andy eclov


Yesterday we played a small fest on the surface of the sun. We arrived at noon, and sat in the ungodly heat for 13 hours. Despite the temperature we still had a great time. Nick built a beer bong the other day and named it Percy, who saw lots of use throughout the day. We made some new friends and reunited with old ones. There was a boxing ring in between the two stages at the venue. Unfortunately, there was two little kids hoping around on it the whole day so I didn’t get to punch Eric in the face. Maybe next time.

We’re now headed to Houston to crash with the guys in Widow for a night before we go through Austin tomorrow for our first show with Villains.


After the hellish day in Georgia we decided to throw down for a hotel so we could sleep in some air conditioning and get relief from the relentless heat. We got up early and Nick made the entire drive from Columbus, GA to Cam’s (drummer of Widow) place in Houston - about 13 hours. It was another hot and expensive day, but went smoothly for the most part. When we finally arrived at the house we were greeted by mountains of food, comfortable beds, and bountiful green guys. Widow was about 30 minutes behind us, and the Villains guys showed up at about 3 am after finishing a shitty 23-hour drive. 

The next morning there was more food, more greens and a big thunderstorm before we departed for Austin. Villains got stuck in the mud after everyone had already left, but apparently they were able to push it out on their own. 

When we hit Austin we stopped at a Post Office to retrieve the gear we left in Nashville. Thankfully it went down without any problems. 

After the show we stayed with some friends up north of the city. Percy, Nick’s beer bong, made another appearance and the record for most consecutive rips before puking was set by Nick himself, at 4. Tomorrow we’ll try again, I guess.