andy eclov


Chance drove about 11 hours through the night from Lawrence to Denver. We rolled into the city in the morning and spent the day at an old friend’s house where we got an awesome home made breakfast.

Alex, Riggs, Eric and I of course made a b-line to the first dispensary we could. It was an interesting experience, but not as incredible as it was built up to be. We just bought some chocolate at the store and got out - their pricing isn’t very competitive. 

The venue in Denver was a similar deal to the Seven Venue in Atlanta - just much smaller scale. We spent a lot of the afternoon napping on the couches inside. 

As I described in my last post, after we left the venue we were driving through a restaurant when we realized our van would no longer shift into park, neutral, or any other gear besides ‘drive’. Not only that, but the trans was stuck in first gear, so we were bound to about 15mph while we tried to get ourselves to a Ford dealership.

Nate from Lakota drove out to pick us up late last night, and we all crashed in an apartment. We got back to the Ford dealership this morning greeted by the wonderful news of a $500 repair. We won’t be able to make it to our Albuquerque show tonight because we have to wait for a new shifter cable to be delivered. We’ll head out to Roswell tonight and hope we don’t get stuck in the desert.