andy daly is king

Going off of this, we  have some hints as to who is showing up in Elements:

-Dana Snyder plays the Life Giving Magus

-Cameron Esposito plays Caroll, the cloud person from The Tower (which makes sense considering at least some of the miniseries will take place in the cloud kingdom)

-Grey DeLisle will probably return for Breakfast Princess

-Andy Samberg plays Party Pat and Rap Bear

-John Hodgman plays Elder Plops

-Andy Daly plays King of Ooo

-Justin Roiland plays Lemongrab!

(also probably confirmation that lena dunham is no longer voicing betty. felicia day is a new voice actor on here so maybe she’s betty’s replacement?)

Of course, none of this is certain and it is possible that returning voice actors could play new characters. However, it does make sense for a lot of these characters to be returning for this miniseries so I still have my hopes up!