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broadway lines out of context Newsies

-no need to be insulting… i got a nickle.

-i’ll call you sweetheart if ya spot me fifty papes.


-feature me, riding in style.

-i had the most beautiful dream, my lips are still tingling. a pretty girl? A LEG A LAMB.


-are you blind?! shes got no clothes on!

-you have a very unusual face.

-that’s disgusting… that’s just business.

-im not lying, i said he heard it right here… and he did.


-i’ll be sleepin on the streets. you already sleep on the streets. in a worse neighborhood.


-she’s a plum.

-i musta left it in my other pants.


-aww what da hell, my faddas gonna kill me anyway.



-why do old people talk… to prove they still alive.

-i WONT be LAST in LINE for THE tub TONIGHT.

-am-scray punk!

-and i’ve got a date.

-whats santa fe got that new york ain’t, tarantulas?..


Newsies Live Pt. 2

(photos swiped from the Instagram accounts of the cast IDK where they originally came from)

reasons your favs are problematic: newsies

-jack: this kid literally won’t shut up about santa fe
-crutchie: he’s gonna be sleepin’ on da streets, in a worse neighborhood 
-davey: tries to tell everyone shitty facts about snakes 
-les: too busy swatting skirts away
-race: can’t pronounce oyster, and likes to start big musical numbers despite the fact that he and his friends have all just been beaten and/or gone missing
-specs: the little punk ratted out jack and stole his drawings
-spot: the boy doesn’t own a damn shirt with the sleeves still attached
-romeo: poor kid can’t get a girl
-albert: still thinking about that leg of lamb
-elmer: always tapping all over my damn tables, and starting up spoon battles 
-smalls: we get it… you love the bronx
-morris: his skull busting arm gets tired
-oscar: can’t count to 20 with his shoes on
-mush: thinks sirens are a lullaby
-buttons: usually last in line for the tub
-sniper: his dad owns a laundry mat, but if you mention it he will hit you before you can say “seize the day”
-tommy boy: his fathers gonna kill him anyway
-jojo: will straight up call you out
-henry: can’t understand race and doesn’t get what so great about being famous

Sad Newsies is over (again) so I made my own papes!

So I saw Newsies twice (might have skipped class to watch it the second time whoops) and here are some of my favorite parts:

- Seeing Broadway newsies and toursies all performing together

- The projections of the headlines/Jack’s drawing of Katherine

- Hearing “Letter from the Refuge” in hd

- Seeing newsies spit in hd

- Jeremy Jordan’s raw emotion while singing Santa Fe

- Kara’s bro voice when she says “for sure”

- The camera angles esp during the fight scene

- And when it zooms in on Davey after Jack betrays him and the guys and then it pans back to Jack who just looks so helpless

- The world’s yer erster!

- Les making the deal w/ Jack

- Les’s reaction to Medda’s theatre

- How excited Les got when Katherine said “let’s get drunk!” in King of NY

- Just everything about Les he’s perfect


- How Davey says “… that’s it??” after Katherine first taps in King of NY

- The face Jack makes after shaking Roosevelt’s hand

- The audience losing their minds during the key change in Once and For All when the towers move forward and also during Brooklyn’s Here

- The audience cracking up at “why do old people talk so much?” “to prove they’re still alove”

- When Hannah secretly applauds Jack for the strike in Pulitzer’s office

- When the live audience throws papes at the stage during curtain call

- Jeremy attempting to do a dance move and almost falling during curtain call

- The girl next to me sadly whispering “oh Crutchie” after he sings “watch me stand, watch me run” during the Prologue

- The same girl during credits: “Tommy Braco?? Tommy BRACO?!?” and “Spot Conlan?! Spot CONLAN?!?” “WHY CAN’T THEY BOTH BE SPELLED RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME?!”

- Basically I loved everything 


- It’s not in theaters anymore and it’s not available for purchase (yet, hopefully it will be soon)

- So little screen time for Spot Conlon and Kid Blink, aka the sweet cinnamon roll that is Andy Richardson 

- I basically cried for the whole 2 and a half hours

thank you fansies.

thank you for making newsies what it is today.

let’s never forget that we turned a movie about a few 1899 new york newspaper boys, into the global sensation that it is today.

-we convinced disney to turn a box office failure into a regional stage production. making it the most requested stage adaptation of its time.

-we again convinced them to take that small regional show to broadway for a limited run of 101 performances in 12 weeks.

-we showed them that the run deserved to be extended after making it the fastest disney theatrical production to turn a profit – $5 million in just 7 months. ultimately leading to an open ended run.

-with the announcement that the broadway run would come to a close after 1,005 performances in 2 ½ years, we convinced disney to send the production on the road for their first national tour.

-the tour was expected to run for 43 weeks, traveling to 25 cities. but again we showed disney that those newsboys deserved more, and the tour was brought to 65 cities across the US and Canada, performing a total 784 shows over 2 years.

-again, upon the announcement of the tour conclusion, we begged for more, and again disney heard our voice. they responded the announcement of a live capture recording of the show.

-with the original three day theatrical release, the show grossed a total of $3.5 million, making it the second highest grossing theatrical release. following that success, disney announced a fourth encore screening.

-after much support, disney has officially announced a digital release of the live capture for may 23rd!

