weinstein! 

I’m so sorry that life is filled with creeps and it’s ruining all of these movies! If I ever become a filmmaker I promise to create a safer environment for the ladies out there ( and men, some of the victims have been male. I shouldn’t erase them). 

Maybe we can find one film that won’t be connected to a sexual assaulter. I know! Home Alone 2! 

This is a Christmas movie. There’s now way it can be attached to anyone skeevy!


Play the game! You’ll be disgusted! All your favorite movie are ruined now!