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  • Andy Lincoln: *has insightful, poetic things to say about Richonne*
  • Tipsy Andy Lincoln: *dirty Richonne thoughts*
  • Tipsy Andy Lincoln: *oh rude...I really mustn't...*
  • Unfiltered, Tipsy, Captain Andy Lincoln: Hey everybody! Michonne totally licks me clean!!! *jumps up on his chair like an overexcited Tom Cruise*

Leksa Kom Trikru ✧⁺✶゚ฺ*。゚✶ฺ. (Still Version)

(Leksa Kom Trikru whose heart belongs to Klarke Kom Skaikru)

The Earth’s heart belongs to the sky.

Sky bows down so lovely
To touch the earth for me

For beauty that is given
Each day and night repeats
What glory in the union
As sky and earth will meet.


Rock bands over the years with their Kerrang! awards ~

(From top to bottom: You Me At Six, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Pierce The Veil and All Time Low)


I mean, first, she was so sad. So sad. Like I feel really bad that she had to entertain us because she wants to lock herself in her room just like the rest of the world. But she was still so funny and wonderful and I just love her so much.

  • She was hilarious and sweet and encouraging to girls and telling us to work hard and surround ourselves with positive people and I just feel very inspired
  • She was so PUMPED when Parks and Rec was brought up. She loves that show, man
  • If she could have played a different character on Parks and Rec it’d be Andy because she loves Christ Pratt. She’s play him by killing Chris and wearing his face.
  • She wishes someone would start a show called “SHHHHHH” where people of color sit white people down and explain why the things they do are racist. And every time the white person says “But I-” the person of color says “SHHHHHHHH!”
  • She’d like an aestroid to come down and kill us all before Janurary. That’d be cool. 
  • “Speed round of questions. What’s your spirit animal?” “No, that’s racist.” 
  • She’s very short. Did you guys know that???? Cause I did NOT
  • OK there’s so much more that I can’t remember now but I’m gonna leave you with this:
  • “What similarities do you have to Leslie?” “Well, I’m generally a pretty positive person *quietly* except right now…”
  • She keeps trying to think about how Leslie would handle this, and she would hunker down, gather her people, and get to work. And she says she’s too angry at the moment to do that. But let me tell you, there’s a reason that when I think of Amy Poehler, I imagine Leslie. She’s all the good parts of Leslie, and we deserve her SO MUCH RIGHT NOW
"There is no good Christian Music!"


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And my personal favorite:

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Christian music is just as good as any other. It’s no longer just a bunch of hymns and acoustic bands saying, “Praise Jesus.” Over and over. And no, you don’t need to be a Christian to enjoy it. It’s music by Christians, for everyone. Christians making music. That is all. SCREW ALL THE BIASES!

kinseysucks  asked:

Trohley where Joe is angry with Andy but Andy doesn't know why... You choose the ending ^.^

Joe and Andy had the same Chemistry class, even though they were a sophomore and a senior respectively. Andy hadn’t been able to fit Chemistry into his schedule as a junior, and someone had fucked up Joe’s own schedule so he was taking it this year. Their chemistry teacher, Mr. Sarasota, had set them up as study partners, and that’s how the whole thing began.
It started out as “Come meet me in the library” and then “Mom’s making meatloaf so eat before you come over” and suddenly they had a weird shared group of friends to eat lunch with and Saturday’s were spent over at each other’s houses and it was all okay.
- - - - - -
But it all went to hell when Joe showed up at Andy’s house on a Monday night unexpectedly. Andy opened the door and Joe was saying something, but by the time Andy had pulled his headphones out, all he heard was Joe asking, “Well?”
Andy figured he was referring to his newly dyed hair, blonde and smelling strongly of bleach. Andy had smiled, pulled Joe into a hug and tugged on the short locks.
“You forgot your eyebrows.” He said. Andy didn’t register Joe’s tight smile, and he let Joe order a pizza as they studied for their upcoming test.
- - - - - -
It’s been two weeks since then, and Joe won’t talk to him. He won’t answer his calls or texts, and he barely looks at him in Chemistry. Andy feels alienated at his own lunch table, watching Joe stab angrily at his broccoli but not eat it, the rest of the kids giving him looks that ranged from sympathy (Mixton) to raging anger (Patrick). Andy has no clue what the fuck he did, and no one will tell him.
- - - - -
Two weeks and three days in, Andy snaps.
They’re at lunch and Andy manages to catch Joe’s eye. Joe’s mouth is pulled into a tight scowl, but his eyes are filled with hurt.
Andy loses it. He’s going to find out what the fuck he did if it kills him.
He stands up and drags Joe bodily out of his seat, ignoring the boy’s protests. He finds the nearest empty classroom and closes them in it.
“Don’t fucking touch me, Hurley!” Joe shouts, desperately whacking at Andy with the arm Andy doesn’t have a grip on. Andy releases him, but keeps the door behind him blocked.
“You wanna fucking tell me why you suddenly hate me or are you just gonna keep ignoring me?” Andy asks, shoving Joe away from the door.
“Fucking move!”
“Not until you tell me what the fuck your problem is!” Andy shouts.
“What my problem is? Where the fuck do you get off telling me that I’m the one with the problem?” Joe snarls, grappling for the door handle.
“Joe, fuck, just stop for a second Jesus fucking Christ.” Andy puts a hand on Joe’s chest to keep him at a distance. “Now why the hell won’t you talk to me?” He asks. Joe’s chest is heaving beneath his hand. Andy’s never seen Joe this worked up before.
“Don’t you turn this on me, Hurley! You can’t just fucking act like nothing happened and expect me to be okay with it! “. Joe makes another grab for the door handle but he can’t reach. He’s got desperate tears in his eyes. “If you had just said no this wouldn’t be happening but you can’t just pretend like I never asked because it feels really fucking awful.”
“You never asked what?” Andy asks. He drops his hand from Joe’s torso.
Joe rolls his eyes.
“I fucking asked you out dicklord!”
Andy shoves at Joe’s chest.
“What?! No you didn’t! When?” He shouts. Joe never fucking asked him out, what the hell is he talking about?
Joe throws his hands in the air in exasperation. “Like two fucking weeks ago! You just ignored me and commented on my eyebrows!”
Andy’s gonna fucking scream.
“I can’t fucking believe this.”
Joe stares at him.
“You oblivious asshole. I had my headphones in when you asked! I couldn’t fucking hear you! I thought you were asking for my opinion on your hair!” Andy pushes Joe in the chest.
“Why the fuck did you think I was talking about my hair?” Joe pushes him back.
“You had just gotten it done! And I only heard you say ‘Well?’ so I thought it was a pretty safe assumption!” Andy shoves at him again.
Joe shoves right back.
“No way.” He says.
“Yes way, shithead!”  
Joe beams at him for a minute, before his face fills with worry again.
“So, if you had heard me, what would you have said?”
“Hell yeah.”
Joe’s grin doesn’t fade this time and he flushes bright red. The bell rings just then, but Andy swoops in to kiss Joe on the cheek.
"I’ll see you in Chemistry.” He says, leaving Joe blushing in the empty classroom.