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Disney Vs Rural America

Ok, we all saw the Andi Mack thing today, and if not, probably will hear about it very soon because news on the controversial event is spreading like wildfire. Let’s be honest, there is going to be some massive backlash against Disney from reds. Red leaning websites are already calling for boycotts on the compony and aggressively calling mom and dad to rise up and clamp down on the American youth. the scary thing is, they have the advantage right now, they have a president who agrees with them, they have a cabinet and a government that will fight for their extremist views, and they are currently the party in power. Right now, the majority has the edge, and the minority is being tossed to the wayside. What Disney did was bold. It was brave because it was not only an act of advocacy for a minority group, but also an act of defiance towards the current government. Disney just showed the Trump administration up and his supporters are not happy. Disney just openly defied the administration and stood up for one of its most frequent victims, the LGBT. Considering that its the reds that currently have the power and not the dems, this is all the more bold. Here’s what you can do to counter the upcoming Disney boycott. Continue to stand up, stand against the bullying, stand against the hate, be loud, be proud, don’t let a bunch of middle aged rural moms, dads and grandparents bring you down. Watch Andi Mack, wave pride flags in their faces, scream, be loud, denounce abusive Conversion and ABA therapies, be yourself. Have a good one guys, I wish you all the best