-thank you newsies for giving us something to believe in, and thank you fansies for carrying the banner and letting this legacy live on once and for all!


a fansie <3

Modern AU!Davey Headcanons
  • His middle name is Randolph, but he tells everyone it’s Richard to avoid embarrassment
  • He is cisgender/androsexual
  • He’s also polyamorous
  • He’s had a crush on Jack since freshman year of high school
  • He got into NYU with a full scholarship
  • His major is Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies
  • He roomed with Crutchie in college and ended up falling in love
  • Crutchie and Jack started dating at the beginning of their sophomore year of college
  • He spent the day curled up on the couch, eating his weight in Snickers bars and watching Disney movies because he’s hopelessly in love with both of them
  • Speaking of which, he loves Disney movies
  • He hates Snickers bars
  • His favourite movie is the live-action Beauty and the Beast
  • He runs a social justice blog
  • His favourite musical is Wicked
  • He only listens to musicals and Disney soundtracks that’s it nothing else ever
  • When he was in high school, his parents wouldn’t let him go to pride so he snuck a ride with Jack and told them he was studying with Crutchie (who went with them)
  • His senior quote was “Of course I’m well-dressed, I didn’t spend all that time in the closet for nothing.”
  • He thought his parents would be mad, but they just laughed and complimented his choice
  • When his older brother came knocking at his door at three in the morning the night before his English final (his worst subject), sobbing about how he wasn’t a boy he wasn’t he wasn’t and he didn’t want to be, he stayed up all night hugging her and assuring her she was valid
  • That final was the only B he ever got in highschool, but when his parents told him how disappointed they were, he just shrugged and said “it was worth it”
  • When his sister needed to pick her female name, he was the first one she came to
  • His celebrity crush is Andy Mientus
  • His favourite colour is periwinkle
  • He read the Harry Potter series 32 times throughout elementary school
  • He had a brief crush on Spot in seventh grade
  • His first crush was on a girl named Charlotte on the playground in first grade
  • Many years later Charlotte became Charlie
  • Davey was the first person he came out to; they were best friends
  • They even roomed together in college
  • He was the first friend Charlie told when he found out that he would need a crutch in third grade
  • In his first year of college, he got drunk and went on a hour-long rant about how useless clothes were
  • he ended it with “also I’m hella gay” and a wink in Mush’s general direction
  • Even Blink thought it was funny
  • He doesn’t like harder liquor much, but he’s a bit of a wine connoisseur
  • He can sing ‘Touch Me’ from Spring Awakening flawlessly
  • He owns, like, three shirts and two of them are actually identical
  • He developed an eating disorder in high school from stress and overworking himself
  • One day he went to the park with Jack and Crutchie and just collapsed while chasing Jack to get his book back
  • He woke up in the hospital to the sound of a nurse yelling because there were too many people in his room
  • Eventually only his family was allowed to stay
  • The next day Jack and Crutchie came in and they just sat there and hugged him for almost two hours
  • He can and will give you a three-hour long lecture on the under representation of LGBTQ+ characters in popular media and how much better Wicked would have been if Glinda and Elphaba were lesbians
  • He has a thing for angsty gay love stories
  • (It’s called projection)
  • One time a kid in his class called polyamory a ‘kink’ and he punched him in the face
  • That was the second time he ever punched someone
  • The first was after Jack came out as bisexual junior year and someone called him a whore
  • He will only use mechanical pencils
  • He required all of his friends to watch DWSA on threat of being disowned if they didn’t appreciate the wonderfully creative blocking
  • All of them loved The Word of Your Body (reprise)
  • Mostly because of Andy Mientus
  • What?
  • A N D Y  M I E N T U S
favorite lines from broadway songs: Newsies

santa fe (prologue)- there’s a life that’s worth the livin’, and i’m gonna do my share.

carrying the banner- it’s a crooked game we’re playing, one we’ll never lose, long as suckers don’t mind payin’, just to get bad news.

the bottom line- shaving is tricky, the razor should float, shave me to close and you may slit my throat.

that’s rich- hey baby, i was just talkin’ about you.

i never planned on you- i got no use for moonlight, or sappy poetry.

the world will know- the world will know that we’ve been here.

watch what happens- it can’t be any worse than how it’s been.

seize the day- wrongs will be righted, if were united.

santa fe- let me go far away, somewhere they won’t ever find me, and tomorrow won’t remind me of today.

king of new york- i gotta be either dead or dreamin’, ‘cause look at that pape with my face beamin’, tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it, but i was a star for one whole minute.

letter from the refuge- on the rooftop you said that a family looks out for each other, so you tell all the fellas for me to protect one another.

watch what happens (reprise)- dave what the hell, did they bust up your brains or somethin’, as i recall dave, we all got our asses kicked, they won.

the bottom line (reprise)- too bad you’ve no family, but you can’t have mine.

brooklyns here- have no fear, you know we’ve got your back from way back, brooklyns here, we’ll get your pay back and some payback.

something to believe in- one day may be forever, but that’s okay.

once and for all- this is the story we needed to write, as we’re kept out of sight, but no more, in a few hours by dawns early light we’ll be ready to fight us a war.

finale- now my eyes is finally open, and my dreams theys average sized, but they don’t much matter if you ain’t with me.