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If you didnt already, could you do Prattpack on their and the readers wedding day?

Here are gif reactions to the Prattpack seeing bae walk down the aisle. They are now updated to be gender neutral :)  

Owen: While he’s not super duper into the idea of a huge wedding, he does know that he happens to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And he gets a discount on wedding packages. So, he has something small set up in a nice area surrounded by beautiful flora. A few close ones are invited. It’s also probably the only time you will ever see Owen in a suit (and I’m sure Masrani will butt in and hook him up with some sort of ultra designer suit that he just feels so uncomfortable in but he looks cute af either way). He does his best to cover the few tears that have streamed down his cheeks, but eventually he sort of gives up and just focus on you. In fact, he focuses on you so much that he completely zones everything else out and you have to nudge him to snap him back to reality because he missed the minister asking for the rings. 

Faraday: He never thought he’d get married, which means that you are extra super special to him, and as someone extra super special, he is just so excited to be getting married to you. He tries to sneak a peak at you before the ceremony–though you have recruited Chisolm and Vasquez to shoo him away. It’s a small ceremony in the Rose Creek church. The thing is probably still half burnt to the ground. He never once breaks eye contact with you the whole time, and the preacher can hardly get the word “kiss” out before he has you dipped down in a passionate lip lock. And then the reception is just so rowdy. He has his arm around your waist the whole time as he drags you around, saying hello to people and showing you off. There are a few times that he even pulls you up on top of a table with him so everyone can watch him give you a big kiss. He’s smoking cigars and drinking $5 bottles of alcohol–and buying all these things for his guests too. When all is said and done with, he has -$0 to his name.  

Peter: There’s definitely some nervous pacing beforehand. He’s constantly checking himself, or frantically asking others how he looks. It’s finally Drax who tells him that he looks great, but he needs to calm the fuck down (maybe not those exact words, but close enough). It’s a beautiful wedding in front of a super vast, colorful nebula. There’s a single tear that falls down his cheek, but mostly his eyes are just sort of puffy and red and constantly on the verge of crying. When it comes to your first dance, he tells you to pick a song that he doesn’t know, so that the first time he ever hears it, it’s with you as his brand new spouse. Gamora low key cries a little. Rocket never lets her hear the end of it. Even when she threatens to murder him. “Do you worst. This is too rich and these are jokes I’m willin’ to die over, lady.” 

Andy: I think it’d go exactly like it did in Parks and Rec. He’s incredibly impatient. The two of you likely had a super short engagement, and honestly, if he could have, he would have just married you the same day he proposed. But the two of you wanted a wedding so that all your loved ones could be there aka he wanted to show off to as many people as he could that he gets to marry you and nobody else does. It’s small and somewhat thrown together, but it suits you for the type of couple you are. He’s able to hold it together for most of the ceremony, but the second the rings are brought out, he loses it and starts crying from happiness.